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Results for 30th May 2009

It was 3 degrees when I left home this morning .. coldest morning so far this winter. The chill didn’t stop Tony Mifsud from winning the day with an excellent 40 points closely followed by the dynamic duo Rod Grant and Harry Boughen with 39. Turned out a nice day with sunshine and 17deg, although the temperature got a lot hotter for a certain young person who was observed practising bowling….or was it throwing his ball at his bag….its not the balls fault Zimmer!!

Welcome to Richard Hall who had his first round with his new handicap today.

One matchplay was completed today…Eddie knocked off our championship leader Jan 3 & 1. So far Malcolm and Ed are the first two quarter finalists. Neil and Tony were disappointed their matchplay partners didn’t show today.

Results for today are
Tony Mifsud(40) 2nd Harry Boughen(39) 2nd Rod Grant(39) 3rd Neil Argall(38) 3rd Damien Lee(38) 4th Laurie Mannix(37) 5th Ken Grist(36) 5th John Quinlan(36)
NTP and the money. John Quinlan

Results for 23rd May 2009

Well I was very sorry that my daughter decided to move house this Saturday as just turning up would have got some championship points ..  over half the field scored points today and 10 players out of 28 were above square!. Par days often have tight placings … not sure why … any mathemeticians out there?

Congratulations to the three winners and grinners Andrew, Oliver and Steve who all shot a +4 today and that young man Kazim was in the hunt again with a second place tie with Neil whose form has improved … maybe the extra golf at Yarrambatt is the secret!

Jan Siemon,  our championship leader also got a couple more points today to keep himself well on top of the ladder.

Two second round matchplays were held today and Bob beat Mal and Malcolm beat Emillio.

A big happy birthday to Targe for Monday 25th May when he added another decade to the scoreboard .. can’t remember if it was number 5 or number 6 🙂

Results for Saturday, 23 May 2009
1st Andrew Blight(+4) 1st Oliver Gross(+4) 1st Stephen O’Sullivan(+4) 2nd Kazim Akdag(+2) 2nd Neil Argall(+2) 3rd Malcolm Adey(+1) 3rd Damien Lee(+1) 3rd Bob McDonald(+1) 3rd Andrew Petricola(+1) 3rd Mal Whelan(+1) 4th Laurie Mannix(0) 4th Jan Siemon(0) 5th Ken Grist(-1) 5th Gordon Hill(-1) 5th Targe Mifsud(-1) 5th Chris Priems(-1)
NTP. Andrew Petricola
Matchplay – Second Round Bob McDonald d Mal Fleming, Macolm Adey d Emillio Bassi

Matchplay Final 16 Pairings

To be played by 11th July
O.Gross plays N. Argall
E.Bassi plays M. Adey
K.Grist plays C.Sharp
B.Akdag plays S.O’Sullivan
E.Kloprogge plays J.Siemon
Tony Mifsud plays D.Howard
M.Fleming plays B.McDonald
A.Petricola plays D.Lee

Results for 16th May 2009

Quite a few players were away today playing elsewhere and we only had 4 groups. Conditions looked like they were going to be very ordinary but the rain held off and the golfing conditions weren’t bad at all.

Congratulations today to our winner Harry Boughen who post his first win and is now climbing the championship table in earnest.

Zimmer took out the nearest the pin and now has some extra pocket money to spend…well done Kazim.

I’ve updated the matchplay table (see right side of screen), find who you are playing and make arrangements to play before 11th July.

Results for today are
1st Harry Boughen(39) 2nd Oliver Gross(37) 2nd Tony Mifsud(37) 3rd S Butterfield(35) 3rd Allan Davies(35) 4th Neil Argall(34) 4th Emilio Bassi(34) 5th John Quinlan(32)