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Results for 25th April 2009 Final Round David Ford Autumn Cup

david-ford-09-winner-gordonHe deserves a big head !!! .. on a true Autumn day with cold winds and gathering rain clouds Gordon Hill easily hung on to his first round lead and won the David Ford Autumn Cup with an aggregate score of +3, 3 PAR points ahead of the field. Jan Siemon put in the handicap perfect round of square and Craig Sharp and Harry Boughen were at one under.

Well done Gordo!!

A special mention now that our bbq connoisseur, Oliver, has introduced the new toasted bread with snags and tells me that he knows where the best sausages are…so maybe for the Winter Cup we might have another USA gourmet delight!…Thanks Oliver.

Overall placings for the competition were 1st – Gordon Hill +3, 2nd – Jan Siemon Square, Equal 3rd – Craig Sharp -1, Equal 3rd – Harry Boughen  -1, Equal 4th Emillio Bassi -3, Equal 4th – Bob MacDonald -3, Equal 4th – Tony Mifsud -3, , Equal 5th – David Howard -6

Results for 18th April 2009 – 1st Round David Ford Autumn Cup


A nice mild autumn day found us with 7 groups for the first round of the David Ford Autumn Cup.
The current leaders are

  • Gordon Hill +2
  • Neil Argall and Craig Sharp +1
  • Jan Siemon Square

Although my own round was rather pathetic it was an interesting day with some items worth mentioning.

First one is when I went into the loo for the morning constitutional and both traps were taken. A voice from the left trap said “You’re a wonderful man Craig” to the occupant of the right trap. I decided that was time to leave quickly 🙂

Second incident was a true senior moment. Our group was on the 9th tee and Rodger the Lodger exclaimed “I’ve lost me glove!”, so we all went back to the 8th green area to look for it…after a few moments of searching Rodger chimed up with this gem “Oh , I’ve got it on!!”.

Finally the one to take the cake was when Oliver, who was struggling today due to his gammy knee, didn’t have things going well. At the 9th tee, we all said don’t worry it can only get better….and it was then, when he was about to take his tee shot the bee stung him!!. Some days are dogs no matter what!

I’ll put the full results for this round up when I get them from Targe….Cheers Allan

The 6th Hole has sadly lost the big pine (the ball-eating variety) so now the green approach looks more inviting. Rodger beat David Primrose in matchplay one year. David was forced to take a 3 wood for his second shot and put his ball high up in the pine, it never came doon!


12 inches for Eagle

Checkout Oliver’s second shot to the second on 11th April….Did you see that!


Results for 11th April 2009

A smaller turnout today as its its Easter. Damo continued his fine form and won today with 37 points in fine mild conditions. Emilio almost caught him, only one stableford point behind. Targe cleaned up the nearest the pin and I’m sure has invested the earnings sensibly.
Good to see Rodger the Lodger only just off the pace today with his steady climb back to form on his supercharged knee.

Don’t forget next week is the start of the two week David Ford Autumn Cup which will be a two week aggregate PAR competition. It would be good if the man himself could come in as the winner! Please remember to wear the official club tee shirt for both rounds.

Full Results for today are
1st Damien Lee(37) 2nd Emilio Bassi(36) 3rd S Butterfield(34) 3rd Rod Grant(34) 4th Gordon Hill(33) 4th Jan Siemon(33) 5th Mehmet Akdag(32) 5th Targe Mifsud(32)
NTP Targe Mifsud

As they are doing such a good job as current tee marshalls I thought an Akdag family snap was appropriate 🙂akdags-april-2009