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Results for 19th Movember 2011

With the penultimate round been played, an end to a somewhat incredibly short season is surprisingly now only a week away. With many fond moments to reflect on, we must all stay focused on the last opportunity to secure a champ of champions Guernsey, and much required points, if still in the hunt for this seasons club/seniors championship.

Perfect golfing conditions once again took the Ivanhoe tragic¬†under its wing… Except for the rain… Which rained, then drizzzled. Thought about it, than poured! Nothing detrimental could be said of the course(love you back Ed. Hope all’s well), alas it was the Ivanhoe God’s day off, and for a newbie, well… It was his first day…

Given the conditions, and must say, much harder for the latter groupings, some impressive(slightly damp) cards were submitted. Our winner this week, with an unbelieveable result was Mo Sabih(78) with a stableford score of 43!!! I believe this is Mo’s personal best around our beloved track, and all PB’s deserve a win. Except if your name is Damian.

A very wet through vice president played, concentrated, and patiently took his time around the 18, knowing he was on to something special. Even a horn from the clubhouse wouldn’t¬†of broken his thought processes. Damian Lee(71) under dire conditions carded his equal PB, and must have considered himself a monty for the Kudos from the clubhouse, only to be pipped by one. Congratulations on your best Damian, but perhaps you will need more for the upcoming events.

Third placegetters this week need no introductions. Stefan Belevski((handy gopher)72), and Captain Mitchell(73) both carding 40 stableford point in extremely trying conditions, just proves the worth of a high finishing contender, and the up on comer for the 2012 season. Great golf lads, and am sure all this weeks placegetters will fetch high prices in the foreseeing Calcutta draw.

A quick mention to fourth and fifth place Emilio¬†Bassi(86), and Chris(loveing) Priems(76) which for consecutive rounds saw the points cut of at 38!!!¬† Exceptional golf members, keeps this up and we’re in for a fantastic Summer Cup, and start of the 2012 season.

On his return round from 8 weeks off due to stupidity, kAzim Akdag managed one of the results of the day. kaZim was one under the card through 7, only to start laughing thus giveing away the next four holes. Alas. With soaked grips, no glove kAzim proceded to fade a one wood into the 17th green, leaving a twenty footer. Drained for Eagle, and thouraghly deserved the¬†half ball remaing in the Eagles Nest(Black Beard stole the nest prior the¬†week)! Great going kAzim, and congatultions on your completion of year 12. Time to get a job…

Chris Priems, our stalwart tee Marshall will be playing all club/senior championship contenders in the same groupings this week, well, simply to put more pressure on you all. Good luck, and may the best/old golfer win.

This weeks round includes a BBQ of the highest quality, followed by the much anticipated¬†Calcutta Auction. So be sure to allocate¬†some of the hard-earned, because one lucky bidder could be ‘this guy’ in just over¬†a fortnight’s time.

With the¬†Club’s¬†Christmas/breakup day rapidly¬†approaching, it is important that you make certain your name is on the attendance sheet (for catering¬†requirements) for the 17th December Stuart¬†Clarke¬†Champion of Champions match, and the last AGM¬†for 2011.¬†All perpetual trophies(you know who you are) need to be returned this week for engraving purposes.

Ball hole this week went to Back Beard Captain Mitchell, and the cash could be an omen for the Vin O’Meara going to last years winner Emilio¬†Bassi.

Results for Saturday, 19 November 2011 1st Mo Sabih(43) 2nd Damien Lee(41) 3rd Stefan Belevski(40) 3rd Brendon Mitchell(40) 4th Emilio Bassi(39) 5th Chris Priems(38)

Results for Stableford Round 12th November 2011

The 12th of November could easily go down as the round of the year!!  A balmy 28 degrees, and a light refreshing breeze made very comfortable conditions. The course manages to improve by the week, with perfect fairway to green golf, and as a treat, freshly mown rough. It was a pleasure to play, and fine scoring reflected the day.

With half the field playing to par or better, a high number was anyways going to win the day. With a stunning 1 over par front 9 returning 25 stableford points, Memmit¬†Akdag(76) cruised the back to finish with 42! And, it must be added that all round he didn’t care.. Anyways.

Second place with 41 stableford! Rodger Clarke(83) must of walked off the last quietly confident. Back to back pars, carding high, and clubhouse leader till the last card, Great round though Rodger, only 1 wipe, and two 1 pointers, the rest two, and up! Good looking card.

Ivanhoe’s ideal golfing conditions¬†even made it conducive¬†to some of our higher handicapped, with two happy golfers coming in third, Congatulations to Craig Sharp(81), and Trevor Jackson(93), who¬†must still be in disbelief of not¬†taking the full points for the round.

      The header, and handicap sheet title has been updated with the last point scoring round being the December monthly medal, apologies for any confusion.

Not only will a brief meeting, consisting of committee nominations be held after this weeks round. The first Ivanhoe Golf Club swap meet will take place. So for all who have unused, unplayable, shot costing equipment you believe your fellow members could benifit from. Label it with a name, and suggested price. EVERYTHING MUST GO!!!

Ball hole won by Captain Mitchell, and the cash was eaten on the way home. Best iron player in the club, Craig Sharp!!!

Results for Saturday, 12 November 2011 1st Mehmet Akdag(42) 2nd Rodger Clarke(41) 3rd Trevor Jackson(40) 3rd Craig Sharp(40) 4th Chris Priems(39) 4th Jan Siemon(39) 5th Brendon Mitchell(38)