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Results for David Ford Autumn Cup 23rd April


¬† “The world’s NO.1 tennis player spends 90%of his time winning, while the world’s No.1 golfer spends 90& of his time losing. Golfers are great losers.”¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† David Feherty

This proved so true over the previous two weeks of the Autumn cup. Our winner Stephen O’Sullivan(-1) managed¬†better than par once, and was still able to defeat a wide-spread¬†of members in the¬†negative. In fact, only three members¬†submitted positive cards over the competition! Emillio¬†Bassi, and Kazim¬†Akdag in the first round, then SOS in the second.

At least the championship points up for grabs¬†provided better scoring than the results! With double points going to all placings, the championship table is looking decidedly different. It’s not all about winning, but more the right one’s to win. congratulations¬†to Stephen O’Sullivan(-1), Emillio¬†Bassi(-2), David Rees(-2), and Craig Sharp who took out the majority of points.

Reminder to members that all first round Matchplay games must be completed by 7th May. Don’t be shy, the second round’s not that scary.

As discussed by all over the delicious BBQ Rodger provided for us all last Saturday, due to the Easter Break and emergency being engaged for the matchplay game to be played with Mehmet, I have made an executive decision to allow matchplay to be played on the May monthly medal.  
To coin a phrase, “moving forward” into the 2nd round of matchplay’s, please¬†ensure you play within the 3 week window allotted (excluding MM).

Ball hole won this week by oliver Gross, and the cash to a pearler by Mal Whelan.

Results for David Ford Autumn Cup 2011

1st Stephen O’Sullivan(-1) 2nd¬†Emilio Bassi(-2) 2nd David Rees(-2) 3rd Craig Sharp(-3) 4th¬†Kazim Akdag(-5) 5th Malcolm Adey(-6) 5th¬†Targe¬†Mifsud(-6) 5th¬†Andrew Petricola(-6) 5th¬†Jan Siemon(-6)

Results for 16th April David Ford Autumn Cup round 1

        Only April, and we are halfway through our third major! This years running of the David Ford Cup proved difficult going, as the chosen format is PAR! This game is not much different to any other, but seems to get to us all mentally, as only two members this week managed better than par/or with a positive card.

Conditions appeared to offer large returns for golfers, freshly mowed fairways, and pins you could confidently aim into. Was only Emillio Bassi(again), and kAzim Akdag who conquered the challenging Ivanhoe course this week.

With only 7 holes separating all first round score, even a sausage cooker could  potentially hold aloft this magnificent trophy. Should prove to be a very exciting round, as double championship points on offer could drastically change both our leaderboards.

Match play results for the round:

Trevor Jackson def Stephen O’Sullivan 9 & 7(not really sure)

Ball hole won by Harry Boughen, cash again to kAzim Akdag.

First Round Leaderboard:

E. Bassi(+2) k. Akdag(+1) M. Adey() Targe M(-1) D, Rees, O. Gross, M. Mann(-2)

Results for 9th April Stableford Round


Rain was forecasted in both states our members chose to frequent for this weekend. Again the Ivanhoe chosen were blessed. Perfect golfing weather resulted in great scoring, and competitive golf played simultaneously across the strait.

It is very hard to write a blog of any sort, let alone if not present. So I’ll begin with a quick review of Tasmania.

This quaint little island largely resembles a bus, bottleshop, beach-house, and amazing golf courses. No wonder there is a huge tree change push in the northern states of the country. We were very lucky to avoid horrendously bad forecasted conditions playing memorable rounds at arguably two  public courses as great or even to our beloved Ivanhoe. 

David Howard took first place, and the cash at Barnbugle¬†for this year. While Benan¬†Akdag¬†took the acculations¬†at Lost Farm with an impressive 43 stableford¬†points!(there were 20 holes) There is so much more to tell about this weekend, but alas this is the Ivanhoe website. I will conclude in saying that I’d be certain to say that all will return next year, so if you missed out… Pen it in for 2012.


  Apparently this weeks stableford round was played in rather humid conditions. In a vast turnaround from last weeks fourteen members playing to par or better, the 9th only managed three!

Well done to Harry Boughen who obviously shot the lights out with a fantastic 43 points, rapidly propelling him into the third line on the seniors championships. Craig Sharp once again broke into the points with 39 stableford, making for a pleasurable day including his match play result.

Two match play games completed this week:

Craig Sharp def Emillio Bassi 4 & 3

Mal Whelan def Stefen Butterfield 5 & 4

Ball hole won this week by Rod Grant, and the money going to Craig Sharp.

Message from Andrew,

Rodger was speaking with Shane (the new manager of Ivanhoe GC) in reference to a couple of points which I would like to state.

Firstly ‚Äď if you are going to be playing in main competition (not ours) than his preference is that those comp payments be made in cash.¬† This is easier for him to manage and balance his books.

Secondly ‚Äď Shane is allowing us (currently) to not have to prepay. ¬†He is happy for our set up to continue as is (i.e. submitting play sheet for following week and reconciling accounts on the day).¬† This will continue only on the proviso that IF you have elected to play the following week and you cannot, YOU MUST CANCEL YOUR SPOT PRIOR TO CLOSE OF BUSINESS WEDNESDAY.¬† If people do not follow these rules, then prepayment will be enforced. ¬†

I will bring  these items up again on Saturday but please ensure (particularly with second point) that you follow their rules or else you will spoil set up for the rest of us. Peps.

Results for Saturday, 09 April 2011
1st Harry Boughen(43) 2nd Craig Sharp(39) 3rd Malcolm Fleming(36) 4th Bill Eastoe(34) 4th Rod Grant(34) 4th Tony Mifsud(34) 5th Emilio Bassi(32) 5th Mal Whelan(32)

Results for 2/4/2011 April Monthly Medal


       With six members playing to exact par on Medal day. Then missing out on championship points! One would assume an easy day at the office was enjoyed by all. You are mistaken.

Light drizzle dominated for most of this Medal round, making for heavy rough, slippery lies, and little value for our topped shots down the middle. Were we had a few struggle, the main field excelled, demonstrating that practice/course management can overcome conditions. Fourteen out of thirty competitors played to handicap or better!

Our Medal winner today was Stephen Butterfield with a 1 under 32 back nine giving him an impressive 61 net, a round consisting of four birdies, and a triple bogey! Great golf mate, unfortunately the 3.1 handicap adjustment happens to be the largest of the season.

 Within three strokes of this rounds winner we had four members: Ken Grist(63), David Rees(63) Stephan Belevski(64), and Mehmet Akdag(64) taking out the remaining top three placings, and the championship points offered. Well played gents, points are hard to come by, and handicaps easier to lose.

This years club championship continues to gather¬†interest, with another new leader. After only one week at the top of the table Oliver Gross has relinquished the mantle¬†to¬†Stephan Belevski.¬†Consistent¬†golf, and attendance rewards. This exciting gopher may just well be the one to catch this year. Things aren’t all bad for Oliver, he stills maintains a narrow one point lead over Emillio¬†Bassi in the seniors championships but the pack are knocking on the door.

With the Tasmanian trip scheduled¬†this round for a decent third of members, easy points should be on the mind. Roll up Roll up. Good luck gents, hope you don’t become as rained upon¬†as the travellers.

Ball winner was Stephan Butterfield, and the jackpot cash went to Kazim Akdag.

Results for Saturday, 02 April 2011
1st S Butterfield(61) 2nd Ken Grist(63) 2nd David Rees(63) 3rd Mehmet Akdag(64) 3rd Stefan Belevski(64) 4th Andrew Blight(65) 4th Damien Lee(65) 5th Tony Mifsud(67)