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And, the winner was…..

COVID wins again!
It got us again!

Everybody was looking forward to a nice gentle Stableford round after a rash of Par, when a rash of COVID put the kibosh on just about everything. It was just about enough to give you a rash, because the weather was fine even if it was going to be fresh to start off. Still, it did give people a chance to stand around in the cold waiting hopefully to get their vaccination, and it is good to know that our system is not the only one that ‘crashes’ on occasion.

With any sort of luck we will be back on the course next Saturday for the June Monthly Medal. The calendar says that it is the last chance for the third round of the Matchplay and there are two matches to be played. Given the precedent from last year, it is likely that a one-week extension could be negotiated so Michael, Bob, Mehmet and Mark should get their act together to negotiate their match or a result and advise the Handicapper of their plans forthwith.

In the meantime, stay safe and COVID free. Get vaccinated and get to enjoy more golf.