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Farewell and adieu to twenty-oh-two-three on 30 December 2023.

Cop that young Harry!
I’ll share the glory with you!

Registrations were a bit slow early in the week, but the call to a Grand Sale, and the prospect of some ‘discounted’ points, seems to have inspired the masses into action. In the end, we had fifteen members line up for the final round of the calendar year. The Bureau had forecast the possibility of showers during the morning, and, true to form, the morning alternated between a bit of drizzle and full sunshine in typical Melbourne weather style. About halfway through the back nine, the course was hit by a squally shower that was quite heavy, and that was the straw that broke the camel’s back for Peter, who called it quits after the 13th. As a result, only fourteen made it to present their cards to the judges. The course was in good condition, even if a few of the greens were a bit leafy, and the weather conditions were hardly bad enough to have had a long term effect on the scoring. Captain Matt, had decided that he was going to ‘keep an eye’ on Stan to make sure that any tilt at making it three in a row was legitimate. Not only did Stan take out the ‘feather duster’ award, but Matt also went very close to joining him on the chopping block.

There were a few cards of note that made it to or near the top of the pile. Harry set out with one challenge in mind, and that was to confound Michael, and, at least, be in the Senior’s points. Squares were the result on the first five holes, with a couple of just missed par attempts. The swing got slightly out of groove on the 6th to produce the only minus on the card. The back nine produced another six squares, but the remaining pluses ended the round +3 overall. SOS, on the other hand, finished the first five holes two up, and rounded the corner on that score as well. His only blemish was on the tenth, and another couple of pluses after that also brought him home with three on the credit side of the ledger. Thus, we had a tied result for first place, and Harry was very pleased to have completely confounded Michael by taking out top place in the Seniors.

Second place overall, and second place in the Seniors, went to Geoff who managed to score one up on the way out, and one down on the way in to finish square with the card overall. It was reported that his putting did let him down on a number of occasions, none more so than on the 12th, where he got his name on the card for the BallPin, admittedly a fair way from the hole, and then proceeded to take four putts to finish the hole. This was a complete contrast to the 8th, where he chipped in from well out to make birdie, which represented exactly one quarter of the number that the whole field could manage for the day. In third place, just a single point behind, we had Targe. Targe started off a bit rough, but settled down a bit, and could easily have scored better if it had not been for a little mishap on the 6th hole. As is his wont, he parked his buggy pretty much adjacent to the ball position. Whether it was a shank or a toe, the ball took off at right angles to the intended line and crashed into the buggy, undoing the good work of a par on the previous hole.

Rob seems to have this happy knack of scoring pars (and the occasional birdie), which ends up giving him an ‘unfair’ advantage when it comes to the Eclectic. So, a good scattering of pars, with the resultant plus score, was able to save him, to finish with -3 and the 4th podium spot for the day. He was helped along by a chip in for a square on the 3rd after he had ‘missed’ the green, long, with his fourth shot. Presumably, he used his chipper, which will be one of his selected clubs for the three club challenge (not at the ‘Hoe) next weekend. Raj was not too forthcoming about what he reckoned was a poor average day, but he was perfectly happy to accept the point for fifth place. By and large, Brendon is not too fussed about the points on offer, he is far more interested in the money on offer for the ProPin, and the balls on offer for the BallPin. So, although he did get a point for sharing fifth, he was much more excited about collecting the Double Jackpot ProPin on the 7th (2.74m), and the ball from the 12th, where he squeezed out Harry, who squeezed out Rob, who squeezed out Geoff. ChrisV didn’t get off to a great start from the first tee, and a tendency to head the ball left on occasion did make scoring on some holes a little more difficult. But, given that he has played little in recent times, he was reasonably happy with his -4 and share of fifth.

The remaining BallPin on the 18th was to a pin placed on the lower deck, and, wouldn’t you know it, the top deck seemed to be more easily reached. The man who did make it onto the bottom deck and close enough to win a ball, was none other than Bobbie, who reckoned that it was the only decent shot he had hit all day. This might compensate a little for the fact that he ran over himself, in the car park, with his buggy, and he managed to capsize it twice during the round. Andrew managed to overshoot the green on the 2nd, and the ball finished half hidden in the lomandra. A penalty would have been too much to bear, and a right-handed shot was nigh on impossible. However, a left-handed shot did offer some hope. The ball was extricated, but only barely, and the effort was to no avail. Harry did get a bit hot under the collar at one stage. No, he wasn’t angry, the sun had come out, and he wanted to take off his rain jacket only to find that the zip was jammed in the up position. Andrew came to the rescue and managed to free it, saving H from a sweaty few holes. There were no reported draughties, but there was a suggestion that Stan had executed an airie on the 5th. Although he did not contact the ball, it did move a few centimetres, so does that still count? Matt lined up for a tap-in putt from about 150mm on the 17th, and the ball took off at about 45 degrees and missed the hole. It seems that he hadn’t wiped the face of his club, and there was a piece of twig stuck to the face with a bit of moisture, that resulted in the misadventure.

Results for Saturday, 30 Dec 2023
1st Harry Boughen (+3) 1st Stephen O’Sullivan (+3) 2nd Geoff Lyall (□) 3rd Targe Mifsud (-1) 4th Robert Priems (-3) 5th Rajesh Mahto (-4) 5th Brendon Mitchell (-4) 5th Chris Vinecombe (-4)

Seniors Results: 1st Harry Boughen (+3) 2nd Geoff Lyall (□) 3rd Targe Mifsud (-1)

Nearest the Pin Results: ProPin – 7th Brendon Mitchell BallPin No 1 – 12th Brendon Mitchell BallPin No 2 – 18th Bob McDonald

Age shall not weary him on 23 December 2023.

Stan right amongst it.
If Harry hadn’t cut me so hard!

The list of people putting their hand up to play was looking a bit dire early in the week, but a bit of a late rush tipped us over the six to a comfortable eight. One withdrawal, two added guests (AndrewN brought alone his two pals, Barry and Verge), and two walk-ups resulted in eleven people teeing off to try for some ‘easier’ points. The forecast was for fine and warm and that is the way it turned out, with the feeling approaching ‘hot’ as the last few up-hills took their toll on flagging energy levels. The course was in good condition, and the sand (or was it fertiliser?) that was spread on the greens during the week was not noticeable. However, there were numerous reports of putts left short, and three-putt greens that prevented people from scoring better than they did. Seems that story has done the rounds before, or at least something very similar in content.

Before he teed off on the first, Stan had a bit of a whinge about the haircut that his handicap has taken last week. His par on the first was a portent of things to come. The pars kept coming, and with his second shot on the 9th finishing on the slope just below the green, he whacked up his best chip, and the ball rattled into the hole for birdie, and 39 off the stick for 23 points at the turn. He didn’t want to know his score for fear of putting himself off, but he did regardless, and the back nine was not quite so spectacular. Playing in new territory with only one stroke per hole, he accidentally cribbed a point on the 13th, which brought his final points score in at 38, after taking 84 strokes for the round. A triple on the 18th prevented him from at least matching his age, two weeks in a row, or even beating it with a simple bogie. Well done Stan. Michael arrived at the after-round table, glanced at the top card, and immediately went into ‘huff’ mode. If only he hadn’t left ‘x’ putts short, etc., etc.

Eagle on the 16th.
That’s almost as good as a hole-in-one!

JQ was in the field for the first time in a while, and Santa has determined that he is in the ‘nice’ corner, and is going to bring him a new set of irons for Christmas. One of the claims about his card was that he had every possible point score from 0 to 5 on his way to carding 38 points for the round as well. How do you score five points, you might ask? Well, what you do is take one of your ‘about to be pensioned off’ irons from about 149m out on the 16th fairway, and you watch it fly straight for the hole, land, take one bounce, and plonk into the hole. So, what with ten balls from the Eagles Nest, one from the ball run, and the dozen that he bought before teeing off, he should be well supplied for his trip to Merimbula. And the new set of irons might just have some company. The upshot of all this is that we actually had a three-way tie for first place.

Whitey was also on the blocks for the first time in a while, and he started off well enough before suffering a bit of a slump in the second half of the front nine, although he did manage to round the turn with 18 points in hand. A sprinkling of singletons through the back, was enough to pull him back to 16 points for the second half, and second place on his own in the points table. When Michael thought he had been beaten out of first place, he was consoled somewhat by the fact that, with those results standing, Whitey would have filled third place in the Seniors, and Harry would have missed out. In the event, the rearranged results moved Michael and Whitey up a notch and let Harry in with a point for his 33 and 3rd place on both podia.

Tough day for SOS
You just need the right club!

Peter had one of those days. His game was good, except! The main problem seemed to be around the green, with the pitches carrying long, and the chipper alternating between short and long. On the 13th, they worked pretty well, and he was able to snag a bogie, that resulted in a very handy three points. On the 14th tee, Harry walked up, demanding an Uber ‘pick-up and delivery’ fee for rescuing the chipper and wedge from the middle of the 13th green. A gash on the 14th, down to said chipper and wedge, probably had Peter wishing that they had been left for the following group to pick up. SOS hit his first tee shot well enough, but it finished hard against the base of a tree, which didn’t get him off to a very good start. From the 3rd onwards, things picked up more than somewhat, until the 7th. There, a shrieking cockatoo was making its presence felt, and it finally got the better of SOS, who hefted his club in the general direction of the offending bird, which departed for parts unknown. Fortunately, the club returned to ground, and did not stay in the tree like once before. He then proceeded to duff his tee shot, and finished just shy of the red markers. Michael reckoned that the beer tasted so good, that he could easily be tempted to take it up again. Unperturbed, SOS whacked the ball onto the green and sank the putt for the par. At the end of the round, he had racked up 32 points, and joined Peter in 4th spot. Last in the points was Andrew, who fell into the final spot on offer with his 28 points.

Andrew, Barry and Verge were sent out in the first group with a very critical mission – to remember to put the NTP markers out on the 7th for the ProPin, and the 15th for the BallPin. Unlike last week, the mission was successfully accomplished. The tee marker was well back on the 7th, and the early betting was that the ProPin was unlikely to go off. Such a bet would have paid out, and there will be a Double Jackpot next week. A very good reason to register and come along. The BallPin of the 15th saw Barry get his name on the card with a ball that was barely on the front of the green. Peter was probably closer, but his ball was off. In the end, SOS put it beyond doubt, and he collected the ball(s) on offer. The BallPin on the 18th looked as if it too might have gone begging, until along came SOS, and made it a clean sweep of the balls.

ChrisJ monstered his drive on the first, and pitched on to a comfortable distance from the pin. The ball rattled into the hole for the easiest of birdies, one of the five (plus eagle) that we managed for the day. What happened on the 2nd didn’t bear mentioning, but he followed that with a par, and three points, so maybe things were going to be alright. On the 10th, he was again in a position to birdie, but the putt slipped by, and his partners wondered whether it was on purpose so as not to ‘jinx’ the back nine. If so, it was to no avail, and just let’s say it wasn’t a good day at the office. Verge managed to put one past a fence somewhere, and had to execute a commando crawl to get under the wires to retrieve his ball. According to reports, only the crawl was ‘commando’.

Results for Saturday, 23 Dec 2023
1st Stan Blackshaw (38) 1st Michael Gourlay (38) 1st John Quinlan (38) 2nd Rodney White (34) 3rd Harry Boughen (33) 4th Peter Sein (32) 4th Stephen O’Sullivan (32) 5th Andrew Noble (29)

Seniors Results: 1st Michael Gourlay (38) 1st Stan Blackshaw (38) 2nd Rodney White (34) 3rd Harry Boughen (33)

Nearest the Pin Results: ProPin – 7th Jackpot BallPin No 1 – 15th Stephen O’Sullivan BallPin No 2 – 18th Stephen O’Sullivan

Eagle’s Nest Results: Eagle – 16th John Quinlan

Santa’s scandalous sacking on 16 December 2023.

Stan wins the Chumps
All I have to do is play this well next year!

The prospect of a good feed to finish off the day might have been enough to persuade some members to brush off the cobwebs that, like long forgotten Christmas garlands, had festooned their golf clubs and bag. For others, perhaps it was the prospect of collecting at least one trophy after having failed to crack one during the year. And perhaps it was just the prospect of a lovely spring day (astronomical summer hasn’t started yet), and the relaxing vibe of the Ivanhoe course that was the main attraction. Whatever the reason, twenty-three members and Ryan’s guest, Tim, presented as the largest field to tee off for some time. There was still a little nip in the air at tee time, and some were ruing their choice of ‘tropical’ dress mode, while others repaired to their car to retrieve something a little warmer to start the day. Apart from some leaves on the greens at the first and the tenth, the course was in good condition, and the stage was set for some good scoring to be had.

There were two significant events contested today, the David Primrose Champion of Champions (stroke) for those members skilful (or lucky) enough to win a trophy during the year, and the Chump (Champ) of Chumps (stableford) for those who had been less fortunate in the trophy cabinet department. The whole field competed for the ball run and points based on their Stableford score.

Far and away the best score of the day was presented on the card with Stan’s name on it. The young fellah barely put a foot wrong all day. He methodically took the front nine apart and reached the turn with 42 strokes and 22 points, and the moon to shoot for. The form continued unabated, with the only ‘blemish’ being a singleton on the 14th, and he reached the end of the round in 41 more strokes and another 21 points. His 83 off the stick was not quite a personal best, but it was very close to shooting his age. Stan plans to repeat the performance after his next birthday so that he can cross that one off his bucket-list. NOTE: Stan wishes to be forgiven his Senior Moment – he actually is 83 already and has thus joined the ranks of ‘age-shooters’. His forty-three points was more than enough to take out the day and to collect the Chump of Chumps Trophy.

The next best score for the day came from the hands of CharlieG with thirty-nine points, a score that, on most days, would have taken the cake. It was a bit of an inauspicious start with a couple of sevens, but then he managed to par the 3rd for a very handy four points. Another pair of triples took the shine off that one, but the sixth hole marked quite the renaissance of his fortunes, and he was able to finish the front nine with 16 points on the card. An almost flawless back nine, that included a birdie (one of eleven that we scored for the day) on the 14th for another four points, produce 23 points to take his total to 39 to fill second place to open his championship points account.

Harry catches the big one.
A great way to finish off a good year!

Harry had a bit of a run-in with a tree as he negotiated the second, and the gash (score-wise) that followed dented his spirits a little, but he soon sparked up following a par on the 3rd. Things continued nicely as the nine progressed, but a chip-in for a birdie (think eclectic) on the 8th really heightened the mood. Twenty points on the card at the turn had his playing companions making all sorts of rash statements, requiring a conscious effort not to be put off. A singleton on the 10th elicited another good talking to (self) and three pars and a good recovery bogie on the 13th put the scoring train back on track. A bit of a chipping failure on the 16th was immediately compensated by par on 17, only to have the good work undone, by the short game on the 18th. Still, the 38 points for the round was enough to gather third place on the day. More importantly, the 84 off the stick, and the resulting net score of 66 was the best score of the Champion of Champions field, and Harry now has his name on this trophy for the second year in a row. But, nothing wrong with trying for more!

Now, the field started to get a bit crowded. Gordo started off well enough, and set a cracking pace for the first eight holes. Something (unspecified) went drastically wrong on the 9th, but the form looked to have made a return as the back nine began. Three holes good, three holes bad and three holes good meant that he could only accumulate sixteen points on the back, giving him 36 for the round. ChrisJ didn’t show any sudden change in form, but just managed to pepper his card with more singletons than he would have liked. Massive shanks on the 12th and 18th could have cost him the chance of challenging for the CoC, as they left him with a net score of 68, just two behind the winner. Rob was feeling pretty depressed after four holes of posting triples for the accumulation of just one solitary point. Whatever bee got into his bonnet on the 5th, it certainly got things moving, and, by the end of the nine, he had twelve points on his card. On a back nine that included a gash, he then proceeded to garner another 24 points. In the process, he installed himself at the top of the Eclectic table, so it will be interesting to see if he can hold on and not be pipped at the post again. SOS managed to write in six three pointers on his front nine card for 21 points, a score that was right up there in the scheme of things. Something of a fade out in the closing stages of the back nine, left him with thirty-six points to share the fourth podium spot.

Filling out the list of point scorers, we have the father/son combination of Josh and Matt. Josh started off a little shaky, but, by the back nine, he was storming home. Dad, on the other hand, played his cards in reverse and faded as the round progressed. Adam parred the first four holes for triplets all round. Perhaps the bee skipped from his bonnet to Rob’s, because the shine went off pretty much completely until three/three on the last two holes restored a bit of respectability. Brendon also got off to a good start over the front nine for a pretty respectable twenty points. After owning up to a moved ball on the 11th, things never did quite get back on track, and the final total of 34 points was a bit of a disappointment for him. Along with most of the field leaders, CJ started out pretty well, but the three pointers wouldn’t come, and the singletons kept turning up through the back nine, and, he too, had to settle for a share of fifth spot.

Santa's elves
Guilty as charged!

It’s hard to get good help these days. Just ask Santa! He tasked a couple of his trustiest elves to put out the NTP markers on the 7th for the ProPin and the 15th for the BallPin. As they left the 7th, Stan, reportedly, asked the number one elf if he had put out the marker. Reportedly, the number one elf replied ‘yes’. Number one elf claims no recollection of uttering that word. Upshot, no ProPin marker, and nobody could honestly claim to have been within five metres, so the result was declared a Jackpot with a good healthy ante to start, and a very good reason to register for next week to get a bonus dividend just in time for Christmas. There are no reports of what happened at the 15th, but the lack of a marker meant another non-event, and another Jackpot was declared. Thankfully, the marker for the 18th was in place, and Brent finished just a few centimetres past the hole with a shot that must have been a cats-whisker from being a hole-in-one, and he collected a ball for the effort.

Steve is wont to take a couple of practice swings in preparation for most shots. Unfortunately, as he prepared for his second shot on the first, the club contacted the ball, and it skittered a few metres. The third finished off the green to the side, and the following chip was travelling at a fair clip. That is, until the ball hit the pin, stopped dead and dropped into the hole for the par. The fortunes varied a bit from then on, but, on the 13th, Steve was playing his fifth shot from the back of the green. Once again, the ball was travelling at a fair clip, and looking to be headed for the slope at the front of the green. That is, until the ball hit the pin, stopped dead and dropped into the hole. ChrisJ hit a shot on the 6th that was a bit on the wide side, and it slammed into the garbage bin by the 7th tee, from whence it veered left and finished nestled right at the base of the remains of the old pine tree. Fortunately, it didn’t quite find the root hollow that beckoned quite nearby. As his group were preparing to tee off on the 18th, Brendon was noticed wandering, distractedly, around on the 17th fairway. He was looking for his phone, that must have fallen out of the pocket on his bag. Having played out the 18th, and before he headed off to search more diligently, Brendon was persuaded to check his bag one more time. And, what do you know, there was his phone! Bob didn’t have a great day today. He managed to run his buggy into pretty much everybody else in his group’s buggy at one time or another. He also score the only reported draughtie on the 8th, when his driver contacted the ground at least 300mm behind the ball, and it was probably dirt and grass that actually dislodged the ball from the tee-peg.

After the round, there was the usual break-up gathering (although we don’t actually break up) for the Christmas lunch and Trophy Presentations. There was a good spread of meats and salads, and a number of members showed their approval by heaping their plates and returning for seconds. The open bar also proved to be a popular spot to visit. After lunch, President Rob spoke, and asked members to think of Keith’s family as they spend their first Christmas without him. He also moved a vote of thanks to Gordon for his efforts in arranging the function, and to other Committee members for their sterling efforts during the year. Captain Matt then presented the trophies that had been awarded during the year, and a list of trophy winners can be found on the web-site (Statistics/Hall of Fame – V2 – Trophy Lists -Year by year tables – 2023). A few selected photos will be posted anon.

Results for Saturday, 16 Dec 2023
1st Stan Blackshaw (43) 2nd Charles Gibbs (39) 3rd Harry Boughen (38) 4th Gordon Hill (36) 4th Chris James (36) 4th Robert Priems (36) 4th Stephen O’Sullivan (36) 5th Josh Hunt (34) 5th Matt Hunt (34) 5th Adam King (34) 5th Brendon Mitchell (34) 5th Chris Priems (34)

Seniors Results: 1st Stan Blackshaw (43) 2nd Harry Boughen (38) 3rd Gordon Hill (36)

Nearest the Pin Results: ProPin – 7th Jackpot BallPin No 1 – 15th Jackpot BallPin No 2 – 18th Brent Rowley

…, Five, six, pick up sticks… on December 16, 2023

Pepsi and the auld mug
There has to be room for my name, somewhere!

The weather was a bit wild and woolly overnight, with some of the gusts approaching gale force. The trees on the course appear to have come through unscathed, except for losing their fair share of branchlets, twigs and gumnuts that were liberally scattered across pretty much every green on the course. Even on ones with no trees nearby. The weather bureau had promised rain for the day, and they were not far wrong. The forecast might very well have put some members off turning up, but some fourteen plus Raj’s pal from way back, Waseem, headed out in conditions that were looking pretty promising, although heavily over-cast. Last week, CJ was recalling that the VOM seemed to be very much susceptible to being affected by rain, so a check of the records was made, and as far back as 2012, there were no reports of rain on the day. Perhaps CJ’s memory was being affected by his experience back in 2008 when he was leading the VOM after the first round, and the second round was rained out. His request for a ruling to award the trophy to the first round leader fell on deaf ears. Perhaps this refusal was due to the fact that he was spreading Valvoline around the course at a furious rate. Not enough rain for a repeat of that cancellation today, and the field was able to finish, and a genuine winner was crowned.

Pepsi started out with a three point buffer from the rest of the field, although there were probably a few that fancied their chances of making a lunge from behind to snatch the cup from his hands. He started off smartly enough, with a par on the first, and a bogie on the long-playing second. By the end of the front nine, he was four over the card, and looking comfortable enough to maintain his lead of the pack. Another couple of bogies and a double in the first half of the back started to raise the ante, but a couple of pars and a birdie, helped to stem the flow of strokes. A final total of 77 for the day added seventy-one to last week’s sixty-seven, and 138 all up was just enough to take out the Vin O’Meara for 2023.

Adam had to dash off to other commitments, and led the field out in the first group. He, too, started his round par/bogie, and managed a fairly respectable front nine, if it had not been for a triple on the 9th. Now, it seems that Adam was right in touch with his short irons today, and terrified the pins on anything up to eight occasions during the round. It wasn’t a short iron, but he really terrified the pin on the 15th, when the ball crossed the hole, hitting the pin, and finishing within gimme distance for the birdie after barely missing the HIO. That was his second birdie for the day, which helped us to a total of seven between the lot of us. Adam’s net of sixty-five, when combined with his fifth-placing seventy-four from last week, brought him within a stroke of Pepsi, to take out the runner-up trophy for the event.

As well as filling the 3rd placing in the event with his net score of seventy-one, Michael also collects the Gullible Golfer of the Year award. Despite Pepsi’s assertion that he thought he had registered for today, his name did not appear on the sheet. CJ, very seriously, said to Michael, that Peps had been disqualified for not registering. Michael took the bait, hook, line and sinker, and immediately rushed about protesting at the unfairness of such a ruling, until Harry took pity on him, and straightened him out on the subject. Brendon was not too happy about his form on the front nine, where pars proved elusive, and a triple on the 9th was the icing on the cake. The walk to the 10th seems to have settled thing down a bit, and the prospects looked right up with a couple of birdies on the 13th and 14th (eclectic, muttered Brendon). A dead centre hit on a tree branch on the 16th might have cost one shot, while the tee shot on the 17th finishing in the rough by the pear tree also looked a bit dire. After much to-ing and fro-ing about unplayable lie and club selection, another five gave a total two over the card for the nine, and the net seventy for the day produced a share of 4th place for the event.

NO, it's not a repeat!
Even a chain-saw wouldn’t help here!

SOS turned in cards with scores in the reverse order to Brendon’s. Quite possibly, his final score, if not his mood, might have been affected by his draughtie on the very first tee. Probably best that there was not a large gallery at the time. A further frustration would likely have been the resting place of this drive. And, no, this is not a repeat of last week’s photo for Stan. There were also reports that he cleaned up a duck on the 16th. So, all in all, he probably did well to card his net seventy-three. Raj continues to make his presence felt after his tear-away win in the Championship last year, and he has accumulated points already by taking out fifth place with his total of 145 for the two rounds.

The other big event that was finalised today was the Strokeplay Championship. The top spot in the handicap event went to Pepsi, who played some very consistent golf to finish with a total net score of 214. He was fairly closely followed by ChrisJ and Raj who were tied up on 216. In the scratch event, it was pretty much a two horse race, and those horses were inseparable after two weeks of the event, and, so, the final result came down to performance on the day today. Michael turned in a 75 off the beater today, to beat Pepsi, who turned in a 77, by two strokes. Well done both of you.

There was BallPin on the 4th today, which could have proved a bit of a challenge with the tee set well back. SOS managed to get it on, and nobody could get any closer, so he can give himself a ball next week, since he had to dash off to Shep today. The ProPin was on the 12th, and SOS looked as if he was going to have a field day, that is, until Brendon came along and pipped him by 200mm with a shot to 1.94m. The second BallPin on the 18th was mightily contested, but Michael was able to knock off both Adam and Gordo to collect a ball. And, talk about fussy!. He asked for ProV1x, and Gordo produced a box so labelled and handed over two balls (one from last week) only to have them summarily rejected because they were ProV1 (and I can’t hit those!).

There was a fair swag of draughties today. Rob had one on the 4th, and it might even have been a double! Geoff had one on the 5th. Josh had one on the 2nd, and, if it hadn’t been for a bounce off the bitumen, there could have been a second on the 15th. Gordo didn’t quite have a ‘cricket score’ on his card, but he did get a ‘duck’. His was on the 17th, but it cannot be confirmed that it was the same one that SOS got on the 16th. Despite some troubles from the tee, Rob was actually going pretty well, that is, until somebody commented to that effect on the 16th, and the rest, they say, is history. Though, it must be said that he did return to good form for the last two holes. Raj’s pal, Waseem, gives the impression of being a dab hand with a golf club, if his tee shot from the first was any guide. The fact that he carded an eagle is another suggestion that he might know what he is doing. The Eagle was quite relieved to learn that the Nest can only be raided by paid-up members.

Next week is the David Primrose Champion of Champions event. The field (from winners in the competition year) is listed above, and they will be competing in a stroke competition, but they should keep their Stableford score for the day’s placings and ball run. The rest of the attendees will be competing for the Chump of Chumps, which will be determined from the Stableford scores. So, everyone scores Stableford, but the CoC field has to play out as a stroke competition.

The golf will be followed by the Break-up lunch (including some drinks) and the trophy presentations. We really do need immediate registration if you are going to attend the lunch (you don’t have to play). We would hate to under-cater because of a lot of walk-ups, just as much as we would hate to over-cater, to waste both food and money. It’s easy. It’s on the web-site under Registrations/Break-up. Just do it!

Results for Saturday, 09 Dec 2023
1st Andrew Petricola (67, 71, 138) 2nd Adam King (74, 65, 139) 3rd Michael Gourlay (71, 71, 142) 4th Brendon Mitchell (73, 70, 143) 4th Stephen O’Sullivan (70, 73, 143) 5th Rajesh Mahto (74, 71, 145)

Seniors Results: 1st Michael Gourlay (71,71,142) 2nd Harry Boughen (71,81,152) 3rd Chris Priems (75,79,154)

Nearest the Pin Results: ProPin – 12th Brendon Mitchell BallPin No 1 – 4th Stephen O’Sullivan BallPin No 2 – 18th Michael Gourlay