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A red letter day on 27 March 2021

Pepsi winner
Hopefully it won’t be another ten years!

At the crack of dawn, the rain was fairly tumbling down. And even after the dawn had cracked, the cloud cover was so heavy that the light was barely perceptible and everybody was happy to mill around waiting for the light to improve and hoping that there would be a break in the rain. The light did improve a bit, but the rain kept up as the first intrepid group of chefs led out the field of 29 members in the quest for glory and the Stuart Clarke Memorial Trophy. The rain eased up after about eight holes for the front group, but the cloud hung around and threatened to dampen the barbeque before it finally gave up and let the sun break through. Rodger was here, of course, and it just so happened that it was his 700th game with the Club. It will take him a little time to reach the next landmark as he only plays with us for this event these days so the 800th should come up in about 2071. Peter has a milestone coming up, and, when next he plays he will rack his hundredth. Another ‘red letter’ event this week will be a birthday for the Bribie Island Kid, Simon.

Despite the wet conditions, Pepsi was able to keep up his recent return to form to produce a card with just three strokes over the par (equal par on the back) for the round and thirty-nine points to take the trophy easily with a tally of 79 points for the event. Pepsi wasn’t alone on the good scoring for the day. Mark is back on the track after a summer of cricket, and, a bit like Whitey, he showed that hand-eye coordination is transferable from moving balls to stationary balls. His score of 39 points for the day was matched by MattA who, like Mark, left a number out there and could easily have done better.

Another good card for the day was entered by Adam who came home with a 38 pointer. It could have very easily been a 39 pointer if his shot to the 18th green had rolled about 20mm further. If it had, it would have finished in the hole for a five pointer hole-in-one and a share of the best cards for the day. This was enough to jump him up the Leader Board from last week’s fourth place into second in the main event.

There were a swag of people who played right to their handicap to make 36 points today. Michael and Brendon were probably hoping for something better as they were in with a chance in the main event. Michael managed to hold onto his fourth spot from last week while Brendon dragged himself up a couple of notches to grab a share of fifth. Pat, Stef and Stan rounded out this little group but could not figure in the main event after missing out on play last week for various reasons.

Craig, Whitey and Ben made the next best for the day with 34 points. Whitey’s score was good enough to keep him in the placings and he presented on the third podium step. Craig managed to hang in there and took a share of fifth while Ben just slipped out of contention to miss out on a point by a single stroke. Rodger filled the fifth spot for the day with his card of 33 points which shows that he is nothing if not consistent having managed the same score last week.

Adam’s nearly-almost shot on the 18th was a lay down misere to score him the BallPin. He had to be reminded to go back to his bag for his putter to tap it in to complete the hole and get his birdie, which was just one of the 20 that we scored today. Stef did it again on the 6th although, this time it was driver and rescue to scare the Albatross. And, no, we are not going to start and Albatross’s Nest. It was hardly worth the effort though as the Eagle’s Nest had only one ball in it after his raid two weeks ago. The other BallPin was on the 4th and there was a bit of a contest for the honour, but it was Pepsi who made it in the end. The ProPin on the 15th went to Noodles who hit the only decent shot of his day (his words) to take out the money at 2.4m.

Round 1 of the Matchplay advanced today with four matches finalised. Only four to go in the round, and, because next week is Easter it was decided to grant another week to complete the round (10th April – no extensions – get a result or a concession). In the meantime, Round 2 matches should kick off next week. Top man on the draw to arrange the match. Today’s matches were a bit of a mixed bag of results. Michael came up against Dale, who seemed to have left something at home although he did manage to halve one hole and so prevented Michael from making a clean sweep. The final result went to Michael 9 and 8.

Our esteemed Club Captain, MattH, came up against the newly-wed Zimmer who has done well to get a leave pass so early on. Matt tried hard but never really managed to string enough together to ever look like being in with a chance and Zimmer coasted home 5 and 4. Mark showed his hand early and got it into the upper position, but, try as Craig might, the tide was eventually too much after the match went dormie 4 at the 14th. A last valiant effort maintained the dormie state until the 17th where a loss gave the match to Mark 3 and 1. Porks took on Jake, and he too got the upper hand early on. However, Jake was not going to give it away so easily, and he managed to bring the match back to square as far as the 13th. A couple of losses made the task a bit harder, and it was only at the 17th that the match went to Porks 2 and 1.

Zimmer had some sort of an accident on the 2nd, and the most believable story is that he injured his back. He claims that it affected his golf more than somewhat and that is definitely not ‘honeymooner’s back’. SOS was heard doing some serious urging on the 14th to get his chip to go in the hole for his birdie. Bob’s buggie went ‘flat’ after nine holes and he had to resort to a push cart. Bob was also a bit ‘flat’ at one stage and his playing group were a bit concerned that they might need a push cart to get him back to base. Brendon was rather shocked to see another player (not one of ours) take a ‘gut-shot’ from fairly close range that went close to taking out some vital statistics. Rodger and Allen played in the same group which must have seemed pretty much like normal as they carried on their ‘Yarrambat banter’. Mark sank some monster putts today including one on the 7th that had to take on a fairly substantial puddle of water on its way.

The barbeque after was pretty well attended, although there were a few who had to get away for work and family reasons. The snags and patties were done to perfection thanks to the gentle ministrations of Stan and Gordon. A rather large gap in the field meant that efforts had to be made to prevent the food being carried off by the wasps and to keep the hot stuff hot. Chrispy reckons that he is no longer the ‘fangman’ that he once was, although he did own up to winning a ‘hot’ pie eating contest on one of his cruises. The pies really were hot, but he was finished his second and starting his third before he realised that was the case. At least he was able to cool his blistered lips and mouth with the bottle of champagne that he won.

Results for Saturday, 27 March 2021
1st Andrew Petricola (40, 39, 79) 2nd Adam King (36, 38, 74) 3rd Rodney White (39, 34, 73) 4th Michael Gourlay (36, 36, 72) 5th Brendon Mitchell (34, 36, 70) 5th Craig Cameron (36, 34, 70)

Seniors Results: 1st Rodney White (39,34,73) 2nd Michael Gourlay (36,36,72) 3rd Craig Cameron (36,34,70)

Nearest the Pin Results: ProPin – 15th Stephen Butterfield BallPin No 1 – 4th Andrew Petricola BallPin No 2 – 18th Adam King

Eagle’s Nest Results: Eagle – 6th Stefan Belevski

Someone jumped the gun on 20 March 2021

Pepsi and Noodles
Which one will come out on top?

The question everybody wants answered is whether SOS will out-do his pink flamingos or will he just wear it again next week. Everybody should know by this, it’s Club shirts for Medals and Majors but garish Hawaiian shirts for the second week of the Stuart Clarke Memorial. Not the first! Ben was able to get to Anaconda and buy himself a tent that actually looked remarkably like a Club shirt. A bit of rain last weekend might have taken just a little of the run off the course, but there are still quite a few bony patches out there if you know where to find them. The greens have had a bit of a ‘top-dressing’ during the week and, apparently, the sand used was not quite up to scratch and the remnants of bark and charcoal caused problems for some people while others were entirely oblivious to the problem. But maybe that was because their golf was so crap that it didn’t matter. The weather was nice and warm and so there was a good showing of bare arms, but there are still some legs yet to see the light of day. All in all, there were 38 arms and 38 legs out on the course today including qualifying members Chris and Anthony together with Stuart’s dad Rodger who would not miss this event for quids.

Noodles was a little less than happy on the 9th when he missed a tiddler for a point which left him with just 18 points for the front nine. He stepped onto the 10th and declared that he planned to score 22 on the back, and he went ahead and did just that with a par equalling nine that included just the one bogie. Perhaps as compensation for the 9th, some of his putts were classed (by Noodles) as lucky. Pepsi also had a pointless hole for his 18 on the front nine, but, as far as is known, he did not declare his intentions about the back at the tenth tee. His 22 points required a score that was one under the card and that could have been better if not for a ‘stupid’ – Pepsi’s words – missed opportunity on the 17th that only found him a single point. To say nothing of the double on the 6th.

Whitey has come back from his summer of cricket, and he set out to prove that swiping at a moving big red ball had done nothing to his ability to swipe at a stationary little white ball. As a result, he will be right up there in the back group doing his darnedest to keep the b*ds honest and also to rain on their parade to take out the trophy. Trevor continues to benefit from his recent lesson and has been hitting them well. What he and his marker need to do now is to take lessons in how to deal with his veterans handicap. Trev is now right in the mix and, if he can keep up with the good form there is a chance that he could just snag the big one.

Old Reliable hit them right up the hi-diddle-diddle again today and did not embarrass himself by playing to his handicap and staying within striking distance of the leaders. Of course, he does not have the field to himself. Michael seems to be holding himself together with little signs of the niggling injuries that have kept him away over the last little while. In the meantime, Adam will also be there keeping a close eye on the proceedings as he, too, prepares to make a claim for the honours.

To round out what is probably the largest batch of real contenders that we have had for a Major in a long time, we have Anaconda Ben, Inspector Gadget Matt and SpongeBob Squarepants all tied up with their score today of 35 points. Ben claimed that his game was just too consistent to have generated stories worth printing. Just about every putt that Bob missed should have gone in but that is so common-place that it is not worth reporting. And Matt, well, he was just Matt.

The first BallPin was on the 7th again after the failure to perform last week. It was a close run thing again this week with Damo the only one to get his name on the card. He kept up the good form on the short holes to take out the ProPin on the 12th with a shot to 1.96m. He did manage to sink it for the birdie and that helped in a small way to get us to a tally of 19 for the day. The final BallPin on the 18th ended up being a ‘fait accompli’ after Anthony, playing in the first group so that he could get away to his daughter’s netball, whacked it in close to hold out all comers. Keith did get closer, but the only problem was, it was his second shot.

ChrisJ put in his third card today, and just to prove that he was not ‘working’ the system it was a personal best 83 off the stick. The Handicapper is glad that he did not go with Chris’s old GA handicap from his days at Roxby Downs. Anthony also put in a low 80’s card for his second and the consensus seems to be that he will be a force to be reckoned with when he settles in.

Despite being right up there with the contenders, Whitey did own up to a draughtie on the second. Anybody else must have kept quiet about it. Michael reckons Ken was pretty stiff on the front nine with any number of putts left teetering on the brink of the hole and not falling in. A similar fate befell Blighty who, to quote, ‘concentrated too much on getting the line right’ and left the ball hanging tantalisingly on the edge of the cup. Michael, to the approbation of Anthony, fairly smashed one down the 16th and elicited the comment, ‘that’s your best for the day’. This was closely followed by Anthony smashing his at least 25m further down the fairway than Michael. Damo was claiming a first, for him, today. He actually shanked chips.

There was one match played today with Pepsi taking on the Kiwi. The Kiwi had the better of it while Pepsi ‘struggled’ with the front nine. The tide turned fairly quickly as they moved onto the back and, although Brendon was able to prolong the agony by squaring a number of holes in a row, he slipped on the fifteenth and handed the match to Pepsi 4 and 3. Still a fair swag of matches to be played in the first round with two Saturdays to go before the deadline. Now, we know that there were a number of ‘ring-ins’ to fill the draw and there may have been many reasons for people not registering to play. But, we have to stick to the schedule, so, it is probably preferable, if you are one of the ‘ring-ins’ (or even if you are not one of those) and cannot comply with the deadline, for whatever reason, that you withdraw gracefully and concede the walkover.

Don’t forget. Your best loud Hawaiian shirt to honour Stuart next week. And hang around for the barbeque. It’s only snags and burgers and trimmings, but it’s always good fun to hang out and get to know one another away from the rough and tumble out on the course.

CONDOLENCES: It is with great sadness that the Club extends our condolences to Stan Blackshaw and his family on the sad passing of Stan’s wife over night. Chin up old matey, and we look forward to when you can get back to join us at the ‘Hoe.

Results for Saturday, 20 March 2021
Leaderboard Round 1: 1st Stephen Butterfield(40) 1st Andrew Petricola(40) 2nd Rodney White(39) 3rd Trevor Jackson(37) 4th Craig Cameron(36) 4th Michael Gourlay(36) 4th Adam King(36) 5th Ben Akdag(35) 5th Matt Hunt(35) 5th Bob McDonald(35)

Seniors Leaderboard: 1st Rodney White (39) 2nd Trevor Jackson (37) 3rd Craig Cameron (36) 3rd Michael Gourlay (36)

Nearest the Pin Results: ProPin – 12th Damien Lee BallPin No 1 – 7th Damien Lee BallPin No 2 – 18th Anthony Browne

Talent came to the Fore on 13 March 2021.

Noodles to the fore!
Two times fore equals…..

As the days shorten, and we move closer to the start of autumn the weather man is starting to promise us rainy fronts and today was no exception. Fortunately the posited arrival was not until the afternoon and the first hints of the change did not arrive until just after the last group finished up on the 18th. The wind picked up from the south-west and the yellowing leaves on the elms rained down and flurried like some form of yellow snow. And, we all know never to eat yellow snow!

The sunrise is now getting so late that our notional first tee time is just a tad on the dark side, but relief is just around the corner with the end of daylight saving in a few weeks time and the current agreement is that we tee of as soon as there is enough light. Despite the dimness of the morning, we did manage to get a total of eighteen players to mill around and really appreciate the beauty of an Ivanhoe sunrise. Jim was also along to keep Stef on the straight and narrow and to get in his third card. Jim now has a freshly minted Club handicap and will probably come along and start stealing points from the Championship front-runners

Sunrise at the ‘Hoe

Earlier in the week Noodles was playing down his chances in his match against Harry on the basis that he has been playing c**p recently. Even after birdie on the first, he was still ‘waiting’ for the rot to set in. For a couple of holes there, things did look a bit shaky and there was a bit of a hint of a ‘tanty’ on the 9th. That seemed to have cleared the cobwebs, and he was going great guns on the back nine until he was distracted by some, possibly over-enthusiastic, warning shouts from the 14th tee. At that stage he had been one under the card for the back nine and then needed to birdie the 18th to scrabble back to one under giving him plus four on the back and an overall, and winning, result of +3. Noodles would also like to apologise to the flag stick on the 16th which was entirely innocent in the whole affair.

The next Hansom off the rank (note there is no ‘d’ and no ‘e’) was none other than Brendon who started his round in fine style to finish the first half two points to the good, but then wavered a bit to complete the round just the one point on the right side of the ledger. It is not clear whether the lapse in form was the result of too vigourous or too frequent warning shouts.

Mehmet was busy sledging SOS in their Matchplay and, in the process, he was managing to keep the scoring going, although he was a bit nervous about the back nine after his performance on the Punter’s weekend. Stef, under the calming influence of Jim was fairly playing the course like he meant it. So much so that he took a driver and nine iron to run the ball just past the cup on the 6th to miss an Albatross (not the actual bird) and leave himself the easiest of putts for the eagle and a very handy dividend from the Eagle’s Nest.

Rats, over-clubbed it!

After much back and forth with Blighty after the round, Targe was also able to submit a card with a score of -1 on the bottom line to tie it up with Mehm and Stef for third place as well as the three points for best score in the Seniors.

It could have been a real day for the ‘Dags today except that young Zimmer got himself hitched and could easily be otherwise occupied. Or under the thumb already, as somebody rather unkindly put it. Uncle Ben (not the dog-food) was one of a crowd that tied it up for fourth place with -2. Stan, Harry, Michael and Bob were the fine group of Seniors keeping the young fellah company on the next to bottom podium step. Blighty and Porks gratefully accepted their point for a score of -3.

The Nearest the Pin competition today was not without its controversy. Maybe Gordon has been tucking into his wife’s medication because he managed to put out the first BallPin on the 7th when it was supposed to be on the 15th. Michael reckons his should have been a consolation as his ball just trickled off the green while Damo didn’t bother to mark his because he was sure somebody else would beat it. The upshot – a Jackpot. The ProPin was supposed to be on the 12th, and Harry wishes to protest as his shot narrowly missed the hole and finished less than a metre past (no photo though). That meant that Michael was able to get some consolation when he managed to elbow aside Beast and Stan with a shot to 0.27m to collect the money on the 15th. The second BallPin, on the 18th also created a bit of excitement when Noodles took the honour from Stef, only to he edged out by the narrowest of margins when CJ had his ball trickle down from the slope to finish closer, probably urged on by the cheers from the crowd – Beat Noodles!.

There were seven matches completed today which is probably something of a record. There were some close run things, and there were some that could be termed a white-wash. Bob took full advantage of his sixteen strokes from CJ to take the match 5 and 4. Targe and Blighty slugged it out almost toe-to-toe and, after the 17th, the match was all square. The result could have gone either way on the 18th, but Blighty managed to slot his putt for a par and took the match one up. Mehmet looked to have it all over SOS on the front nine but that Highway Patrol can-do came through and the match was back to all square at the 13th. Fortunes went Mehmet’s way and the match went dormie at the 16th and a win for SOS at the 17th maintained the state. The match finished with a win for Mehm on the 18th to finish 2 up.

Damn trees!

Harry and Noodles took turns to dominate and their match was also square after the 13th. Harry’s day was marred by lack of success with the flat stick and this eventually allowed Noodles the win 2 and 1. Damo didn’t have a great day, but the Beast’s was even worse. As a result their match finished early with a win to Damo 8 and 7. Jason never really did get on top of Gordon during their match and, maybe, it was down to the fact that Jason managed to break his favourite four iron by wrapping it around a tree playing his second shot on the 2nd hole. In the end, Gordon was successful 3 and 2. Stef and Ben were well matched and the score was all square after the 15th. Consecutive wins gave the match to Stef, 2 and 1.

The eye of the Tiger.

Brendon and Noodles were wishing that the event was GrandPar when they birdied multiple holes with strokes in hand. And, it was quite a day for birdies with a total of 20 carded from a field of 18. Michael’s birdie putt on the 15th caused him a few nerves after he three-putted on the 14th. Porks started off playing his usual ‘steady’ golf. His drive on the third was just a bit off line and finished among the trees and he was left with a devilish option – play it safe or go for it. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, Porks threaded the eye of the needle between the trees and finished with the ball on the green to rescue a par without blinking an eye. Gordon was very happy to chip in on the 16th, for a bogie mind you, to finish off Jason in their match. On the other hand, Jason’s cause had not been helped by a four putt hole on the 13th.

Next week is the first round of the Stuart Clarke Memorial, the first of our prestigious Major events for the year. This event is aggregate Stableford over two weeks and we try to wear a suitably loud Hawaiian shirt for the second week to mark Stuart’s penchant for such attire. A barbecue lunch is also on the agenda for after the completion of the second round on the 27th. If you don’t have a shirt, check out Savers or something similar.

Results for Saturday, 13 March 2021
1st Stephen Butterfield(+3) 2nd Brendon Mitchell(+1) 3rd Mehmet Akdag(-1) 3rd Stefan Belevski(-1) 3rd Targe Mifsud(-1) 4th Ben Akdag(-2) 4th Stan Blackshaw(-2) 4th Harry Boughen(-2) 4th Michael Gourlay(-2) 4th Bob McDonald(-2) 5th Andrew Blight(-3) 5th Ryan Porker(-3)

Seniors Results: 1st Targe Mifsud (-1) 2nd Bob McDonald (-2) 2nd Harry Boughen (-2) 2nd Michael Gourlay (-2) 2nd Stan Blackshaw (-2) 3rd Andrew Blight (-3)

Nearest the Pin Results: ProPin – 15th Michael Gourlay BallPin No 1 – 7th Jackpot BallPin No 2 – 18th Chris Priems

Eagle’s Nest Results: Eagle – 6th Stefan Belevski

The Club rules! OK? On 06 March 2021.

The Beast is wild.
Bloody Club rules….

Maybe it was the long week-end and everybody was in Moomba party mood. There had been a thought that numbers might be down as everybody headed out of town to catch the last of the summer rays before the weather really slips into autumn mode. But no, we ended up with 22 members and three guests, but, if Chrispy had any hair before the event, he almost certainly had precious little after the event. We started out with five groups, blew out to eight and finished up with seven due to all sorts of late regos (and late withdrawals – if it even was a registration in the first place). As my wise old Mum used to say – circumstances alter cases like broken noses alter faces. But, can we please stick by the rules and register before the deadline. If you are unavoidably late we will try to accommodate you, but there are no guarantees and if you have any special requests – matchplays, early marks etc please also let the TM know directly.

Now, down to the nitty gritty. Today was obviously Bill’s day. Or not! You see, there is the little matter of a qualification requirement for Medals and Majors and, unfortunately, the Beast did not qualify to win the Medal despite a fabulous round that was topped off by a one under back nine for 72 off the stick and a net score of 62. The drive from the 13th tee was not what you would call great, taking full advantage of the run available at the moment to skitter out to between 130 to 150m. The second, on the other hand was quite brilliant and finished on the green some 6m from the hole. From there, the putt rattled in for the birdie. Need more be said?

Watson here?
You don’t say, Sherlock….

That left it for mango-nut man Ken to put in one of his better rounds for a little while for a net score of 66 to take out the second points and to collect the March Monthly Medal. The official photographer is hanging his head in shame while admitting that he still does not have a picture of the real Watson. Must have been the excitement of the holiday weekend and the anticipation of the AGM that fuzzed his brain again. Ken’s card was very consistent for the most part and if it had not been for a couple of triples on the home run and a quadruple on the fifth he could easily have challenged for the top spot.

Harry was pretty pleased to grab a par on the 2nd hole from the tees back on the black blocks. Given that two fairway shots were not particularly well hit to finish just short of the green gives some measure of the amount of run available and the chip in was the icing on the cake. And, what is there to say about Old Reliable, other than that he was just as reliable again to break his handicap, yet again, albeit by just the single stroke with a net 67, to finish alongside Harry in third place.

A veritable flock of finishers ended up on everybody’s favourite number, 69. MattA started off looking as if he was going to fill his card with scores of five per hole. An unfortunate brain fade on the 14th more than undid the good work that had prevailed until then. Trevor owned up to having had a lesson with the Pro during the week who made a bit of a tweak to the grip. The change to shots from the tee was nothing short of transformative and if the flat stick had not let him down on occasion, who knows what the result might have been. As far as is known, Bob did not mortally wound anybody with his buggy today. Just a couple of holes outside the handicap limits made the difference. CJ started the day with a cloud over his head. The groups had done his head in and Carolyn was going to do the same if he wasn’t home early. If he plays his cards right maybe his score will play out tonight as well. And rounding out the point gatherers today we had those two ‘guns’, Bren and Bren with a net score of 71.

When the call was made for the first BallPin to be on the 7th on Medal day there were one or two raised eyebrows. But, lo and behold, the white markers were well forward on the tee-box and the distance should not have too far out of reach for everybody. SOS put in a fine effort to get his name on the chit but, unfortunately, he was squeezed out by Anthony who struck it lucky on his first day with us, and he will have a ball to collect when he comes along next to put in his second handicap card. He went close to repeating the performance for the second BallPin on the 18th, but the ultimate winner was Stef. The double Jackpot for the ProPin on the 15th almost went around for the triple. Stef tried to crib a metre on his measurement and asked, do we really have to put the marker in, all to no avail because, in the next (last) group, Craig knocked him off on both counts with a fine shot to 1.71m. Noodles was probably wishing that the money could have been on the 12th where he put his drive to about 100mm from the hole which gave him double joy because it was inside Porks’ shot which had finished about 500mm away. Noodles got the birdie and helped us to 13 for the day, but Porks was not so ‘lucky’ and left his just a little short.

Chris James played his second handicap card today, and he has reason to celebrate during the week as the Birthday Birdie flutters by to wish him well. The BB will also be paying a visit to Mark Minney as well. Stef continued his good behaviour on the course today while his Dad, Jim, tried hard not to try to emulate the big hitting style of the off-spring. Jim also has his second card and should soon join us in competition.

There were a couple of less than spectacular shots taken from the first tee today. Prezo, Rob, and his group were noticed searching around in the grass and shrubs at the front of the first tee box. Shortly after, it was JQ’s turn after he sconed the ball something fierce and it buried itself deeply into the thicket of bushes that has developed along the left hand side. As the day progressed JQ seemed to be able to hit a tree dead centre from greater and greater range. Fortunately, he seemed to have the luck to finish ‘not unfavourably’ as a result. Rob’s woes did not abate much until the last when he managed a par which, hopefully, should bring him back again. Noodles had some sort of a bee in his bonnet about flagpoles and he was giving Blighty a hard time about it on the first tee. Damo was desperately hoping that the banter did not continue the whole round.

The AGM was held in the Clubhouse function room after the round. The President (Rob) reported on the success of the year despite the COVID disruptions and expressed his hope for a smoother run this year. Damo supported Rob’s comments and thanked the Committee for their efforts in dealing with the restrictions and program changes. Despite the curtailed program, the Club’s financial position is sound with significant money in the bank but with some major outlays for VGL and the Annual Challenge weekend to be met. Our Secretary, Blighty, stood down from the position, and Old Reliable, Craig, was elected to take his place. The rest of the Committee is effectively unchanged, although SOS has offered to help out with the role of Assistant Tee Marshal. It was noted that some members have still not paid their subscription for this year (2021) and the Committee will be following up if they are not paid forthwith.

Results for Saturday, 06 March 2021
1st Bill Eastoe(62) 2nd Ken Watson(66) 3rd Harry Boughen(67) 3rd Craig Cameron(67) 4th Matthew Aforozis(69) 4th Trevor Jackson(69) 4th Bob McDonald(69) 4th Chris Priems(69) 5th Brendon Mitchell(71) 5th Brent Rowley(71)

Seniors Results: 1st Bill Eastoe (62) 2nd Ken Watson (66) 3rd Craig Cameron (67) 3rd Harry Boughen (67)

Nearest the Pin Results: ProPin – 15th Craig Cameron BallPin No 1 – 7th Anthony Browne BallPin No 2 – 18th Stefan Belevski