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Results for 28 April 2012

The smiling assassin!

You would have to say that it was another beautiful day out on the course at Ivanhoe.  It seemed to be a day of halves Рsome of us managed to burn up the front nine while others hit their straps on the back.

The man who leapt right out of the blocks with an Eagle on the first was Rodger Clarke, who, after a couple of little falters on the next couple of holes went on the win the day with a very creditable 40 points.  Welcome to your new handicap Rodger.

Rodger very nearly had to share the Eagles Nest when Richard Hall blasted out from within the hazard on the seventeenth to put the ball a couple of revolutions from dropping into the hole.  From despair of even getting a point to a birdy for four in one easy step.

Five players managed to beat their handicap and another nine were in on the points for the Championship.  There were only five not in the points!!!!  Rodger, Ken and Gordon collected the points for the Seniors.

Noodles and Targe competed in the first round of the Matchplay and Noodles was victorious with a 4 and 3.  Despite his loss in the matchplay, Targe collected the ball hole while Harry managed to hold on to pick up the cash for the Pro-pin.

Results for Saturday, 28 April 2012
1st Rodger Clarke(40) 2nd Ken Grist(38) 2nd Richard Hall(38) 2nd Chris Priems(38) 3rd Gordon Hill(37) 4th Bill Eastoe(33) 4th Laurie Mannix(33) 4th Bob McDonald(33) 4th Mo Sabih(33) 4th Stephen O’Sullivan(33) 5th Malcolm Adey(30) 5th S Butterfield(30) 5th Malcolm Fleming(30) 5th Targe Mifsud(30)
Eagle 1st Hole – Rodger Clarke, Ball Hole 12th Targe Mifsud, Money Hole 15th Harry Boughen, Noodles d Targe 4 & 3

Results for April Monthly Medal

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† The fourth Medal for the 2012 season went up for grabs, and the course, and conditions rose to the occasion. The tees were all back, and the game, obviously stroke. only the hardened of Ivanhoe¬†faithful could prevail. While everything tipped towards great golf, and scoring for all. There were only two… Two that would beat par!

Our deserved April Medal winner is Malcolm Adey(92) with a net¬†66. Mal’s back 9 of 42 used just above a third of his handicap, great round, and congratulations. Champ of Champs here you go. WIth all this good form Mal, have you considered joining the golfer elite(see photo)? Won’t be long gents, there’ll be more….

Can develop a trend here. Oliver Gross(76) played extremely well for his net 67, only to miss the Medal by one stroke. The thing is, his back 9 of 36 of the stick, took exactly a third of his handicap. Make what you will, but stats are starting to tell the tale.

Results for Saturday, 07 April 2012 1st Malcolm Adey(66) 2nd Oliver Gross(67) 3rd¬†Kazim Akdag(68) 3rd¬†Bill Eastoe(68) 3rd¬†Andrew Petricola(68) 4th¬†Ben Akdag(71) 4th S Butterfield(71) 4th Rodger Clarke(71) 4th Ken Grist(71) 4th¬†Laurie Mannix(71) 4th Targe Mifsud(71) 4th Chris Priems(71) 4th Stephen O’Sullivan(71) 5th Bob McDonald(72)

Results for Stuart Clarke Memorial Trophy

After the first round, the in form senior brigade showed the early dominance. With big match specialist Emillio Bassi(40pts) leading the way of joint 38pts cards of Ken Grist, and Mal Adey. with Paul Anderson(welcome back) scoring a nice set up 36pts.


With the groups, and chefs sorted for the 31st, members consoled, or celebrated on missed opportunities, even winning potentials for the following Saturday.


Second round proved all predictions wrong! Demonstrating that a never surrender approach can accomplish!


Memhit Akdag(71) with a personal best gross score, managed one of the best come from behind(Turkish) wins in our Club’s history. His 71 of the stick gave Memhit 42 Stableford points, elevating him from second BBQ group to a place in history, among the famed already inscribed select. Well played Mem, I believe you will now be playing of 7!


Afore mentioned lessons continues to pay off for Mal Adey, taking equal second alongside Paul Anderson. Double points for any placing are always handy.


Ball hole today was caught by Oliver Gross, and cash went to Damians wife’s new car.


Results for Saturday, 31 March 2012 1st Mehmet Akdag(73) 2nd Malcolm Adey(71) 2nd Paul Anderson(71) 3rd Trevor Jackson(70) 3rd Mike Mann(70) 4th Ben Akdag(69) 5th Laurie Mannix(68)


Results for 17th March Stableford Round

     Sunny skies once again shone on the Ivanhoe faithful. A perfect morning, a beloved course, point scoring should be high. With Stableford the game for the day, one would be well off to hazard a guess at a winning score. Out of the nineteen members who competed, only five would miss out on points. Even though it would be easier to only comment on the five championship point non receivers, a certain amount of respect prohibits this.

Two winners today, both carding a handy 35 Stableford¬†points. Good try gents, unfortunately¬†round winners receive¬†only deductions, so the bad 3 putt miss on 18 won’t count. Anyhoo, winners are grinners. Celebrations were held(out of sight of members) at the Clarke(85), and Mitchell(77) homesteads. Valuable champ points heading into a two week tournament.

Another twelve members put there hands in for points, making this weeks round very agreeable for all. Except the afore¬†non mentioned five who didn’t place.

Money hole jackpots, while Mal Adey takes the ball hole proving weekday lessons pay off!

Results for Saturday, 17 March 2012 1st Rodger Clarke(35) 1st Brendon Mitchell(35) 2nd Andrew Blight(34) 2nd Rod Grant(34) 2nd Mike Mann(34) 2nd¬†Jan Siemon(34) 3rd Malcolm Fleming(33) 3rd Gordon Hill(33) 3rd Craig Sharp(33) 4th¬†Mehmet¬†Akdag(32) 4th¬†Harry Boughen(32) 4th David Howard(32) 4th Stephen O’Sullivan(32) 5th Bob McDonald(31)