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To play or not to play, that is the question on 25 September 2021

Radius map
Do I, or don’t I???
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous COVID,
Or to bare arms against a sea of troubles.....

If the numbers come up, we remain ever hopeful that there will be golf to be played on Saturday. Admittedly, there will be a few caveats. Our precious time-slot is assured with the first tee-off at 0656 (or earlier if the fairway is clear). Play will be in pairs, masks have to be worn, and you must reside within the 15km radius. And, no, the blob at the left is not another coronavirus illustration, but an indication of the limits of the 15k circle based on the course (couldn’t get rid of the stupid pins). We have the tee until 0800 and management expects to get our pairs away at five minute intervals (or less). So, for goodness’ sake, watch your playing partner’s shot (as you always do, don’t you?) so that there are no hold-ups searching for losties. If you do have to search, strictly no more than the allowable three minutes, and, preferably, less. Take the hit on the scorecard, not on the back of the head. No gatherings allowed, so the ‘presentations’ will be done virtually, via the website. Obviously, there will be no inside comp, but if you want your card to be entered to GolfLink, fill out the extra card and keep your Stableford points!!!

The Birthday Birdie has a few wishes to pass around today. Although he got a mention in last week’s list, another special mention to the Beast, because today is the actual day. Others lining up to mark the continuing march of Old Father Time are Michael, Trevor and Adam. Be good, and maybe Uncle Dan will let you travel a bit further as time goes by.

Go the DeDogs!!

Results for Saturday, 25 September 2021
No Competition due to COVID

Could it be Delta Dawn on 18 September 2021

Claytons or Pimms
The Cup you have when you’re not having a Cup!

Could it be that we can now get on with it? Despite some confusion in the ranks, it seems most likely that golf will not be allowed this coming Saturday, so the best we can do is plan for the following week. As coincidence would have it, that will be the October Monthly Medal. After the extended lay-off, anything is likely to happen, from shockers to blinders. Not sure if there will be any requirements for proof of vaccination, however we have probably all done the right thing and rolled up our sleeves for the good of the game, if not for the community at large and for your extended families, friends and loved ones.

A couple of small parties (or picnics in the park) this week for the Beast and Dale, who will undoubtedly do their best to comply by drinking their beer through a straw. The Birthday Birdie wishes you both all the best for this and many more.

This last weekend was supposed to have been the Priems Cup that everybody has been sitting on the edge of their seats for. Well, the seat edges will just have to be kept warm until next year, when we will try again to get the event to the starting gates.

Keep dreaming of those great shots, and let’s hope that all of that dream-time practice pays dividends when we get back out onto the course.

Waiting for the Jaba Daba honeymoon on 11 September 2021

get your shot
Got yours yet?

There are probably not a lot of you would be familiar with a popular song that was a favourite of mine as a child. So much so that I still remember the lyrics pretty much word for word. One in there with a bit of a chance is Alan, who can expect a visit from the Birthday Birdie during the week.

Unfortunately, there were still no birdies to be had this week as the contact tracers struggle to keep up with the spread. Chrispy has decided that his skills at herding cats (aka tee marshalling) will not be made available to lend a helping hand. Fortunately, no buildings fell down.

The promise not to vote for the other Guy has apparently fallen on deaf ears, and the seemingly ill-fated Priems Cup has bitten the dust once again. Let’s hope that somebody is keeping the dust off it in readiness for next year. By that time the honeymoon should have started, and, hopefully, it won’t already be over. But, who can tell in these times of quickie divorce.

Chin up. We will be back, so get out there and double vax. As my Mum used to say – it’s like piddling in the ocean, every wee bit counts!

Results for Saturday, 11 September 2021
No Competition due to COVID

Twice around The Block on 04 September 2021

Keith at the door
A star is born!

Here’s what the critics had to say. “Reality comes to reality TV”. “Up there with Olivier, Bogart and Connery”. How else to describe Keith’s handling of the difficult role of opening the door to a completely unexpected stranger who just happens to be accompanied by a veritable posse of cameramen, mike-men, gaffers, best boys, second best boys, make-up artists and so forth. The superlatives were flowing thick and fast. And the beauty of it was that, no longer did Keith have to worry about flogging off his antique dust collectors on eBay when he could do so much better taking advantage of a desperate wannabe on some make-believe television show. Well done, Keith.

As we all struggle with our mental health as a result of not being allowed out of the house after 9pm and not being allowed to play golf at all while those nancy-boys up in NSW with their mock-down can still play albeit in pairs, what did we miss out on today. Just maybe, it was a good thing to be locked away after a fair sort of rain event passed through on Friday and overnight, although there wasn’t a lot to fall today.

The Birthday Birdie has another call to make today as Blighty passes another milestone along the road of life. They call it the Angel Number, but Blighty is probably no angel specially when it comes to partying. Have a good one (as best you can given the circumstances).

DELTA TWILIGHT (the dark side of Delta Dawn)
 – with apologies to Larry Collins and Alex Harvey

Delta Dan, will you lift the golfing ban
If we promise not to vote for Matthew Guy?
And did I hear you say, there’s more freedom on the way
If the jabs in arms don’t have to go sky high?

He’s sporty, son, and Brett Sutton’s been called ‘ooh baby’
All the girls around Melbourne go quite crazy
‘Cause he walks out on cam with a mike held in his hand
Lookin’ like a serious fair-haired man

In his younger days they said Dictator Dan
Toughest prem-i-er through all the land
Then a man with law degree stood by his side 
And backed up lo-ock down we al-most cried

Delta Glad, how’d you let things get so bad?
Donut days will come around when pigs might fly
And did I hear you say, that Sco-Mo’s skin you will flay
If he doesn’t give you the shots to get on by?

Delta Anna now you’ve tossed your little spanner
But COV-ID’s gonna get you by and by
And for a twelve year old, a bit more than a common cold
Surely you’ve got bigger fish to fry?

Delta Mark, why are you such a snark?
You’ve got the footy final don’t you cry
And did I hear you say, the nation’s debt you’d pay
When iron price comes right down from on high?

Delta Scott, why have you been such a clot?
Could it be that leader skill just passed you by?
And did I hear you say, there’s no race on here today
Just have faith in that phantom in the sky?

Results for Saturday, 04 September 2021
No Competition due to COVID