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Club Event – PAR 28th October 2019 (GF Day)

Jason takes the cake.
Easy Game!!

There must have been something on, a big national event perhaps? The carpark was almost empty but soon enough 13 members and a guest were quite excited for the big event (PAR, not the grand final).

Gareth who manages the course was keen for a game and joined the last group, but it was one of the earlier runners who made the most of the beautiful day and ended up with a score of +1 for the day. This was none other than Jason who was fairly consistent all day with 5 pluses and 4 minuses.

Peps was a bit late to arrive after waking up a bit worse for wear but warmed up to his game and put in an even performance with a square card and second place. This included a chip in for birdie on the 8th and backed it up again on the 9th.

A couple of bludgers were not too far back, Blighty and Noods with -1 shared 3rd place. A couple more shared 4th place, Simon and Brendon on -2. Simon was quite happy in the morning after a user error with the results for the week prior granted him 23 second placings in the seniors championship. This has now been rectified Targy so no reason to complain this week, you are still in the lead!

There was much anticipation with who would be good enough for 5th place, but Enzo took it on his lonesome with -3, much to the dismay of the players who were 1 further back. Gordon mentioned that Enzo was belting them down the middle off the tee all day and asking if anyone had taken photo of the exhibition. Well by the 16th Gordon rectified this, refer photo for the textbook stylings.

Speaking of Gordon, there were rumours of his tee shot not making the ladies on the 3rd and he was not having the best of days if his scorecard was anything to go by. The group behind also heard him wack a flag after a missed putt. You know what they say Gordo, a week is a long time in f###…..golf.

Another week and another Jackpot for the pro pin on the 15th. The ball hole on the 12 was hotly contested and Brendon was closest. He also sank the birdie putt. The ball hole on the 18th was in a tough spot on the back tier and Porks won it without much contest.

Results for Saturday, 28 September 2019
1st¬†Jason Hopkins(+1)¬†2nd¬†Andrew Petricola(‚Ė°)¬†3rd¬†Andrew Blight(-1)¬†3rd¬†Stephen Butterfield(-1)¬†4th¬†Brendon Mitchell(-2)¬†4th¬†Simon Powell(-2)¬†5th¬†Enzo Cirone(-3)

Seniors Results: 1st Andrew Blight (-1) 2nd Simon Powell (-2) 3rd Enzo Cirone (-3)

Nearest the Pin Results: ProPin15th Jackpot BallPin No 1 12th Brendon Mitchell BallPin No 2 18th Ryan Porker

Club Event – Stableford Competition Saturday 21st September 2019

There was some not so great news that the course had yet again taken a blow with some more vandalism to the greens, this time almost half of them taking the treatment. SOS was not too impressed and decided to go home to sleep is anger off but was back at the end of play to undertake his tresury responsibilities. As it turns out, the greens were not too bad and definately playable, with only a few instances of balls that needed to be moved off the damaged circle marks.

This left only 11 members to play out the day and of those 11, there were joint winners with an even handicap score of 36 points. These two were Chrispy and Targe who have both had handicap adjustment of recent times, with them only to come crashing down with some determined play. Chrispy was trying to make up for last weeks fade away after all.

Next up was Bill, who marked Targes card, and also put in a respectable card with 35 points. It started to pelt down with rain on the 18th and Targe was making a meal of it and was going back and forth across the green. Bill and the otheres in his group decided that enough was enough and it was not worth getting drenched to watch Targe putt out!

The beast his his ball too well on the 17th and it rolled into the thick grass at the end of the fairway. Porks was down there first and found a shiny Bridgestone in the thick of it. He asked Bill if he was playing a Bridgestone and Bill replied back, sure. Porks was a bit bemused as Bill was played a srixon and titelist earlier in the day, but Targe vouched for the change in ball on the 17th.

Brendon played with Chrispy and Noods and the flew through the round to finish over an hr in front of the last (and tird) group.  Brendon tied with Simon on 33 point which was more than adequate for 3rd place. On his lonesome was porks who slotted into 4th and Noods the final placing with 29 points. Noods had told the last group as they were passing the clubhouse on way to the 14th that he had finished with 39 points, so this may have kept them in focus right to the end!

The pro pin was on the 15th and yet again it was a Jackpot as no one was even close to the 5m mark. The first ball hole was on the 12th and Priemsy was closest. Blighty managed the changing weather conditions to win the ball on the 18th but thuis was not good enough for a points finish.

Grand final day next week and a normal club event is on so please get there if you can. Hopefully the greens have recovered a but as the rest of the course is starting to improve from the Wintery conditions of late.

Results for Saturday, 21 September 2019
1st Targe Mifsud(36) 1st Chris Priems(36) 2nd Bill Eastoe(35) 3rd Brendon Mitchell(33) 3rd Simon Powell(33) 4th Ryan Porker(31) 5th Stephen Butterfield(29)

Seniors Results: 1st Targe Mifsud (36) 2nd Bill Eastoe (35) 3rd Simon Powell (33)

Nearest the Pin Results: ProPin15th Jackpot BallPin No 1 12th Chris Priems BallPin No 2 18th Andrew Blight

Annual Challenge and Club Event – September 14/15 2019

The annual trip was to Rich River in sunny Moama again this year and there was much anticipation as to who would be taking home the fashionable Mustard Jacket! Priemsy was talking a lot of shop in the weeks prior and one could have thought that he had already won it! A practice round was not on the cards for him as the Priems clan embarked on a paddle steamer adventure on the Murray with the extended family on the Friday, with Brent, Jason and Dale all bringing wives and young kids along for the weekends activities.

The course had undergone some recent coring to the greens and the East course greens were particularly slow. The East course was the venue for the Saturday round and scoring was pretty hot early on.  After all of the talk, Chrispy backed it up to set the pace early on with the assistance of a 21 HC, scorched the field with 42 stableford points. Hot on his heels was Dave who scored 40 points and only 2 over par, the early morning putting and driving range practice must have helped! Mehm and porks were not far behind on 39, who fell into the final placings for the final group for Sunday.

The Mustard requires two days of solid golf however, so those still with a chance included SOS on 37, The B’s Bob Brent and Benny on 36 and Noods on 35. Rob was a bit further back on 31 points but had to leave for a drive up to the gold coast for work.¬† The greens work not working as fell for some as they were for others. Porks had multiple birdie putts but did not make any, noods resorted to a claw grip from close range and didn’t miss a putt and for the majority of players the adjustment to the speed was difficult to grasp.

The defending champion had a stinker of a day and unfortunately for porks who had Matty in the Calcutta, Matty only scored 27 points. This included an incident of a club that was thrown, stuck up a tree, and a further two clubs that were stuck trying to retrieve the first!

The main questions for the night were, who would join Mehm and SOS in the pokies for the weekend, as Stef had to pull out due to a friends Wedding, how would Chris deal with a hangover the next day and how early would Dave get to bed?

The afternoon and nights activities included the usual betting on the horses, pokies for SOS and Mehm and a few drinks. Priemsy was enjoying himself and towards the end of the night, Brendon, who had porks in the calcutta, had decided to try to compromise the other leaders by taking them out for a night on the town. Dave kept it low key and declined but Priemsy was in full flight and with Brendon and Benny were out to the wee hours of the night. Brendon also enticed Peps to an Espresso Martini which he quite enjoyed and was saying that it is a very manly drink indeed!

The next morning Priemsy was right as rain however and had a very decent start for the final day of play. The rain started and stopped and Priemsy was joined by Dave who extended their early lead, who was hitting bombs in the middle of the fairway and sinking putts from everywhere.

There was mass confusion on the back 9 however as the course management had rearranged the hole numbering on the back 9 due to maintenance, but failed to inform the Ivanhoe group or provide the updated cards. The club pro drove around the tried to explain things to keep everything flowing from the 11th hole.

By this stage, Priemsy was starting to tire and soon the wheels fell off. Porks was doing the opposite and birdied the 10th, 11th and 13th to fall only one behind Dave for the lead. It was neck and neck for the last few holes and porks extended to a two shot lead and held off the last 3 holes for the win, with an even par back 9 off the stick! Dave held on for second place, and Bob came from a few back for 3rd place with a very respectable 39 points.

Chrispy and Noods tied for 4th after noods shot equal best score for the day, and SOS scrapped in for 5th place. The Cock’s plate was awarded to Matty who combined with his efforts with his club’s on Saturday, he also managed to break one of hit iron shafts on the Sunday. There were numerous nearest the pins for both days and too many to name them all here.¬† Overall it was a successful weekend and good times had by all.

Results for Annual Challenge 14 and 15 September 2019
1st Ryan Porker 78 (39+39) 2nd David Mullenger 76 (40+36) 3rd Bob McDonald 75 (36+39) 4th Chris Priems 74 (42+32) 4th Stephen Butterfield 74 (35+39) 5th Stephen O’Sullivan 71 (37+34) Seniors Results: 1st Bob McDonald 2nd Gordon Hill 3rd Allan Davies

Ivanhoe Results (Courtesy of GOATM)

The mandatory 6 players for competition was exceeded by one and 7 members turned out on a bright sunny spring morning at Royal and Ancient Ivanhoe. Peter played the 13th three times, first from the 1st tee, the second time from the 10th tee and we thought when he finally got to the 13th tee we would see him realize his desire to hit the fairway three time in a row, only to see him trudge off to the 10th fairway!

Despite this, Peter posted a solid 36 points for the morning to take out his first win for some time, so well done Peter. A big welcome back to Saturday play to Rod Grant, and he was right back into the fray taking second place on his own with 32 points. There were whispers that Rod was on song with his driver and placing immense distance pressure on Simon off the tee.

The pressure of being outdriven by Rod may have been why Simon put his shot into that tiny little bunker on the 13th, only then to hit it out of the bunker into the hazard, take a drop and promptly hit it back into the hazard again ! But, with 31 points Simon did manage to come in third in a three way tie along with Whitey and Craig.

Craig’s golf was a bit interrupted by spending quality time helping Peter and Dennis locate wayward balls, but it was a lovely morning for a bit of extra nature study. Whitey took a couple of holes to get going, but fired up on the 4th with a nice chip in for a big fat bird and a fine 4 points to add to the tally.

Peter hit the green on the 12th and took his putt from that far out we had enough time to have a cup of tea whilst waiting for the ball to travel across the green and drop in for a very fine bird, to bring the mornings tally of birds to two. Joe and Dennis bought up the rear of the field to take fourth place points with 27 points which was made up by a smattering of gashes, ones, two’s and three pointers to grab 27points, although probably more gashes and one’s in there than anything, but, did we mention what a wonderful spring morning it was ?

Ball hole NTP’s were Peter on the 12th, which he then one putted from what seemed like 100metres away for birdie, and Simon on the 18th which he then 3 putted from what I hear was not that far away for a bogey ! Rod’s return to Saturday golf saw him take out the seniors with 32 points, ahead of Simon and Craig on 31 points and Dennis in third on 27points. As usual, the mornings golf ended in brilliant sunshine with good banter and merriment . . . how good is golf !

Results for Saturday, 14 September 2019
1st Peter Damou (37) 2nd Rod Grant (32) 3rd Simon Powell (31) 3rd Craig Cameron (31) 3rd Rod White (31) 4th Dennis Ward(27) 4th Joe W 5th No one else!

Seniors Results: 1st Rod Grant (32) 2nd Simon Powell (31) Craig Cameron (31)3rd Dennis Ward(27)

Nearest the Pin Results: ProPin15th Jackpot BallPin No 1 12th Peter Damou BallPin No 2 18th Simon Powell

September Monthly Medal – September 8th 2019

SOS hard at work
Shank you very much!

Footy finals are here and there must have something else on for the September monthly medal as only 11 members were ready to play on a cold and rainy day. Or there may have been some handicapping protecting before the annual challenge weekend away perhaps?

Well there was nothing to worry about as the scores came in and they were not very impressive to say the least. The course was wet, the greens slow and only two birdies were scored for the entire day, which included SOS who chipped in on the 18th for a 2. This also helped SOS being the only one to break his handicap on his way to a 67 to take out the monthly medal.

Craig was back again this week and handed in a card of nett 73, which was good enough for outright second place. Targe seems to be able to place in the top 5 each and every week and this weekend was no exception, 74 nett was also good enough for 3rd place. Targe leads the seniors championship by 8 points over Dennis and 10 points over Harry.

There was a threesome who all tied for 4th place, Jason, Bob and Dennis all on 76 nett.  Gordon and Ryan were a bit down based on the results of the footy the night before, however as any constellation their score of 77 was enough for 5th place and a solitary championship point. Things are still close in the club championship points standings with only a few months to go, Porks in in the lead over Brendon, with Targe, Noods and Dave all within a chance.

Now you might ask, how many did not get points for the day, with the low numbers only 3 players went home empty handed. Not going to name anyone, but the 3 players initials were Chris Priems, Stephen Butterfield and Peter Damou! Unlucky guys.

The triple jackpot was up for grabs for the pro pin and the 15th hole was where the prize was there for the taking. The tee was back and there were quite a few tee shots that played russian roulette with the OOB markers. Craig’s group did not go halves (or thirds) and Craig ended up putting one to 3.6m which was more than enough for the cash!

The first ball hole was on the 12th and Dennis initially had his name on the card, however Porks easily beat the marker to win a nice pro V1. This was again repeated on the 18th, as porks was the closest with a tricky pin position on the back tier.

There were a couple of reports of tee shots which did not make the ladies tees, Targe wacked a tree on the 3rd, Dennis hit a straight one that somehow did not make it past on the 7th. Noods went very close on the 8th as his tee shot made it past by the slimmest of margins.

The annual challenge weekend away is on next weekend at Rich River Golf Club, there will be a regular event at Ivanhoe for those not going so please turn up for easy points.

Results for Saturday, 07 September 2019
1st¬†Stephen O’Sullivan(67) (c/b t9)¬†2nd¬†Craig Cameron(73)¬†3rd¬†Targe Mifsud(74)¬†4th¬†Jason Hopkins(76)¬†4th¬†Bob McDonald(76)¬†4th¬†Dennis Ward(76)¬†5th¬†Gordon Hill(77)¬†5th¬†Ryan Porker(77)

Seniors Results: 1st Craig Cameron (73) 2nd Targe Mifsud (74) 3rd Bob McDonald (76) 3rd Dennis Ward (76)

Nearest the Pin Results: ProPin15th Craig Cameron BallPin No 1 12th Ryan Porker BallPin No 2 18th Ryan Porker