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Results for 23rd October 2010

David Rees came back to form and won the competition today in wet conditions. Unusually the rain hang in there for the whole 18 holes so thems that like wet conditions prospered and thems that didn’t suffered. Being of pommie descent I’m a mudlark 🙂

The matchplay runner up game was played today with Andrew Blight defeating Chris Priems for third place in the matchplay championship (not sure what final score was can you guys let me know please). Andrew gets 3rd place double points which is 6 championship points and Chris gets 4th place double points which is 4 points.

Results for Saturday, 23 October 2010
1st David Rees(41) 2nd Tony Mifsud(38) 3rd Mehmet Akdag(37) 4th Trevor Jackson(36) 5th Malcolm Adey(35) 5th Musti Akdag(35) 5th Emilio Bassi(35)
Matchplay 3rd and 4th playoff. Andrew Blight d Chris Priems result was ??


Final Results for Fred Kitson Spring Cup 2010 played 16th Oct 2010

Consistency over the two rounds and patience in trying conditions was they the key to our Fred Kitson Spring Cup winner Tony Mifsud who finished square for the two rounds. Conditions for the final round were horrendous with tee off postponed for 45 minutes whilst hail and rain pounded the course. Well done to Mal Whelan and Ken Grist for a gritty -1 just one stroke behind.

Conditions in Perth meanwhile, for the members who went over to Damien’s wedding, were in the high twenties and sunny so the contrast could not have been more stark. The word is the wedding went off well and the boys played a round in the morning before the big event and Damo, even though he wasn’t here for the Fred Kitson, has still got the championship lead!

Results for Fred Kitson Spring Cup – 16 October 2010
Aggregate score over the two rounds
1st Tony Mifsud(square) 2nd Ken Grist(-1) 2nd Mal Whelan(-1) 3rd Grant Heavysege(-2) 4th Emilio Bassi(-3) 5th Malcolm Adey(-7)


Results for Fred Kitson Spring Cup Round 1

I’m sure Freddy Kitson would be that pleased that the first 6 placings are all 50+ veterans!! Its also the first time we’ve had a MAL/MAL finish with Mal Whelan leading the pack by 3 Par Points with an outstanding +6 closely followed by Mal Adey with +3. The key now is, will all those extra years of experience of this leading pack of veterans carry the day next week.

Handicapping Note for Two Round Competitions.
Please note the second round is played with the SAME handicap as the first round. Once the final round is completed then both rounds will be handicapped individually for the following weeks play after the comp is completed. Double championship points are assigned based on the final placings for the two rounds. Note the handicap sheet after the second round will only show the second round adjustment, this is a limitation of the handicapping system

Full Results for first round of the Fred Kitson Spring Cup

Mal Whelan +6
Mal Adey +3
Gordon Hill +2
Trevor Jackson +1
Ken Grist +1
Tony Mifsud  Square
Harry Boughen -1
Jan Siemon -2
Laurie Mannix -2
Benan Akdag -2
G. Heavysage -2
Emilio Bassi -3
A.Blight -3
Chris Priems -4
Kazim Akdag -5
Rodger Clarke -6
Musti Akdag -6
Mike Mann -7

Results for October Monthly Medal 2nd Oct 2010

The Internationals contingent gained the upper hand today with an outstanding win by Mike Mann who not only successfully run the tee but topped it off with an excellent net 59 to take out the October Monthly Medal. Well done Mike, sorry about the handicap adjustment :-). It must have been a surprise for Jan on 63 not to take out first place and the pack of players who all beat their handicaps today must have thought they were a chance.

Next week is the first round of the Fred Kitson Spring Cup. This is the third year we’ve run this cup in memory of Freddy Kitson who played at the club for many years after moving to Melbourne from Queensland. Fred made a lot of friends at the club and found the camraderie an important part of his life especially as he was a recent arrival in Melbourne. Fred was well aware that this memorial trophy would be played each year and decided on the format himself…in fact his words were “Par you bastards!!”. The trophy above was made especially for the club by Fred’s brother-in-law and the inaugral winner was Derek McDonald, Freds son in law and the second year was won by Kazim Akdag, our youngest player.

Derek McDonald, Fred’s son-in-law also played at the club for a long time and we’d love to see him back again.

Results for Saturday, 02 October 2010 – October Monthly Medal
1st Mike Mann(59) 2nd Jan Siemon(63) 3rd Oliver Gross(65) 4th Ken Grist(66) 5th Tony Mifsud(67) 5th Andrew Petricola(67)