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Tee time correction

Please note tee time is 7.20am next week.



My sources tell me not one member of our club completed their round last week, yet the pink slipper club played out the eighteen holes. Either we’re a pack of wimps or they are a pack of idiots.   I’ll let you be the judge.


This Saturday we will be holding our seventeenth Calcutta.  For the newer members who have’nt witnessed one before it goes like this.

Its a chance to launder some black money as we auction off the players in the Annual copetition. All of the proceeds are returned to the members in the following manner. 70% goes to the buyer of the winner, 20% to the buyer of second place and 10% to the buyer of the third place getter. So open up those cheque books and be prepared to loose your dough. Winners will be notified by a postcard from the Bahamas.

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Hit them straight and not very often


22nd November – Abandon Ship!!

Well today the heavens opened and we got hail and torrential rain and for the very first time in the clubs history all players abandoned the round.  

Note. As no rounds were completed handicaps and championship points stay the same and in theory the nearest the pin QUADRUPLES (that means players who turn up next week and didn’t come out on this rainy day will have to put in an additional dollar!).

Here are the photos taken immediately after the hail. This looks like snow on the course in November!!

Results for 15th November 2008

We were a few players short today only 20 players and two guests. It was a presidential performance today for our one and only Stuart Clarke to win in a tight finish with a 74 off the stick and 38 stableford points. Overall the scoring was lower than the previous week so I guess my handicapping is levelling the field…sorry about that :-). Note that we have a TRIPLE jackpot next week!

If you have a perpetual trophy please ensure it is returned next Saturday and given to Neil Argall or Rodger Clarke.

Results for today are