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Results for October Monthly Medal 24/9/11

October Medal played in September! How the laws of physics bow down to our Ivanhoe Golf club. Due to the NRL final this week being played, a shotgun start is scheduled for this weeks round. Tee time is half past seven. Alas. The future has already been played out, and if your a betting man for these last few days of September, put your house on Rodger Clarke for the October Medal!

WIth the course in superb condition, long roll on the fairways, quick, and true on the greens. One would assume a very competitive medal. Well, with only three members playing to par or better, and then streaking the field. We can all feel a little easier in the knowledge that the rough will be cut for this weeks Stableford round.

A welcome return to the winners circle this week, saw Rodger Clarke(86) take his third win for the season after a tear away collection of championship points early in the year. Rodger’s win comes only a week after his cart buddy returned, who also claimed success!(what No. cart was it Rodger?) Well done Rodger, valuable points keeping you well in the hunt for both titles.

Ken Grist (84)takes second place with a fantastic stroke round, extremely unlucky to be beaten only by one stroke with 65 net! Benananan Akdag(81)receives third, while his playing partner Stefan Belevski, and MalcolmAdey finshed only three strokes behind(69 net) for joint forth.

Money hole for the round went to Rodger, while the ball went to Andrew Blight

Results for Saturday, 24 September 2011
1st Rodger Clarke(64)
2nd Ken Grist(65) 3rd Ben Akdag(66) 4th Malcolm Adey(69)
4th Stefan Belevski(69) 5th S Butterfield(72) 5th Oliver
Gross(72) 5th Mike Mann(72)

Results for 17th September Stableford round

Saturdays round was almost a case of the Ivanhoe curators showing off! With our constantly improving course, and always perfect playing conditions, no wonder this years Presidents Cup committee are considering a change.

After last weeks dismal stableford performance by the attending members, it was worthwhile having another crack at it. Nine competitors this week were able par or better, with a few fantastic cards being handed in.

Welcome back, and congratulations to Laurie Mannix(85) who has been absent for a duration, letting the course dry out a tad. Laurie’s return round was an absolute cracker, and would now prove difficult for him to miss any Saturday for the remain of the season. Without as much as a practise swing Laurie stood, and delivered achieving 42 points! Well done mate, and great to have you back.

Second place this week went to Oliver Gross, whose 73 of the stick, giving him 41 points has the right to feel a little hard done by. Also unlucky due to results was Jan Siemon(79) for 39 points, which would of been good enough the week before.

Well played to most members, who demonstrated practise, determination can pay off. Now, lets see if we can all keep up the good form for next weeks MOnthly Medal. Yes, that’s¬†right. The October Monthly Medal will be played this forthcoming Saturday, being the 24th due to a shotgun start on Grandfinal Day. So a special reminder to all members to bring your A game, and your club shirts.

Laurie kept his winning way taking the cash, as well as the day. Really can’t remember who won the ball, but assume the way things went Laurie received that as well.

Results for Saturday, 17 September 2011
1st Laurie Mannix(42)
2nd Oliver Gross(41) 3rd Jan Siemon(39) 4th Richard
Hall(38) 5th Andrew Blight(36) 5th Mike Mann(36) 5th
Brendon Mitchell(36) 5th Andrew Petricola(36) 5th Mo Sabih(36)


Results for 10th September Stableford Round


After much speculation regarding the weather, the sixteen faithful that turned up were rewarded with our much acclaimed course playing beautifully to ourselves. Conditions could not have been better! The only rain endured was into a beer, after the golfing was said and done.

After all the backslapping, and expressions of how great a round it all was. We are left with a winner(apart from the other fifteen present members). congratulations¬†has to once again go out to the Pres. Andrew Petricola’s 70 off the stick proved once again to be just that little bit better than second place Brendon Mitchell(81).

Andrew Petricola¬†after being victorious in the 3rd September round, had his handicap reduced to 4.0. His 38 stableford points carded for this round sees him playing¬†next week off 3! Good luck Pres… Brendon Mitchell for consecutive¬†weeks has now had¬†to watch a fantastic round bettered by Andrew.¬†Second place has its¬†benefit. 5 championship points, without the winners deduction. Can win a season this way Brendon, keep up the golf.

Third place this week, and the only other competitor to play to handicap or better was Bill Eastoe(78). Given conditions, one would of assumed more from this fine stable. SO. We will ALL be playing a repeat of last week, and hopefully, minds put towards the task, we can see some respectable scores this week.

Jackpot went off this week to a very fine stroke, to which all would have been proud. The ball hole this week was awarded to an equally good shot.

Results for Saturday, 10 September 2011
1st Andrew
Petricola(38) 2nd Brendon Mitchell(37) 3rd Bill Eastoe(36)
4th Rodger Clarke(35) 4th Targe Mifsud(35) 4th Chris
Priems(35) 4th Mo Sabih(35) 5th S Butterfield(34)

Results for 3rd September MONTHLY MEDAL

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† What a start to Spring!!! Ivanhoe members could not have asked for more. Gorgeous sunshine, perfectly mown fairways, and¬†unbelievably¬†commented on fast greens!!! For those lucky regulars, maybe it’s time to pay some cash, and shut the gates. That we are truly chosen is rapidly becoming an understatement. WIth chip, and run already in play, the big hitters must be licking their lips for whats in store¬†for the pursuing months.

Medal day format is always daunting for the majority of competitors,¬†alas one seasoned professional¬†always seems to bring his A game early in every¬†month.¬†Our ever consistent¬†President Andrew Petricola(70!)¬†precisely, and patiently¬†played his way into a countback¬†for the September¬†Medal with an unlucky Brendon Mitchell(81). Brendon has only recently helped welcome into the world¬†a beautiful baby girl,¬†and the club¬†passes on all best wishes.¬†unfortunately¬†Brendon, sometimes you can’t¬†have it all.¬† Both receiving¬†the full champ points, the 1 stroke¬†handicap deduction, a¬†trophy(only one given in alphabetical order¬†of first name), and a new golf ball. Well played Gentlmen.

All out on his own for second was Paul Anderson(87), claiming his highest finish down at Ivanhoe. Good work Paul, scoring becomes addictive, the handicap must be punished. Mike Mann(91) continues to enjoy the 2011 season, always in and about the points. Mike takes third place, and also collects maximum points in the seniors competition, which i have to admit looks all a little confused at the moment(we are onto it).

Ball hole went to Ken Grist, and the cesh will roll into next week.

Results for Saturday, 03 September 2011
1st Brendon
Mitchell(65) 1st Andrew Petricola(65) 2nd Paul Anderson(66)
3rd Mike Mann(67) 4th Malcolm Adey(69) 4th Bill Eastoe(69)
5th Rodger Clarke(70) 5th Stephen O’Sullivan(70)