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Results for 24th January 2009

Well today the President laid down the gauntlet and leads the championship with an excellent +4 off a 6 handicap! Ken, Oliver and Tony were all snapping at his heels. At this rate I can see I’ll have to get out and actually practice rather than yawn and swing :-).

I hope everybody had a great Australia Day Holiday. I was away in Bendigo and visited Axedale where we played a few years ago and it was always green even in the dryer weather..well now its dry and barren and a very sorry sight indeed.

Bring your suncream, hats, water and maybe use Dave Fords old trick of a damp towel around your neck on Saturday. Carry your mobile too so we can rescue you!!

Results for today were
1st-S.Clarke(+4),2nd K.Grist,O.Gross,Tony.Mifsud(+3),3rd-E.Bassi(+2),4th-M.Adey,Targe.Mifsud,C.Priems(+1),5th-B.Akdag,J.Demir,J.Siemon(0)


G’day i’ts been some time since I’ve had a chance to play with your minds,so I thought I would start with a retrospective of the year just gone. I know it’s taken some time to write this but I’m a slow learner. third grade were the best five years of my life.       So now to it.


According to the Chinese Calendar it was the year of the CHRIS.He took all before him requiring an armed guard to take his silver wear home. Although one person did try his best to prevent him winning. That person was Emilio who employed his superior soccer skills to head Chris’s ball away in an attempt to spoil his game. All to no avail.


Rodger’s knee? After one lot of surgery it just didn’t get better. Look for further updates in following Newsletters.


Both Trevor and David Ford suffered Transient Ischaemic Attacks last year. We trust both are doing well in their recovery.

Fred Howe spent three days in Hospital undergoing tests.We hope all is well.For those who don’t know him Fred was a founding member of the club and a loved Father figure.

It was also the year we farewelled Fred Kitson. Although his was a short tenure he brought with him a spirit of joy and goodwill, so much so that the club honoured him with his own event, the spring cup. It was only fitting that Derek took out the initial event.

It was also the year the Turkish Mafia invaded the club with considerable success. Speaking of the Mafia one member of that group has gone on to becone a rising star. Take a bow Kazim Akdag.

From one rising star to another.David Rees is another newcomer who has gone from strength to strength becoming the Clubs lowest handicapper. Could be that he’ll achieve his aim of scratch.


I leave you with a quote from Alice Cooper in his book ‘Alice Cooper Golf Monster’. He writes, “I quit drinking in the early 1980s,and thats when golf became my new addiction.I’d play 36 holes a day then I’d go hit 600 balls. I went from a 36 handicap to a 9. I know a lot of guys who’ve traded alcohol for golf .”

Until next time ,

Hit them straight and not very often.


Results for 17th January 2009

We had a good turnout today but the larger crowd did not stop Targe Mifsud from slowing down the Akdag family charge and posting a win with a 43 stableford score. Close behind with a personal best off the stick was Jan Siemon with 41 points. Conditions were excellent on the day and we had a few players returning from holidays and in once case from a long stint in the UK … John Quinlan has put in his first card after returning on the realisation that living in cold, wet dark places isn’t as good as being to play golf all year round.

The handicap sheet is a bit harder to read as I had to reduce the font size on the handicap sheet just to squeeze in all the players we now have registered.

Results for today are

Results 10 January 2009

Another cracking day for golf on Saturday and this was reflected in the scores. Our winner for the day was Craig ‘SNAGS’ Sharp with an impressive 74 off the stick and 43pts. Snags had some question marks about his ability to convert a solid start into a win (which his playing partners reminded him about after bogies at 10, 11 and 12) however he lifted from there on and finished off in style. In second place was the ever improving Kazim Akdag, Zimmer shot 41pts and will now move to a handicap of 18. In third place with 40pts were Tony Balcombe and Ben Akdag, also impressive scores. 39pts got 4th and 5th was 38pts….Hot Scoring.

Tony Mifsud took the money on the 15th landing 167cm from the pin.

Andrew Petricola took the eagles nest dropping a ONE FOOT putt on the 17th.

I would like to remind ALL members about booking yourself in to play. On a weekly basis we are having 1 or 2 members not turn up who have put their name down to play. With our numbers increasing you need to be mindful about this.

In other news, Rodger is recovering well in hospital. He had a couple of rough days Sat & Sun however he is now up and about and should be home sometime over the weekend. Thank you to the guys that went and seen him and gave him a call I know he really appreciated it I am sure you will continue to your support until his return to golf.

Results for today are