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The Argonauts found the Golden Fleece on 23 February 2019

Jason takes the cake.
I needed to get away early……

There must have been something important on today if the flurry of requests for a spot in the first group was any indication. It really was a lovely late summer day with a not too cool start and clear blue skies to warm up nicely by the end of the round. The lack of any rain means that there was plenty of run to be had and the greens were in good condition with a tendency to be a bit on the quick side. So, conditions were just about ideal for the sixteen members to make a few scores. Those members were joined again by Ken, who now has his three cards in and has a nice new handicap to chance his arm against the field next time.

Jason was one of the ones wanting to get away early and he bagged a spot in the first group. Just being in the first group, obviously wasn’t good enough, so he decided to take as few strokes as possible to get the game over quickly. This resulted in him carding a 74 off the stick with at least five birdies on the card for a result of +5. It also meant that he scored exactly half of the 10 birdies that the whole field managed for the day. It also meant that his handicap is not quite what it used to be, but, that is the general idea of the system.

Brent came in, breathing a sigh of relief that his card was not good enough to win. As it turned out, it was not quite as good as he imagined as both he and his marker had a little trouble with the balance of plus and minus on the back nine. Maybe it was the excitement of having driven the green on the 14th and then rattling in the putt for an eagle that set their maths akilter. It seems that the pin in could very well have saved him from having to putt again from off the green. His tee shot landed just short of the green and rolled up behind Targe, who froze on the call of ‘Fore’ in order to be as small a target as possible. Rumour also has it that Brent’s first shot of the day was nothing to write home about but that just goes to show that it is how you finish that really counts.

It’s been a bit of a struggle for Harry over the last few months but maybe the little tweaks from the coach are beginning to have effect. Or maybe it was the few weeks away digging in the dirt in Jordan that had an effect. Or maybe it was just the one in twenty (or forty) chance to post a good one. Hopefully it is the first and the +1 (or its equivalent) becomes the norm from now on.

Not only did Rob have trouble with Brent’s card, he had some trouble with his own as well and, as a result, he came in to 4th place on his Pat Malone. Blighty and Dennis rounded out the field of point scorers with their cards of -1. And to round out the tales of woe, Simon dropped out of contention by dint of having scored one hole based on his inside handicap rather than using his club handicap.

And, while on the subject of Simon, he was more than a little cheesed off on the 6th when his ball went ‘walk-about’. Another ball was found in the vicinity and it is assumed that his ball had been incorrectly played by someone in another group. But then again, it shouldn’t have been on the other fairway! Si did manage to collect a ball for the BallPin on the 18th with a shot that was about as far away from the pin as possible with the pin well back on the top deck and his ball barely on the front of the green. Harry reckons he was closer to the pin, just not on the green. The second BallPin was on the 12th and Steve managed to wrest that one from the grasp of Porks. The jackpot ProPin on the 15th went to none other than Brent who followed up from his performance on the 14th to get to 2.75m from the pin. The putt must have been a bit short for him as he could only manage the par for the hole.

There were no draughties reported today although Bob did own up to having an airie on the 6th fairway. Peter executed a fierce shank on the 18th tee and the ball ricocheted from a tree and into the penalty area in front of the 17th green. There was no report as to whether it made it past the red markers. Dennis was hitting the ball well today. So well, that, when he thought he was out of range of the green on the 13th, he rattled it up onto the green and scared the living daylights out of Rod in the process.

Next week, the AGM will be held after the round. Here is your chance to get elected to the Committee and take the opportunity to run the Club the way you would like it to be run. You can download a Committee Nomination Form from the website and there will be a number of printed ones available on the day. Each and every Committee position is open for contest so don’t be afraid to put your name forward. Existing Committee members who plan to retire should endeavour to recruit a replacement.

Results for Saturday, 23 February 2019
1st Jason Hopkins(+5) 2nd Brent Rowley(+3) 3rd Harry Boughen(+1) 4th Robert Priems(□) 5th Andrew Blight(-1) 5th Dennis Ward(-1)

Seniors Results: 1st Harry Boughen (+1) 2nd Andrew Blight (-1) 2nd Dennis Ward (-1) 3rd Craig Cameron (-2) 3rd Simon Powell (-2)

Nearest the Pin Results: ProPin15th Brent Rowley BallPin No 1 12th Stephen Kelly BallPin No 2 18th Simon Powell

Eagle’s nest Results: Eagle 14th Brent Rowley

Numbers took a King-hit on 16 February 2019

Stephen's dad.
Whoops, wrong Kelly!

We could only manage eight full members on the tees today although the numbers were bolstered a little by dint of a guest brought along by Steve and a return by Ken Watson, after quite a long break, to put in his second handicap card.

As it turned out, bringing his mate along was lucky for Steve as he managed to play out of his skin and accumulate a very fine total of 42 points for the round.

Now that the Jarrod Lyle day is done and dusted, Simon has been able to concentrate on his golf (so he says) and, despite putting in a good one on Thursday, he lined up again and repeated the performance today to garner 39 points.

Breathing right down Simon’s neck with 38 points was the ‘good looking’ Priems followed ever so closely by Michael with 37. This is the first time we have seen Michael for a while so he could easily have been a bit green but he started off with a couple of birdies. A short term fade out later in the round probably prevented him from gaining some ground on the reigning Seniors Champion though he is on record as having an aim to win the event in his inaugural year in the category.

Meanwhile, Targe continued to accumulate points even though he was a little way behind the main pack with only 34 points. Five players in the points meant that only three missed out on a day that could easily have proved easy to present. Big Joe was back for the first time in a while but he had to make a hurried departure to deal with some family matter. Simon also had to rush off to hear somebody sing ‘Don’t cry for me, Marge and Tina!’

The small numbers meant that we only managed to post 4 birdies for the day but there were still some improvements in Eclectic scores to be had. The BallPins were on the 12th and 18th and both fell to the disgustingly consistent Michael but, surprisingly, the ProPin on the 15th resisted all attempts and will jackpot to next week. Noodles has a birthday to celebrate later in the week.

As for the rest of the Club…..at least eighteen took off on Friday and winged their way to King Island to try their hand at handling the fine courses at Cape Wickham and Ocean Dunes. Reports are pretty thin on the ground although a few roosters did stick their heads up and at least one displayed some fine style off the tee.

four fat heads
That’s just selfie-sh
Now, where exactly did that go?

Results for Saturday, 16 February 2019
1st Stephen Kelly(42) 2nd Simon Powell(39) 3rd Robert Priems(38) 4th Michael Gourlay(37) 5th Targe Mifsud(34)

Seniors Results: 1st Simon Powell (39) 2nd Michael Gourlay (37) 3rd Targe Mifsud (34)

Nearest the Pin Results: ProPin15th Jackpot BallPin No 1 12th Michael Gourlay BallPin No 2 18th Michael Gourlay

Jarrod Lyle Charity Day on 09 February 2019

The sun shone
The sunny start…..

The event was sold out to the delight of the organisers and the management of the Ivanhoe Public Golf Course. The course had been prepared by the ground-staff during the week and the penalty area markers were installed by Simon and Gordo to ensure an enjoyable game.

At 06:45 the 1st of the players descended on the club house for registration, a coffee and an egg & bacon roll. By 07:45 the club house was full and the players were addressed by Brendon with a few details of the day’s proceedings. Then everyone made their way to their tee off holes for the 08:00 shot gun start. Sienna & Andrew K were on the 4th Tee and Chris Boland was on the 12th Tee accepting money to take a player’s shot. The Sweet Spot lads were on the 7th Hole giving away merchandise.

melbourne weather
…..didn’t last long!

Then, 30 minutes later, the heavens opened and it rained solid for the next 1.5hours. The 17th green was a lake. The players pushed through to finish and the Pros put up with the conditions and finished the tournament.

Gareth, the new manager of the Ivanhoe Public Golf Course was very helpful as he and Chris Moore tried to unbolt an umbrella from the cafe to take to Chris Boland who was getting very wet. Unfortunately the umbrella would not come loose and Chris had to suffer with a regular umbrella for the morning.

When the round finished, everyone returned to the club house for the results and presentation. Wilbur Wilde had arrived and was making his way around the room and talking to the players.

Once the cards had been collated by Sienna, Brendon thanked our sponsors and introduced Wilbur Wilde who took no time to have the players laughing and forgetting the rain.

Wilbur is wilde
Wilbur tickles a few fancies!

The Presentation of prizes by Wilbur was hilarious with the ladies from the Wednesday and Thursday golf clubs cleaning up the prizes.

At the end of the event, we have raised just over $4,000. A special thanks to the Thursday Ladies who passed around the hat and raised $255 as a donation, to the Bendigo Bank which donated $500 cash and to our own club which also donated $500.

Drummond Golf donated 5 x $50 vouchers and David Knight donated five of his books “Revelation of a Tour Caddie” towards the prize pool. “The Sweet Spot” donated vouchers to the prize pool and issued umbrellas to players on the 7th hole.

A special thanks to Srixon who donated a Ladies Golf bag, boxes of balls and gloves towards the prize pool and to Titliest for a Mens bag, tote bags and boxes of balls. Many thanks, also, to all the members that supported Brendon and Simon in organising the event.

February Monthly Medal – February 2nd 2019 – Stroke Competition


Bobbie wins again
I should be playing off scratch!

There were thoughts of donning the golf vest this morning as a crisp air greeted the 15 members for the Feb monthly medal. But within an hour the day had warmed up and it back to Melbourne summertime heat.

‘Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn’ –  one of our senior club members had a day out. Bob McDonald with handicap of someone who had just fallen off a roof, triumphed in the Feb monthly medal with  nett 62. Mehmet reckons less golf makes him play better so he duly takes second place with a 64.  Third place with a 67 was Daniel O’Rourke who played his last round for a while as he is off to England for a stint at cheffing. Good luck Daniel – see you on British Masterchef some time? Peps came in 4th with a very credible 68 (a score that included 2 x double bogeys and a tee shot on the 18th that only just got past the ladies. Final points were taken by Stef with a 69 ( including another tee shot on 11 that landed on the green)

Nearest the pin on the 12th for a ball was held by Simon, nearest the pin on the 15th for money was taken by none other than the financier himself SOS. The 18th must have been in a compromised position as it went begging yet again for a jacktpot!

Noods blamed a ‘mate’ for removing his golf clubs from the car overnight and arrived at the course sans playing instruments. He duly hired a set and proceeded to score an ordinary score even though the hire clubs set had 2 putters. “both actually worked better than mine” said Noods.

Playing in the last group does not ease the pain of a ‘draughtie’ – Gordo managed not to reach the ladies’ tee on hole # 1. The only bonus was the find of 6 other lost balls in the thick hedge – maybe they can be sold to help pay for the beers.

Other highlights included  Bene with a birdie on 10th – a self proclaimed first first for himself.  Mehmet chipped in on the 2nd for a par, Peter D par’d the first 5 holes on the back 9 to score 38 on the back 9, although he wasn’t in the points so he must have had a shocker on the front!. Simon kept up his form with a coupe of nice birdies.

A low light for Dennis, who ‘lost’ his ball on the fairway where it was clear that someone else had taken/played said ball. He took the penalty and the situation was discussed after the game with our Rules Official Damo. It was confirmed that as annoying as this situation is, you have to wear that penalty of basically a lost ball. Not every group has SOS to ensure the rules are abided by!

Damo reminded all of the new rules we are playing under and will send a link to an app for all for reference. Apologies for the late website update, there are some technical difficulties that are being worked through so there will be a delay in the handicapping and championship updates.

Shout out to Chrispy who is on the mend following an unfortunate incident the other day. Hopefully we will see you on the course soon. Hopefully the new ankle will fix the slice!

Reminder that next Saturday 9 Feb is the Jarrod Lyle Day at Ivanhoe. Still time to register and support this great day. (See website for access to the booking site)
The event includes RAFFLE TICKETS at $10 ticket, total PRIZE is a year long membership worth $1,285. TICKETS AT PRO SHOP or see Simon
The USPGA this week installed a plaque at Phoenix Open, Scottsdale Golf Course on the famous Hole #16
A permanent marker will also be affixed on the tee to honour all those who aced the hole.  There have only been nine golfers to do so — among them by Hal Sutton, Steve Stricker and Tiger Woods.
Image result for plaque for jarrod lyle at scottsdale golf course
Also, Ricky Fowler wore the Yellow Duck Leuk badge on his cap this weekend at the Phoenix Open, Scottsdale in honour of Jarrod.
Image result for Ricky fowler at scottsdale golf course 2019
Members should get behind the event, its for a great person and Family.