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Results for 27th July 2009

Well done to Richard Hall who posted his first win on only his fifth game with the club. His jubilation was shared with Priemsy who also shot a 39 and has now tightened up the top of the championship table. Just to show last week was not a fluke our youngest member Kazim ran a close second with our fireman (well almost) Gordo.

Unfortunately I was crook so didn’t see any of the fun and games this week but for my sins I’m tee marshall on Saturday.

Full Results for today are
1st Richard Hall(38) 1st Chris Priems(39) 2nd Kazim Akdag(38) 2nd Gordon Hill(38) 3rd Mehmet Akdag(37) 3rd Tony Mifsud(37) 4th Ben Akdag(36) 5th Ken Grist(35) 5th Bob McDonald(35)

Results 20th June 2009 – Day of the Akdag Wunderkinds

Our old president Vin O’Meara used to do the handicapping based on ‘potential’…well we don’t need to do that with todays winner, he’s done it all himself and halved his handicap down to 17 from a starting handicap of 34! Well done Kazim. Right behind was Mehmet breathing down Kazim’s neck two strokes behind. Well done to the Akdag clan (ps what happened to Ben and Musti??).

Results for today are
1st Kazim Akdag(63) 2nd Mehmet Akdag(65) 3rd John Quinlan(66) 4th Chris Priems(67) 5th Tony Mifsud(68) 5th Andrew Petricola(68) 5th Jan Siemon(68)
NTP. Jackpot.

Ruling needed on unusual lie.

How far 20-06-09 Joe's drive 20-06-09 (Medium)Neil’s buggy is located on the fairway well down the 3rd – almost to the big tree. Joe Demir in the group behind tees off and his ball bounces once and lodges in Neil’s bag between clubs. It could have been only 20 metres short of the green the way it was travelling. Distance is indicated by “How far” top photo.

Neil threatened to keep walking with the ball lodged in his bag for the rest of the round and see if Joe could find it. Targe, Mal Adey and I talked him out of that.
– Gordo.

Results 13th June 2009 – Silly Hat Day

My day in a nutshellCongratulations to our winner today, the only player, with a silly hat, who beat their handicap

David Silly HatDavid Howard with a solid 38 points. Joe Demir put in a good round for second and last weeks winner Damo was in for third. For myself I can summarise my day with the photo on left 🙂 .. the result of my tee shot on the twelfth.

Nobody took out the money today so we have a jackpot to next week.

Three quarter final matchplays were held today and Ben, David and Andrew go through to the semi finals. Outstanding quarter round matches are Oliver Gross vs Neil Argall and Ken Grist vs Craig Sharp

The silly hat award though goes jointly to Gordo and Snags for their creativity using two hats rather then one 🙂

Gordo Silly HatSnags Silly Hat

Results for Saturday, 13 June 2009
1st David Howard(38) 2nd Joe Demir(35) 3rd Damien Lee(34) 3rd Andrew Petricola(34) 4th Ben Akdag(33) 4th Chris Priems(33) 4th John Quinlan(33) 4th Craig Sharp(33) 5th Kazim Akdag(32) 5th Emilio Bassi(32) 5th Gordon Hill(32) 5th Trevor Jackson(32) 5th Bob McDonald(32)
NTP. Jackpot to next week.
Matchplay Qtr Finals. Ben Akdag d S. O’Sullivan, D.Howard d T.Mifsud, A.Petricola d D.Lee

June Monthly Medal Results 6th June 2009

A real scrap by the low handicappers today with Damien Lee shooting 70 off the stick and net 62 taking out the June monthly medal pipping out the second place getter Andrew Petricola who shot 69 off the stick! with a net 63. All I can say is that I’m glad that I don’t have a single figure handicap .. too much stress!! :-). Its also great to see the overall scoring with more than half the players in the next sixties.

Damo now leads the championship table with 45 points after this excellent win. Note he also won the clubhouse comp with net 58!

Trivia .. Checkout Mehmets championship points, he’s got one first, one second, one third, one fourth and one fifth .. glad I’m not a superstitious golfer!

Full Results today are
1st and Monthly Medal Winner Damien Lee(62)
2nd Andrew Petricola(63) 3rd David Howard(64) 4th Richard Hall(65) 5th Harry Boughen(66) 5th S Butterfield(66) 5th Bob McDonald(66) 5th John Quinlan(66)