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Maybe next week… on 05 June 2021

Circuit breaker
That’s not a circuit breaker => this is a circuit breaker!

Well, the cards are all in, and everybody played much better than they expected. The results were so close (identical, in fact) that it was decided that, instead of doing a count-back for the whole field, there would be no Monthly Medal for June.

That was one possible scenario out of an infinite number for the outcome of today’s competition. The other scenario (actuality, actually) was that there was no competition because the circuit-breaker had been upgraded to deal with a higher voltage. They actually call it virulence, but it does start with a ‘v’. A Roman letter, not one of those Greek letters.

Anyway, we continue to live in hope that we will be allowed back on the track next Saturday to contest our next scheduled Par round. Oh goodie! I hear you all cry. Don’t fret, there will be Stableford the following week.

The deadlines for matchplay will continue to move out as the competition cannot progress until we get a result one way or another for the two remaining matches in the quarter-finals. Try to get it done guys. You have to arrange it between yourselves, in advance – don’t just turn up and hope. We’d hate to have any walk-overs at this late stage.

In the meantime, wear your mask, maintain your separation, wash your hands, check in, get vaccinated, don’t panic buy, etc, etc.