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Results for Stableford Round 10 of March

   Beautiful morning for golf brought out a healthy number of members, all eager to test there metal aginst course, players, and handicap. With just under 50% carding par or better, earning championship points became a tight battle.

Eventually we had three round winners, all carding 40 Stableford point! Congratulations to Stephen O’Sullivan(80), Ken Grist(82), and Mehmet Akdag(75). All will earn the 8 points.

In a welcome return to form, that talented gopher Stefan Belevski(74) just missed out on another win by only one point.

Matchplay results: Craig Sharp def Mike Mann 4&3    Oliver Gross def Andrew Blight 4th chip off.

Ball hole went to Rodger Clarke, while Memhet Akdag collected our hard earned.

Results for Saturday, 10 March 2012 1st Mehmet Akdag(40) 1st Ken Grist(40) 1st Stephen O’Sullivan(40) 2nd Stefan Belevski(39) 3rd Oliver Gross(38) 3rd Damien Lee(38) 4th Malcolm Adey(37) 5th Andrew Blight(36) 5th Tony Mifsud(36)

Results for March Monthly Medal 3/3/12

  The March Medal was run, and won on a slightly damp playing surface. Given the conditions, some very handy scores were carded. Six members submitted handicap or better, including two 62!, and a 64.

With positions at the top of both championships changing week to week, today was to be a repeat of the previous round, only with a twist. After claiming the last of the Febuary rounds by a single stableford point over Targe Mifsud, Craig Sharp(73) backed up again taking equal first place. Unfortunatly for our back to back winner, Craig was this week beaten by Targe Mifsud(80) on countback.

Both winners will receive there appropriate handicap deduction, one will take home a medal come December. Well played Targe.

A close second in Oliver Gross(74) Third, Memhit Akdag(77), and forth, Malcom Adey(94) all deserve mention for their consistant stroke performances under difficult conditions.

Matchplay Results: Damian Lee def Rod Grant 2&1

Ball hole this week was Harry Boughen, and Rod Grant has already forgotten matchplay, Stroke Rod!

Results for Saturday, 03 March 2012 1st Targe Mifsud(62) 1st Craig Sharp(62) 2nd Oliver Gross(64) 3rd Mehmet Akdag(65) 4th Malcolm Adey(66) 5th Bob McDonald(68)

Results for Saturday 25 Febuary 2012

This weeks round was a busy event. In conjunction to the normal Stableford round, our second International vs Australia Pairs match was played. With a disappointing turnout of only 18 members, constructing the pairups proved difficult. Chris Priems showed his true Islander colours, while Mehmet Akdag had to tackle two Aussies at the same time.

For the record, the Aussies took out this second event 3-2.

For the rounds Championship points, a healthy number(lets call it 8) of members were able to play to par or better. Just under 50% of the field!

The eventual winner was Craig Sharp(77), who simply ate up the course without his usual cutlery(his 1wood, and 3wood). Well played Craig, an excellent start to the season. Targe Mifsud(84) missed out on the full points this week by only the smallest of margins, but can still return home happy with the full compliment of senior point.

Matchplay results: Brendon Mitchell def Harry Boughen 5&3

Eagles nest of 5 high quality balls went off on the, you guessed it, the 17th to Brendon(who seems to be a golf ball collector!)

Money hole this week was collected by Mike Mann, while Harry leaves 4 balls short of his matchplay opponent.

Results for Saturday, 25 February 2012 1st Craig Sharp(40) 2nd Targe Mifsud(39) 3rd¬†Bill Eastoe(38) 3rd Bob McDonald(38) 3rd Brendon Mitchell(38) 4th Andrew Blight(36) 4th Damien Lee(36) 4th Chris Priems(36) 5th Stephen O’Sullivan(35)