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Results for Australia vs The Rest – Stableford Round 23 February 2013

Mike Mann
He da Mann!

It’s easy to see why so many of our members claim to have foreign roots (and I don’t mean the nationality of their wives/girlfriends).  There was a fairly comprehensive whitewash by The Rest if the prize list is any indication.  Although a group by group analysis was not carried out, Harry seems to have been the only Aussie who prevailed by giving Mehm a thrashing on the back nine after a fairly average front nine that lulled the Turk into a false sense of security.  Although Harry did have to buy a round of drinks for Mehm and Cem as the result of an errant drive on the second.

The performance of the day however came from Mike, who blitzed the front nine and kept the game together on the back to front the judges with 40 points.  A nice new handicap and leadership of the points table in both Championships was the outcome for Mike.  Zimmer continues his comeback to regular playing and together with Targe came in to second place with just one less point less than Mike.  A small gap to Ben on 37 points completed the list of those that moved their handicap down.

After some confusion about the placement of the marker for the Nearest the Pin (you didn’t forget to put it out on the 12th did you first group?), Zimmer collected a ball on the 18th.  The run for the money was a close call with Rod in with a very good chance for most of the day with 1.87m on the 15th but he was pipped at the post by Noodles with a marginally better 1.85m.  Well done both of you but unfortunately for Rod, Noodles nicked off with the dosh for the ProPin.

Despite the good playing conditions (except for the water hazards on a couple of greens) birdies were not that prevalent with eight plodded.  The Eagles Nest is slowly starting to fill and the big bird is watching apprehensively to fight off any prospective egg thieves.

Cem Ertekin played with us today.  Another Turk, another Fuzz, another good bloke.  Does have divided loyalties though and won’t be along again until his other Club Championships are over.  The handicapper will be keeping a close eye on the cards he puts in as his handicap from his home course looks a bit over the mark for Royal Ivanhoe.  Welcome Cem.

Despite gathering a few points recently, married life maybe hasn’t agreed with Craig as he was a bit off his game today and he was heard increasing the chances of having to move the 13th tee yet again (and maybe a couple of others as well).  Dennis seems to be rueing his winning performance last week and is looking to claw back some of the lost handicap.  He hit a wrong ball on the 9th and said he ‘lost it’.  I assume he meant his concentration and not the ball he hit.  He certainly didn’t score as well from then on and will get a handicap increment back.  Still, you have to ask, what difference does an extra stroke/point make in the scheme of things?

Because Gordon will be away next week, it has been decided that the Club meeting will be postponed until the week after.  If you have any matters for discussion, please get them into the President or Secretary ASAP.  The committee would prefer that topics are not just brought up on the day so that some thought can be put into matters beforehand and they might be better resolved.

Results for Saturday, 23 February 2013
1st Mike Mann(40) 2nd Kazim Akdag(39) 2nd Targe Mifsud(39) 3rd Ben Akdag(37) 4th Andrew Petricola(36) 4th Mo Sabih(36) 5th Harry Boughen(35) 5th Chris Priems(35)