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There was no need for Persil on 27 May 2023

Chris and Cup
It’s as good as super-glued in place!

Hallelujah! The Priems Cup has finally made it to the tee blocks after years of frustration due to COVID, flooding, weddings, etc, etc. Then Rob threw the cat among the pigeons by announcing that it was his 25th wedding anniversary today, and he didn’t think he would be able to make it. However, the rules do allow for a substitute Captain to take charge of the team, and Gordo was able to step in and fill Rob’s boots while he was off celebrating. Congratulations, Rob. Here’s to the next 25, and let’s hope that the 50th doesn’t fall on a Saturday as well! Despite some notable absences (not all due to Anniversaries) we were able to manage seven matches among the fourteen members that made it to the starting blocks. The field was substantially bolstered by no less than four guests, thanks to the large circle of friends that James has. Charlie has now put in his second card and is looking forward to being to take part in competition. Jamie has also submitted a card to get the ball rolling on his way to membership. In the meantime, Kevin and Jack are keeping their powder dry, and we look forward to seeing them in the future, as guests or otherwise. The skies were a bit grey to start off with, but the temperature climbed, and the sun came out to make for a very pleasant day for golf. As the dew evaporated, the greens slicked up and short putts became mostly a distant memory (for some, at least).

The main order of the day was, of course, the matches played to decide the first round of the 2023 Priems Cup. Where possible, team membership from the last time it was played was maintained, and handicaps were kept as close as possible, probably with the thought that this might result in some close match-ups. And, in a few cases, it did. Captain CJ and Captain Robdo led the field out (except for Geoff and Peter) and, for the first few holes, it looked as if there was going to be a bit of a tussle. However, the wins started accumulating for CJ, and the occasional square did little to redress the balance for Gordon. The match was finished at the 12th with CJ taking out Gordo, 7 and 6. Dale was pitted against ChrisJ in an, on paper, even footing. Chris’s woes with ball striking seem to have continued, and his win on the first was soon dissipated, although he did manage to square holes on a regular basis, to prevent the front nine developing into a rout. The situation improved on the back, and, at one stage, there might even have been hopes that he could pull off a victory, being one down and three holes to go. Two successive losses put paid to that thought, and Dale won the match 3 and 1.

Maybe it was a psychological ploy, but, before the event, Michael carried on like a pork-chop about how he hasn’t played etc, etc, and how he had to give Brendon three strokes. Then, after the event, he carried on about how Brendon sank a 6m putt on the 12th for a birdie while his tee shot was about 10m away. Not sure why Brendon had putted first. Michael set his putt on the way, and, what do you know, he sank his monster as well. Unfortunately, that was one of the holes that he had to give a stroke, so he still lost the hole. Between the both of them, they helped us to a not too bad 12 birdies for the day. Anyhow, despite all that, Michael ended up victorious at the 17th, 2 and 1. Steve also was having a good old whinge about the devastation to his handicap after his performance in the David Ford. He was up against Stan, and there was only one stroke the difference. Despite all of the teeth-gnashing, Steve actually had the better of the match for a fair part of the day, although the margin was never that great. Things seemed to take a turn for the worse after the 13th, and four straight losses completely turned the tables. In the end, Stan turned out victorious 2 up.

Adam was drawn against James, and had to concede two strokes base on the handicap difference. Things looked like panning out well for about five holes, and then James seems to have found the accelerator pedal. The birdies and pars just kept rolling in, and the tally of holes won kept on mounting. Adam managed a couple of squares to avert a complete disaster, but the match came to an end at the 13th, going to James 6 and 5. Harry and Raj were on an equal footing on a handicap basis. Harry jumped out of the starting gate with wins on the first two holes. Unfortunately, that pace did not continue, and the advantage was conceded over the next two holes. The match then turned into a bit of a battle, with neither side able to deliver the knock-out blow. Wins were never too far away, but some eminently gettable putts weren’t, and the final nail in the coffin was driven home on the 16th and the match went to Raj, 3 and 2. Last, but by no means least, Peter was up against Geoff. Because of the vagaries of numbers, they had to set out as a pair, and, being fairly evenly match on handicap, nobody was able to get a significant advantage at any stage of the round. So much so that they finished all square after eighteen. Now, that should have resulted in a chip-off to decide the result. But, Peter had to dash off, and there were no Captains yet in the Clubhouse to supervise. So, to satisfy the software, that is set up for a result, the match was awarded to Peter, even though the result was square. So, at the end of the day, it was not quite a white-wash. The pedants might argue that the score-line should be 6.5/0.5 to Team Chris, but 6/1 is still a pretty white wash, and there was no Persil in sight.

The round of the day would have to have been that put together by James, who ended up with a magnificent 44 points, to top the score ladder and to get his handicap just a little closer to where it should be. Raj was feeling a bit deflated after his round as he was wondering what he has to do to get a win after his good form for minor placings in recent times. Brendon could have been right up there with James if he had kept up the pace of his front nine, but he suffered quite a slump on the back to come home with a handicap protecting 35 points. CJ and Michael were next, just one point behind, but they were prematurely excited about Senior points, because there are no ‘regular’ points awarded for Priems Cup events. Geoff slotted into fifth spot with his total of 32 points.

The Nearest the Pin competition today could have been a clean sweep, as Peter did his best to shut out all competition from his place in the first group. He didn’t succeed on the 7th for the first BallPin, because James was able to get closer to collect the ball on offer. He also didn’t succeed on the 18th for the second BallPin, because CJ was the one to do better to collect that ball. However, he did manage to shut everybody out where it counted, for the ProPin on the 12th. A shot to 77cm, right in line with the pin, is probably going to win it any day, unless somebody can snag a HIO.

Stan was spotted tucking into a bacon roll after the round, apparently a special treat for his birthday. He had a mention last week, but no harm in ‘playing it again Stan’ – to bastardise a famous line. Jamie didn’t have a driver today, but we won’t mention just why, as we don’t approve of that sort of thing. This could have contributed to his shot from the 9th tee heading off at right angles. A very good impression of an ostrich, ducking its head to one side, saved Raj from a very close shave indeed. For some reason, Michael took the long road from the 13th green to the 14th tee, and, seeing somebody already on the tee, started demanding to know why they were ‘butting in’. Only trouble was, it was the rest of his group who had taken the ‘normal’ route. James and Kevin both peppered the 15th tee from the 14th, leading the group in front to wonder whether they needed to invest in hard hats. CJ has a trophy cabinet in his garage housing mementos of his sporting achievements over the years. It seems he takes great delight in urging the grandkids to ask why Daddy doesn’t have so many.

Results for Saturday, 27 May 2023
1st James Hale (44) 2nd Rajesh Mahto (38) 3rd Brendon Mitchell (35) 4th Michael Gourlay (34) 4th Chris Priems (34) 5th Geoff Lyall (32)

Priems Cup Results: Chris Priems (TeamChris) d Gordon Hill, (7 and 6), Dale Webb (TeamChris) d Chris James, (3 and 1), Michael Gourlay (TeamChris) d Brendon Mitchell, (2 and 1), Stan Blackshaw (TeamChris) d Steven Gervasoni, (2 up), Rajesh Mahto (TeamChris) d Harry Boughen, (3 and 2), James Hale (TeamChris) d Adam King, (6 and 5), Peter Sein (TeamRob) d Geoff Lyall, (square), TeamChris d TeamRob 6 games to 1

Nearest the Pin Results: ProPin – 12th Peter Sein BallPin No 1 – 7th James Hale BallPin No 2 – 18th Chris Priems

You can afFord to smile on 20 May 2023.

Gimme, gimme, gimme.
This is going straight to the pool room!

It’s amazing what the prospect of a burger and a snag will do for attendance. At one stage, there was a prospect that would have twenty-two teeing off for the final round of the David Ford Autumn Cup. However, the dreaded C-bug is still doing the rounds which lost us Ryan and his mate, and Brendon had some serious family problems to deal with. As a result, we finished with 18 members, and Jonathan’s mate Dave, teeing off into what turned out to be a remarkably persistent drizzle, which was just enough to require the umbrella and wet weather gear for about half of the time. As usual, just as you thought it was safe to put the protection away, it started to mizzle again, but it was possible to tough it out without feeling too uncomfortable. The preferred lies through the green were certainly welcome, though some did opine that conditions were not easy out there.

Poor sausage
A long line of sausage makers.

That is, until the last couple of groups from the leaderboard came in. There was a bit of a delay in getting the last cards sorted when Raj was nowhere to be found, which prompted CJ to suggest that he really was a miRaj. Eventually he did appear out of the gloom, and we were able to cross-check Steve’s score to show that he had finished with a very impressive +8 for the day, which brought his total for the event to +11. After the presentations, Steve couldn’t wait to get home so that he could don the Mustard Jacket and pose in the Pool Room with his shiny new trophy. The question was raised whether this was a record winning score for the event. The answer to that is that it is equal best, Mike Mann produced the same total back in 2012. Steve’s handicap has taken a fair old pummelling as a result, so he will have to keep his head down from now on.

One of the big questions leading up to today’s play was whether James would be able to repeat last week’s performance, or would he fold under the pressure. The fact of the matter is that he produced exactly the same score as last week. A pair of +5 scores is good going in anybody’s books, particularly as there were only two scores on the debit side of the ledgertoday, so something better was not too far away. And, he saved a couple of handicap strokes by not winning, As far as scoring went on the day, Raj was not too far behind with his card of +4. It could have been even better if it had not been for a bit of a slump over the last three holes, but his overall total of +6 was plenty to get him third spot in the overall result.

Whitey came in feeling a bit disappointed with his result today, as it was ever so slightly on the ‘wrong’ side of the ledger. However, when combined with his slightly positive result last week, the square total made him the holder of the fourth placing in the event. Stef’s front nine was only what could be described as average when he turned with -3 on the card. However, he pulled his socks up and matched par on the back for a compensating +3, to finish square on the day and one down for the event. Stan was probably reasonably happy with his game when he turned square with the card. However, he played the back nine to bogie, which is excellent for his handicap, and he finished with one of the better rounds for the day on +3. The overall total of -1 tied him in fifth place with Stef.

The first BallPin was on the 12th hole today. And, it was pretty much uncontested after Prez (aka Rob) put his name on the card and nobody else got any closer. On the other hand, the competition for the BallPin on the 18th was nothing short of fierce. Gordo put his name on it, only to be knocked off (just) by CJ. CJ was promptly knocked off from the next group by Bobby, who was then close enough that the ball was safe in his hands. Bob reckons that it was the only shot he had hit all day. And he was probably upset with his putting because he missed the birdie by two strokes, so he wasn’t able to add to the total of nine that we scored for the day. Of course, we must not forget that Adam, as calmly as you like, pitched into the hole from about 80m out from the 14th to score an eagle. His only comment at the time was, that it was only for one ball, after Stef had scooped up a cool dozen last week on the same hole. But, Stef only chipped in from a couple of metres out. The ProPin was on the 15th, and CJ curved one of his best onto the right sort of line, but he was not optimistic, thinking it could easily be a repeat of last week’s effort where he missed out by 200mm. However, the tape did not lie, and the shot to 3.46m was plenty good enough to collect the Double Jackpot, which he had optimistically agreed to share beforehand.

ChrisJ spent some time on the driving range after last week, and, despite flinging the head of his driver about 80m down the range, he reckoned he was hitting them well. Unfortunately, the practice did not really translate to the course, and his round was variously described as ‘more shanks than a butcher shop’ and ‘more scones than a CWA street stall’. He did manage to produce a better bottom line than last week, thanks largely to a flurry of pars over the last four or five holes. Captain Matt advised members not to risk parking their cars in the overflow car park after Rob put his drive from the 14th tee into said car park. The 14th seems to have been the venue for all sorts of adventures/misadventures today. Harry was faced with a tricky little chip out of the west grass bunker, so he decided that he should make a practice swing. Unfortunately, he was a little too close to the ball, and the toe of the club sent the ball skittering off at a 45 degree angle for a couple of metres. Not happy, Jan! This comment could also have applied to Geoff, who didn’t move his drive on the 14th more than a metre from the tee peg. Fairly obviously a draughtie.

Gordo might have been a little distracted today, as he is apparently heading off to take part in some foolishness called running marathons or something. Anyway, he picked up a club that had obviously been left by the group in front, and asked if anybody had lost a sand wedge. No, but they’d lost a 5 iron. Which on closer inspection turned out to be the club that Gordon had. Jonathan, it seems, is a Maths teacher, but it seems that he needed a fair bit of coaching in the intricacies of calculating the points in a Par competition, though, to be fair, it is about the first that he has played. There are signs up in various places exhorting players to use the path and stairs provided. On the 15th, Raj chose to ignore this advice, and came to grief slipping down the slope and finishing with serious skid marks on his trousers. At least they weren’t on the Y-fronts!

There was a bit of a landmark today that went unheralded as Stef completed his 200th games with the Club. There will be a few other landmarks during the week as the following members move one step closer to playing to their age. The Birthday Birdie will have a busy week, getting around to Gordon, Targe, and Stan to wish them all the best on their day.

Results for Saturday, 20 May 2023
1st Steven Gervasoni (+3, +8, +11) 2nd James Hale (+5, +5, +10) 3rd Rajesh Mahto (+2, +4, +6) 4th Rodney White (+1, -1, □) 5th Stefan Belevski (-1, □, -1) 5th Stan Blackshaw (-4, +3, -1)

Seniors Results: 1st Steven Gervasoni (+3, +8, +11) 2nd Rodney White (+1, -1, □) 3rd Stan Blackshaw (-4, +3, -1)

Nearest the Pin Results: ProPin – 15th Chris Priems BallPin No 1 – 12th Robert Priems BallPin No 2 – 18th Bob McDonald

Eagle’s Nest Results: Eagle – 14th Adam King

The wedding will have to wait on 13 May 2023.

James not at Ivanhoe
I’ll definitely play next week.

The weather has been a bit on the damp side over the last week or so. On Wednesday, the course was reported as virtually unplayable. So the question was, what would be the condition of the course today, with only a couple of days with little sunshine to speak of. As our nineteen members presented themselves to the first tee, they were going to have to wait to see what condition the course was going to be in. This is not because it was so early that the sun had not yet produced first light. It was because the course was blanketed in what could be best described as a pea-souper. There was a fair bit of waiting around on the tee, wondering, are the group in front out of range yet? and, where did that ball go? Slowly but surely the field got away and nobody was injured, and not too many balls were lost, at least not in the fog. It did get the better of Peter, who decided that he had had enough after the first hole, so we only had eighteen finishers.

Foggy, foggy dew.
What if we wait a bit longer?

And, the fog hung around, and it hung around, and it hung around. And the field was well into the back nine before you could say that it had completely lifted. In fact, some people seemed to revel in the foggy conditions and their game seemed to deteriorate when the fog cleared if the out and back score comparison is anything to go by. James obviously liked not being able to see where his ball was going as he completed the front with not a loss on the card and four on the positive side of the ledger. The back nine continued in pretty much the same vein until a short stutter on the 16th and 17th set the scoreline back to produce only one more point for the tally of a very handy, plus five. At the announcements, he made the old crack about the wedding will have to wait – at least we think he was joking!

Steve is known for the ups and downs in his game (as distinct from the up and downs). But today, he was playing alongside James, so maybe there was some sort of inspiration going on. Though, it must be said that he was still being hard on himself, with clubs being returned to their slots with more than gentle force on more than one occasion. However, he did make good use of his two point holes by scoring bogies on most of them, and even ‘wasted’ shots on a couple by getting pars. His +3 result leaves him well-placed to lunge for the line next week. The Tee Marshal had pretty much written Raj off, and his (rearranged) group had teed off before he rolled up and necessitated even more regrouping. This had an unforeseen consequence for James, who wasn’t formally introduced to his new group mate, resulting in him calling Whitey ‘Raj’ for most of the round. Perhaps it was down to confusion from Peter leaving the group at the first, but a scoring error demoted Raj to third place with a, still respectable, score of plus two. Porks played an almost exemplary front nine, with eight of the nine holes sporting a square result. The back nine produced eight holes of square or better and a par equalling off-the-stick score to match it up with Raj on plus two and a good shot at the trophy next week.

Whitey obviously did not pick up on the fact that he got an extra stroke back after his last round. So, rather than a square round, he actually finished +1 to fill the fourth spot and still a chance to be competitive next week. Rounding out the list for the top five was none other than Geoff, who didn’t put too many feet wrong today, but just couldn’t get the elusive pars for plus.

The first BallPin was on the 7th hole today, and there was a thought that it could be a tough ask. However, it was no trouble at all for at least one person, and that person was Old Reliable himself, Craig. The second BallPin on the 18th, was also a one-man-band after James put his nice and close on the ‘difficult’ top deck to collect the pill. He didn’t make the putt, and, so, did not contribute, in this instance, to the total of ten for the day. The poor old Eagle is devastated after her clutch of a nice round dozen eggs was raided by Stef. He drove to a couple of metres of the green on the 14th, and then chipped in, as easy as you like. When told at the registration table that there was a Jackpot ProPin on the 15th, Stef asked, how could there be a jackpot on the 15th? Well, guess what, there is now a Double Jackpot on the 15th. CJ did have hopes, but he was disappointed when the new 5m tape ran out of extension about 200mm short of his ball. Harry tried to use Jovian metres to get his ball inside the limit.

SOS didn’t have a great day today, with the shanks being very much in evidence. He was spotted playing his second on the second from near the first green from the tee located on the new front section and the thickest part of the tree garden in between. There were also cases of multiple shanked chips, but he did manage to chip in on the 17th. Unfortunately, it was for a minus result. ChrisJ had a bad case of the ‘scones’, particularly on the 5th hole. He managed to settle them down, but seemed to have traded them in for some shanks on the 9th tee, where two balls were last seen heading for Dight’s Falls. Brendon was particularly frustrated by the fog this morning. Not because he couldn’t see the flight of his ball, but because he couldn’t get a reading with his range-finder. Adam was playing pretty well, and at the 12th, CJ commented that it looked as if he wasn’t going to have to put a single loss on Adam’s card. Adam then proceeded to score losses on the remaining six holes to turn a very handy +3 into a slightly embarrassing -3. Maybe it was the lifting of the fog that did it and not CJ’s mind games. Bob took a bit of persuading to ‘go shares’ in the ProPin on the 15th. This could very well have been one of Baldrick’s cunning plans, as Bob didn’t quite make it to the red markers, and his associates were very much enjoying the spoils of his discomfort after the round. After sitting around chatting for a while, CJ announced that he had to get home to cook his wife dinner. Some were not too sure whether they had heard the word ‘for’ in there as well. It seems that ‘brush-etta’ might be the entree, but it is unclear whether any of the suggestions for mains will eventuate. And, as for afters…..

The Birthday Birdie has to flutter around and find Anthony during the week. Have a great day from all at the Club, Anthony.

Come along for the barbeque next week, even if you didn’t play this week. Just register early, if you can, so that we can get the catering right. Too many walk-ups could result in a light lunch.

Results for Saturday, 13 May 2023
Leaderboard Round 1: 1st James Hale (+5) 2nd Steven Gervasoni (+3) 3rd Rajesh Mahto (+2) 3rd Ryan Porker (+2) 4th Rodney White (+1) 5th Geoff Lyall (□)

Seniors Leaderboard: 1st Steven Gervasoni (+3) 2nd Rodney White (+1) 3rd Geoff Lyall (□)

Nearest the Pin Results: ProPin – 15th Jackpot BallPin No 1 – 7th Craig Cameron BallPin No 2 – 18th James Hale

Eagle’s Nest Results: Eagle – 14th Stefan Belevski

There was a new King on 06 May 2023.

Raining and pouring
You don’t have to be mad, but it helps!

The weather forecasts hadn’t sounded too promising, but the radar indicated that the worst of it might have passed. So, ten hardy members (a couple of softies pulled the pin) set off to try for a medal and some valuable points, even though there was some gentle rain that was not quite enough to need the umbrella to be unfurled. They were not alone, though. Two guests lined up as well. Connor, as guest of James, put in his second card, and they both made sure that they introduced themselves in the carpark. Charlie Wood was a guest of Brent, and plans to join us as well, so a big welcome to him. As a refugee from the Old Dart, he didn’t seem too fazed by the weather, but maybe it will be a bit more pleasant when he comes along to put in his second card.

It wasn’t too long before the wet weather gear came out, and the greens started to resemble duck ponds with an automatic ball washing station situated around the flag. Undaunted, the intrepid band pressed on in the belief that it was only a passing shower. As predicted by Prez, it eased off at about the 8th, the umbrellas were furled and the rain jackets came off. On the 10th tee, the view was expressed that it was coming from the south-west, and it was looking pretty bright in that direction, so the worst was undoubtedly past. By the 11th, it was bucketing down again and the green was awash. There was a ‘river’ running across the 12th green, and the thought took hold on the 13th that the Clubhouse was looking like a good option. Just as suddenly as it started, it stopped, and the round was completed in comparatively good spirits.

James not at Ivanhoe
If only the weather had been like this!

The handicapper is beginning to wish that he had the option to handicap on potential. He’ll certainly be delving into the records to see if a new one has been set. Given the conditions, it’s perhaps not unexpected that a 21 handicap would produce a front nine total of 53 strokes. But, given that the back nine conditions were just as bad, if not worse, to then return a total of 35 strokes almost beggars belief. But, that is exactly what James did, a turn around of 18 strokes, to front the judges with an 88 off the stick and a net score of 67. Well and truly enough to take out the May Monthly Medal with plenty to spare, and without too much damage to his handicap. It’s to be hoped that Connor was joking when he said that James usually plays off twelve. Well done, James. And you join a long line of new members to collect a medal early in your career with us.

Not too far behind, in terms of turn-arounds, if not net score, was Brent, who had a fairly ‘average’ 48 off the stick on the front, but then rocked home with a 37 for a total of 85 and a six stroke gap in second place. Adam broke with the turn-around tradition, and produced a couple of reasonably balanced halves on his way to third place for his net score of 75. Craig didn’t sound too impressed with his game today, although he didn’t flirt with the ‘b’ word. Despite any dissatisfaction with the bottom line, you are only playing the rest of the field, so his net score of 77 was good enough to score a spot on the 4th podium level with a couple of points in the main game, and top billing in the Seniors.

Brendon started off a bit slowly, but then seemed to hit his stride as the weather improved briefly in the middle of the round. His drive on the 13th was deemed to have finished in the middle of the 10th, but could not be found despite an extensive search. This brought on some deep soul-searching that seemed to last for most of the rest of the round. Despite this, he managed to tie it up with Craig in 4th place. Porks had what might be called a shocking start to his round. He was spotted making a complete air shot on the fairway of the first hole. He followed that up with two tee shots into the pond at the front of the back tee on the second. Having used up one and a half times his handicap on the first two holes, he could have been forgiven for thinking that his chances were gone. But, he pulled himself together, and barely put a foot wrong for the rest of the round, recording fours on thirteen of the remaining sixteen holes. SOS gave a yelp of joy when it was announced that his net score of 78 was enough to tie him with Ryan for fifth place. It does seem that he had a fair bit of help from the shrubbery. He finished the round with the same ball he started with, but not before it looked to head out of bounds and into other trouble too many times to count.

The first ball pin was set on the 4th again this week, and it proved a fair sort of challenge with the tee well back and the rainy conditions at the time. However, James did manage to get his ball on and collected an extra pill for the day. On the 18th, the ball went to Brent after he was able to get closer than Harry’s 12.6m effort. The ProPin on the 15th proved to be a target too far, and the pool will Jackpot to be contested again next week in the first round of the David Ford Autumn Cup event. Probably because of the difficult conditions on most of the greens, the birdies were very thin on the ground, and we could only manage to report two for the day.

The Birthday Birdie will have to flutter over to wish Geoff a happy day during the week.

Rob was pretty happy with his game until he ran out of dry gloves, and he started to fret about loss of grip and so forth. Despite this, he announced that he was trying for the green on the 17th, with the contents of the Eagle’s Nest too good a thing to pass up. Whether it was the wet glove or the wet grip, but the ball was driven off the tee into the ground, and barely made it off the back tee box, let alone to the red markers. Steve also came adrift on the second tee with two shots into the pond in front, before the third attempt finally made it past the red markers. Connor also had a draughtie on the 18th, but he then put his second shot to about 1m from the hole. The par putt eluded him. It should also be pointed out that he turned up today without hat, rain jacket or umbrella. Needless to say, he was thoroughly soaked by the end of the round.

Harry is thinking he should invest in windscreen wipers for his glasses after playing numerous ‘unseen’ shots due to drops in the line of vision. On the second, he settled on what he thought was the flag stick, selected his club, and cracked the ball to the back of the green, the perfect length for his target. Turns out his target was the post of the sign to the third tee, whereas the flag was fairly close to the front of the green. Brendon is one of those who has infinite faith in the stability of his buggy, and he lets it roll down hills with impunity. That is, until he tried it from the back tee on the 15th. It made it down the first slope OK, but then it kept rolling and rolling until it reached the front of the bottom tee, where the changing slope proved too much and the whole box and dice capsized. It was not revealed how many tees, balls and miscellaneous other stuff was spilled, but it did take a fair while for him to get back on track.

Results for Saturday, 06 May 2023
1st James Hale (67) 2nd Brent Loeskow (73) 3rd Adam King (75) 4th Craig Cameron (77) 4th Brendon Mitchell (77) 5th Ryan Porker (78) 5th Stephen O’Sullivan (78)

Seniors Results: 1st Craig Cameron (77) 2nd Harry Boughen (80) 3rd Steven Gervasoni (85)

Nearest the Pin Results: ProPin – 15th Jackpot BallPin No 1 – 4th James Hale BallPin No 2 – 18th Brent Loeskow