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Results for Stableford Round 28 February 2015

stefan wins again
This course is soooo easy…..

How do you stop a stampede?  No, not the rush of blokes to the bar after the game.  The rush of scoring and points gathering that young Stef has been doing over the last few weeks.  The handicapper has been trying his best but when the drives are long and mostly straight and the chips either go in the hole or end up only a foot away and the putts keep falling it’s hard to deny the final result.  Even so there were complaints about the roughness of the greens due to the current case of small pox that they are suffering from so there is a chance of even better things to come.  Four birdies went down to Stefan today out of a total of 21 for the field so maybe the condition of the greens weren’t too bad after all.  This performance took the lad to the top of the Championship Table and also into equal first in the Eclectic.  With only a few birdies still to collect, Stef reckons he can now start concentrating on the Eagles.

This might sound as if it was a one-man show but another of the young blades who could be forgiven for thinking he was in with a chance was Ryan, only one point behind on 40 of the best.  The round looked like getting off to a bad start with his drive on the first drifting out into the middle of the next fairway.  Not to worry though as only two more shots were required to finish the hole out for the birdie.  A pretty good recovery by any account.

Chris ‘Choker’ Priems will have to learn not to check on how he is scoring three holes from home as he was going gang-busters on the back nine up to the 15th when the fateful check was made.  This was followed by a slight falter on the 16th and only single pointers on the last two.  That and a gash on one on the front made the difference between 8 points and 3.  A bit easier on the handicap though.  And this despite having to put up with Snag’s belly-aching about his terrible golf for the whole round.

A big welcome to John ‘Angel’ Angelopoulos who had his first round in the comp today and proceeded to show that he can play the game to garner some points first off with a 38.  Finally, the last of the point scorers were Mal and Noodles.  As well as picking up a point in the main game, Mal also collected the top points for the Seniors and the result is even more remarkable as Mal turned with only 11 points on the card and then went within spitting distance of par-ing the back nine to rack up 26 more points in nine holes.

The tee on the 7th was almost as far back as it could go which made for a tough hole to compete for a Nearest the Pin for a ball.  Several managed to get onto the dance floor but the nearest, in the end, was none other than Pepsi who also wasn’t too far outside the points.  The ProPin was a somewhat shorter prospect on the 12th and the result was reported to be as close to a hole-in-one as you could be without getting a hole-in-one.  The exact measurement was 410mm which would seem to be about a factor of 10 out when considered in the light of the previous statement.  But then Chrispy has been known to err on the side of exaggeration before.  To top it all off, Brendon tossed the fees envelop to him instead of the ProPin but at least Chris was honest enough to own up to the fact.

Taner Kemal, a mate of Mehm’s, played with us again today and with his next card he will be eligible to join the competition.  Once more, welcome to our little group Taner.  Trevor is also back with us after his recent health scare and looks as fit as ever and the break hasn’t done his game any harm as he also was just outside the points today.

A couple of members were wearing their colours on their sleeve today.  Brendon dragged out one of his old Kiwi cricket tee-shirts and combined it with a pair of his old board shorts to take out the sartorial splendour award for the day.  Not sure whether it was visible across the ditch but something seems to have spooked the Aussies over there.  David was sporting a West Ham jumper with a name on the front that some took to be the name of an African player but it turned out to be a sports bet sponsor of the club.

Chrispy puts some of today’s success down to the putter that he acquired through Oliver’s generosity as he was leaving.  Not happy with the prospect of using it in its original broomstick format Chris cut it down (a bit more than intended actually) but he reckons it suits him just fine.  So, who else is likely to benefit from some of the magic rubbing off from Oliver’s clubs.

There was a slight accident on the path up from the 9th to the clubhouse when Harry stopped to take care of an annoyance in one of his shoes.  Eddie was adjusting his water bottle and, not looking where he was going, tail-ended Harry causing a minor abrasion and some considerable short term pain to an ankle.  Not enough the be serious but maybe enough to have cost a point or two in the ensuing nine holes.  That’s Harry’s excuse anyway.

Zimmer was in a hurry to get away to Drummonds Golf to buy himself a new hat.  He seemed to have taken something of a shine to the tartan one that Ed was wearing.  It’ll be interesting to see what he comes up with.

Matchplay qualifying next week.  Those playing will be seeded according to gross score returned.  Those not playing and registered will be placed in the seeding after the players (and Snags) in random order.  Remember, the timetable will be adhered to strictly.  The person on the top of each pair in the table is responsible for arranging the match and reporting the results.  If no results for a pair are received by the last playing day of the round, the match will be awarded to the bottom player of the pair.  In the first two rounds, matches can be played by mutual consent at Ivanhoe Course on days other than Saturday.

The AGM will be held after play on the 14th March.  Nominations for committee positions should be submitted before hand and must be on the Nomination Form that is available from the side-bar under the Forms tag.  This is a requirement of our incorporated organisation status.  You can check the Committee positions available in the Rules of Association or in the current committee lists.

Results for Saturday, 28 February 2015
1st Stefan Belevski(41) 2nd Ryan Porker(40) 3rd Chris Priems(39) 4th John Angelopoulos(38) 5th Stephen Butterfield(37) 5th Malcolm Fleming(37)

Results for 21 February 2015 – Par Event

Back on the Ivanhoe track after the wash-out of last week.  The deluge on Friday night and Saturday morning flooded the course and managed to dampen the spirits of none other than 13 hardy club members ready to face the wet but went home disappointed.  It was quite disconcerting to be home so early on a Saturday morning but I’m sure it gave us all a chance to really make the wives, girlfriends, partners, mates, mistresses, boyfriends, concubines, loved ones all feel very special on Valentines Day.  Right?  You know I am….

Well, if you haven’t seen the result in the Sunday paper – it’s official … the Ivanhoe Golf Club Medal of Medallists is our own Eddie Kloprogge.  He beat a star-studded field (??!!) of 5 to win the title with a 58 (nett) but with a score like that he would have beaten a field of 100 by miles.  A fantastic round of 73 off the stick and daylight to the rest.  Well done Eddie.

Eddie may have won our competition too except he wasn’t able to participate – thank goodness say Stefan and Targe who won the day with very fine scores +4.  Stef hitting a 68 and Targe a very respectable 80.  Mehmet and SOS both coming good with a well put-together +3 for second, Peps third with a +1, Michael G fourth with a square round (he may take over Oliver’s crown as ‘Mr Consistency’) and Blighty fifth spot with -1 (Sorry Noods and Chrispy – points addition error on Blighty’s card – H).

After the round, Chris was heard to say that he has never in 20 years of playing golf with Pepsi that he has seen 2 outright shanks in the same round from him.  It was indeed an unusual sight but Andrew went on to score at the right times in PAR to get a +1.  Welcome back the Beastie after a short break and obviously not a good first up runner with today’s score but the knee roll was noticeably absent – maybe the cobalt injections are working!

Great to see Blighty back after a short spell in the paddock with a sore back (apparently) and resplendent in hi-viz orange.  And a big welcome to a new member – Taner Kemal – a keen golf associate of Mehmet (but we won’t hold that against him).  Good to see the new blood joining to raise the standard of the present membership (some exceptions there but I am not sure which ones count).

Bon Voyage to Bob – enjoy your cruising.  Welcome back to Melbourne town Harry.  Hope your ‘holiday’ went well and you kept your head down – good for your safety AND for golf.  We look forward to your website updates again and a quicker turnaround on the handicapping.

Results for Saturday, 21 February 2015
1st Stefan Belevski(+4) 1st Targe Mifsud(+4) 2nd Mehmet Akdag(+3) 2nd Stephen O’Sullivan(+3) 3rd Andrew Petricola(+1) 4th Michael Gourlay(□) 5th Andrew Blight(-1)

Results for 14th February 2015 Stableford 2BBB Australia vs the World

scuba golf
Doesn’t get much wetter than this!

February Monthly Medal 07 February 2015

Well, well, well.  That blistering score posted by Mark late last year only to not be qualified for the December medal has been matched by an equally blistering round.  Mark posted a 59 nett to win the February medal with daylight behind.  The stunning round of golf has produced an equally big decrease in his handicap – nearly 4 shots.  The grin was obvious from ear to ear as he strode up to the victory dais for the winning pronouncement by none other than Oliver who grabbed the cards and duly proceeded to shower mark with praise – well he announced it anyway.  It was part of Oliver’s farewell speech as it turned out, the lanky yank with the moniker of Mr Consistent said goodbye to us all.  After 8 years of loyalty to our club, trips away, dashes from the airport on early Saturday mornings just to get to the course and play with his mates at Ivanhoe.  We presented Oliver with his HOLE_IN_ONE trophy for hole #7 shot he played last week and cheered him off into the sunset.  What a good bloke and great member of the club.  Thanks for the memories.  We’ll miss you Oliver.  Keep the calendar clear for our visit in the future to play in Colorado.  We’d love to catch up in the Rockies for a game.  PS Oliver has donated some of his golf clubs for any member who wishes to see if that class can rub off in their game – unfortunately NOT the famous 3-wood.

Ever the bridesmaid at the moment, Stefan came in a distant second but with a super round of 63 (posting a 70 off the stick).  It won’t be long before Stef cracks the number 1 spot.  Equal third to Targe, Gordo and Ken (the dark Horse) Grist – welcome back for the day – with 66, Chrispy 4th on 67 and Bob and Keith rounding off the point-takers with 68’s.  Great to see Rod back after a short break from the game with an injury and a sojourn overseas.

As we can see some very good scoring today.  Money to Michael on the 18th and ball NTP to Keith on the 15th with a super shot that came to rest a mere metre from the hole.

Keep in mind the Matchplay qualification comes up soon March 7 as well as nomination to play is still available.  Our AGM is coming up on March 14 also.

NOTE: the allocation of bonus points from the teams competitions may be allocated to a separate competition scoreboard rather than adding them to the Individual Club Champion competition as is currently the case.

Results for Saturday, 07 February 2015
1st Mark Berthelsen(59) 2nd Stefan Belevski(63) 3rd Ken Grist(66) 3rd Gordon Hill(66) 3rd Targe Mifsud(66) 4th Chris Priems(67) 5th Keith Delzoppo(68) 5th Bob McDonald(68)