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Results for 20th August Stableford round

Another perfect winters morning embraced the Ivanhoe members, well, at leat after the fog left. I’m sure there were a few low scores early in the day… Albeit a little wet under foot for a few holes around the course, prefered lies has maintained a decent level throughout winter. Which should really hold the course in good stead for summer.

Rapt to be back in the driver’s seat, Chris Priems(77) relished the conditions, only nudging that talented young gopher Stefan belvski(72) out by one stableford point. Chris’s 40 points was attributed to his front nine, where he grasped every opportunity with both hands. He was even with the card about to play the eighth, then doubled nine too for a two over 37 front(23 points). Great golf Chris. Enjoy the new handicap..

Making this consecutive second place recipient Stefan Belveski(39) continues his winning golf, constantly, playing to, or bettering his par week after week. Stefan’s first real season now playing serious club golf at Ivanhoe sees him ten points clear in the 2011 Club Championship. Mo Sabih(84), and Oliver Gross take out third this week with 36 points apiece. Meaning everyone else will go out!!!

The seniors competition table is now up to date with Targe Mifsud on top spot, with the next three member chasing him down ,trailing only 4 points behind! Both tables are still very close, and with some impressive trophys up for grabs and not much time left its still anyone title.

The Treasurer has an old version of the Club Calendar which noted that the Matchplay finals were to be played next month ‚Äď in fact they are to be played this Saturday.¬† Mo and Benanananan will be playing final this Saturday and Damien with Oliver will play off for 3rd place.

Originally on the calendar there was to be an Ambrose round played on the final day ‚Äď however it is too late to organise.¬† Normal par competition will be in place instead.

What I will propose is that we conduct an Ambrose round format for next month with the famous Australia v World  (not you Dave H) competition again to give the Aussie’s a chance of revenge.  This will be finalised on the September meeting.

Ball hole this week was won by Noodles, and our jackpotted cash was awarded to Oliver Gross.

Results for Saturday, 20 August 2011
1st Chris Priems(40)
2nd Stefan Belevski(39) 3rd Richard Hall(37) 4th Oliver
Gross(36) 4th Mo Sabih(36) 5th Rodger Clarke(35)

Results for 13 August Stableford round

   The Thirteenth of August provided perfect playing conditions for members. Albeit a little chilly, not a breath of wind was endured, and the majority of the fairways were firm under-foot. Greens continue to improve, giving confidence to those of us who can, and cause for a new putter for others. Its been nice to see the constant change in the course week to week, the improvements are noticed, and certain the loyal Ivanhoe golfer is appreciating what is being done to our beloved track.

On to the results for this round. As you could tell by the crowd on 18, a popular winner was cheeered¬†back into the clubhouse. Jan Siemon(80), championship placer two years in a row has taken his first win. This blogger said it a while back, that this golfer was on the up. But has he left it all to late…

That exceptional¬†young gopher continues to impress. This week playing of a handicap of 7, Stefan¬†bElevski(73)¬†produced two consistent¬†nines(one over back!) for¬†38pts¬†taking second place. Stefan’s fine gophering¬†form has taken him five points clear in the championship race. Well done Stefan, fantastic, consistent golf off a low handicap. Good luck for the rest of the season.

Third this week is shared by Chris Priems(80), and Benananan¬†Akdag(85) with 37 stableford¬†points. Benananan’s¬†round was also good enough to take out a hard competitor¬†in Oliver Gross(83) in the penultimate matchplay round. And for Chris… Two weeks of points… ???

Matchplay Semi Final Results:

Ben Akdag def Oliver Gross 2&1

Mo Sabih def Damian Lee 1 up

So now we have our contenders for the Matchplay Title, and the 16 championship points. Good luck to both Mo, and Ben. This year third, and fourth will also play off for points, so Damian, and Oliver… Its time to do it again..

On a more public service kind of announcement. Happy 18th birthday to KAzim AKdag. So for all those members who have been quietly awaiting retribution once he became accountable, please form an orderly line next to the putting green. Ask members to be patient, and Kazim will get round to all of you.

Ball hole this week jackpotted, so twice as many reasons to play this weekend!

Results for Saturday, 13 August 2011
1st Jan Siemon(39)
2nd Stefan Belevski(38) 3rd Ben Akdag(37) 3rd Chris
Priems(37) 4th S Butterfield(36) 5th Targe Mifsud(35)

Results for 2011 August Montly Medal

The 2011 season¬†seems to be disappearing at an alarming rate. Was just recently¬† we celebrated christmas, and now the August medal has been ran, and won! SO, for all those members planning a late charge up the leaderboard it’s time to hit the range, and produce some top finishes.

Medal days are renown¬†for bringing the best out of the Ivanhoe faithful, and this years August medal was no exception. With two superb rounds of 64 nett, Bill Eastoe(76), and Andrew¬†Petricola(70) had to wait through multiple countbacks¬†before declaring¬†Andrew this¬†years¬†August¬†Medal recipient. Both receive top championship points, and the handicap deduction. Well played gentleman, at least you won a ball Bill…

For our recently married President Andrew Petricola, life continues to get better, and better. Not only was he fortunate a few weekends ago with his beautiful wife to be saying “YES”, he has taken¬†all our money for the second week in a row, secured a third, and first to move up to outright second in the club championship, and last Saturday added a new member to the¬†Petricola¬†family. We here are happy to be the first to bring you Archie Petricola¬†the British¬†Bulldog. Amazing how quickly a pet can take on the characteristics of their owners. When things are this good¬†, why wouldn’t you smile.

Well deserved¬†8 points goes to Bill Eastoe, who is a little unlucky to run into the Pres on one of those rounds. Even still Bill should be pleased his equalling round of 64 which was 5 strokes better than second! So close Bill. In a welcome return to form, or perhaps now the unusual round Chris Priems(82) joins Gordon¬†Hill(83) for second place both carding 69 nett.¬†Taking third place this week¬†was kaZim¬†Akdag(81), and Brendon Mitchell(85)¬†competing in his first championship round since returning from abroad. Welcome back Brendon,¬†who¬†managed the round like an Ivanhoe Pro… Take some points, and still go out!

Championship tables are just getting closer, and closer as the season approaches an end. Only two points separate the top four in the main comp, and only four points for the first four in the seniors comp. Our two Juniors(yes I know, sorry Stefan) are now our joint leaders, which is sure to be exciting to at least watch/comment on for the next few months.

All our money, as previously stated is off to Caroline Petricola¬†again, while the ball hole marker didn’t make an appearance last week. Rumour is that we may be playing two ball holes this week.

Results for Saturday, 06 August 2011
1st Bill Eastoe(64)
1st Andrew Petricola(64) 2nd Gordon Hill(69) 2nd Chris
Priems(69) 3rd Kazim Akdag(70) 3rd Brendon Mitchell(70) 4th
Stefan Belevski(71) 4th Rodger Clarke(71) 4th Oliver Gross(71)
4th Richard Hall(71) 4th Tony Mifsud(71) 5th Mehmet
Akdag(72) 5th Jan Siemon(72)


Results for 30th July Par round

      Was a popular week for members, filling seven groups in the hight of winter. Maybe a good practice session for the upcoming Monthly Medal. After a proper Winters Cup, our fifth July round displayed The beloved track in magnificent conditions(except 13, which is always just horrible!). Prefered lies continued, and good scoring was expected.

With a breakthrough 2011 win, our club champion for the last two years finally secured his first win of the season. Damian Lee carded(73) a tantalizing +4, three holes ahead of his nearest rivals. Perhaps this is just the sign of results to come. Hard to keep a champ down. Well played Damian, and good luck defending the title.

Second place this week was shared by three very consistent golfers, who almost always feature in the results whenever they play. Scoring +1 Bill Eastoe, Mike Mann, and Stefan Belevski, all continue their march up the tables towards December.

Three members were able to play to handicap, rewarded with 3 points each. Andrew Petricola, kAzim Akdag, and Jan Siemon. But, the real focus has to now be turning to the Champ Tables. Only twelve points separates the top ten, with the two juniors(sorry Gopher, I know you can drive) leapfrogging Targe Mifsud into second, and third place. The Seniors are hotting up,with many left still in the race for the first running of this competition.

Potentially there maybe a brief club meeting after this week monthly Medal, either way, club shirts should be worn.

Money hole this weekend went towards Caroline Petricola, and the ball was pocketed by _____(please let me know Sat, and I’ll update)

Results for Saturday, 30 July 2011
1st Damien Lee(+4)
2nd Stefan Belevski(+1) 2nd Bill Eastoe(+1) 2nd Mike
Mann(+1) 2nd Tony Mifsud(+1) 3rd Kazim Akdag(0) 3rd Andrew
Petricola(0) 3rd Jan Siemon(0) 4th Mehmet Akdag(-1) 4th
Richard Hall(-1) 4th Targe Mifsud(-1) 5th Malcolm Adey(-2)