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Stuart Clarke Memorial Final Round, Stableford Competition 26 March 2016

Winning beast
Is that a really ugly shirt or is it just you?

It has been seven years to the day since Stuart left us and there was a good turn out of members decked out in loud or ugly shirts as befits this Memorial day.  It is a moot point whether the blue Club shirts really do count as ugly but then beauty is said to be in the eye of the beholder.  There were twenty three out on the course which included one ring-in from the front desk and Bob, who Chrispy managed to forget about in the juggling of groups to fit in the matchplay pairs and extras.  At least it explained the extra five dollars that appeared to be in the count when SOS collected the monies. The weather bureau keeps making noises about rain and showers but very little seems to make the ground and today was no exception with calm and overcast making for pleasant playing conditions.

Brent joined us again today and put in his third card and so he now qualifies for competition starting with a handicap of 20.  Joe Wagenecht, a soft sounding mid-western Yank from Chicago (Oliver Gross territory) also joined us for the first time today.  He had to put up with Gordon and Brendon but he seemed to enjoy himself despite that and came in not too far away from his GL adjusted Club handicap.  As seems to be the case quite often (except for ChrisV of course) new members seem to score on the Nearest the Pin competitions.  So, it is perhaps no surprise that Brent scored the ProPin on the 12th with a 2.16m putt for his birdie (that he didn’t get) and Joe gets himself a ball from the BallPin on the 18th.  While on the topic of birdies, we only managed to report 9 today which is a bit on the low side.  Pull your socks up chaps if we are ever going to dislodge Brendon from the top of the Eclectic Table.

As it turned out, the conditions suited the Beast and he surged in the home straight from the middle of the field to take the trophy with a combined total of 72 points.  The group in front had a fair idea that Bill was doing OK with his ball being in front of the drives and/or first on the green.  As well as the 16 points in the main Championship, Bill also scored the double points in the Seniors so a very successful day all round.  The round of the day, however, went to Gordon who, on the face of it was ‘out of the running’ in the chef’s group. But, 39 points was enough to put him up into second on 69 points and the scuttle-butt has it that if he hadn’t tripped at the 18th he could have snatched a tie or even a win.  Gordon also collects a swatch of Seniors points.

Now, you might be wondering why the next placings don’t agree with the announcements at the presentations.  Well, you can blame Harry for that, firstly for adding up Chrispy’s scores incorrectly and secondly for a points error on Simon’s card.  Ah well, nobody’s perfect.  So, despite Mehmet’s horror day, he managed to get himself into third place alongside Chris and pushed himself a few slots up the Championship table and maybe he can catch the leader without an actual win on the board.  Chris had his first round with his new driver and if his shot from the first is any guide, it could be a good thing.  He used an orange ball, in line with his current policy, despite being presented with  a B51 by Gordon before the round.  Make of that what you will.

Anyhow, Simon kept his fourth spot despite the one less stableford point and Harry and Ryan moved up one spot to collect a few more championship points than might have been the case.  Both Simon and Harry left a few out there on the course with quite a number of putts refusing to fall into the hole.  And, in what will be a surprise for them when the read this, Brendon and Noodles will get a couple of points apiece from their promotion into 5th spot.

There was only one report of a draughtie today and that was from Harry who skulled it off the 3rd tee and  rued the all-clutching turf that stopped the ball just shy of the red markers.  On the other hand, SOS managed to put his drive from the 17th onto the green with a good chance to clean out the Eagles Nest.  Unfortunately, it was not to be and a simple par was the ultimate result.  ChrisV also took on the green at the 17th and in the process nearly took out one of the players in the group in front.  No harm done, but do take care on that one chaps.  One of the flag pins probably has a serious bend in it after Bob collected it dead centre and bent it almost double.  The ball fell dead to the green but if it hadn’t been for the flag, it would have been a long chip back.

CraigC looked as if he was going to tear up the course on the front nine but he settled back to the pack on the back and played neatly to his handicap, which is always a good thing.  Joe played well to the green but he had a bit of a tough time of it on the green.  So, if he can get his flat stick working, then you might soon see him on the podium.  Rob managed to put two balls into the hazard on the 8th and decided that he was at least going to have a look for them.  He came out of the hazard with eight.  Not a bad return.  Ed’s tee-shot into the creepers from the 4th could have had a similar dividend if the search had continued for much longer which caused one of the searchers to comment that if proved that a lot of other people played s**t golf as well.

There were two Matches contested today.  ChrisV and Mal did battle in the first and, although the score-line looks a bit dire at 5 and 4 to Chris, it seems that it was lost with the putter more than anything else as Mal kept missing them when they counted.  In the other battle royal, Eddie and Simon locked horns and took it pretty much in turn to win (or lose depending on your perspective).  The match went dormie at the 14th and Simon needed to win the rest to make it square.  He won two but could only manage to square the 17th and so Ed was victorious 2 and 1.  There are still a lot of matches to be played or otherwise determined next week.  Just because you are on the bottom of the match pairing doesn’t mean that you can’t have been badgering your opponent to play.  Some Round 2 matches are known and they can now be played at any time between now and the 5th May.  Get on with it.

The Birthday Birdie will be fluttering around next Saturday to shower wishes upon Simon and if he is lucky, the Golf Gods might shine on him as well.  Simon has been doing some work on the Club shirt front (as distinct from the shirt-front) and had some samples on show today.  They appear to be good quality and quite reasonably priced.  White, blue and black were on show and a straw poll suggests that white could be the preferred colour.  There was also some discussion as to whether to revert to the old helmet logo.  If you would like to have some input on the matter just get in contact with Simon.

There was the usual bar-b-que after the round with a wide range of sausages and patties expertly cooked by Brendon and Gordo.  The pack of chili sausages must have had all the chili in one sausage as it was reported that Laurie almost ‘exploded’ when he bit into his.  Damo and Harry on the other hand reckoned the makers should be had up for false labelling with no detectable chili.  Either that or Brendon forgot where they were on the hot-plate.  Who-ever’s dog got the left-overs might have a tail to tell.

Results for Saturday, 26 March 2016
1st Bill Eastoe(35, 37, 72) 2nd Gordon Hill(30, 39, 69) 3rd Mehmet Akdag(41, 26, 67) 3rd Chris Priems(33, 34, 67) 4th Ryan Porker(39, 27, 66) 4th Simon Powell(35, 31, 66) 4th Harry Boughen(35, 31, 66) 5th Stephen Butterfield(33, 29, 62) 5th Brendon Mitchell(26, 36, 62)

Seniors Results: 1st Bill Eastoe (35, 37, 72) 2nd Gordon Hill (30, 39, 69) 3rd Harry Boughen (35, 31, 66) 3rd Simon Powell (35, 31, 66)

Nearest the Pin Results: ProPin 12th Brent Rowley BallPin 18th Joe Wagenecht

Stuart Clarke Memorial Stableford Competition Round 1 on 19 March 2016

Mehm looking relaxed
I’m not supposed to be out in front…

The equinox is nigh and it seems as if the autumn break has arrived.  A goodly drop of rain in the last day and a brisk southerly bringing in the occasional shower this morning and keeping the temperature down so that people were glad to don their wet weather gear to keep warm as well as to keep dry.  The hardy souls with shorts and no rain pants just had to grin and bear it.  Despite the inclemency, nineteen members managed to get here on time although Rodger was cutting it a bit fine after stopping for breakfast on the way.  He’d been written in and then written out (but not off) with space in the last group for him and any other stragglers.  A later start next week might even allow the Lodger to have breakfast and get here on time.

So, did the rain affect the outcome of the days endeavours?  It doesn’t seem so by the look of the scorecard that Mehm managed to persuade somebody to fill out for him.  After being told last week that he would have to pull his socks up if he wanted to feature at the end of the year, that is exactly what he did and racked up a total of 41 points as a result.  Regardless of whether he manages to keep it up and wins the event, the handicapper is going to come calling after that one.  Mehmet’s marker and partner in crime, Ryan, only managed to come up with 39 points to sit comfortably in second place and with every chance to overtake Mehm before the event is finished.

Just a couple of points further back is Rob who could easily have been the front runner had it not been for three holes for which he did not get a point.  The last tee group should make for some interesting competition next week as these three slug it out.

Thirty-five points was a pretty popular score but it does leave a bit of work to do next week to catch the leaders.  Those with their work cut out include JohnQ, Simon, Harry and the Beast.  Just a point behind, and capable of anything, are Bobbie, Blighty and Whitey.

Only one Matchplay match today between Noodles and Harry.  Harry had a pretty good front nine and briefly got to 3 up and started the back 2 up.  Some errant shot making on the odd holes gave Noodles a sniff and after the 16th the match was dormie 2.  A win for Noods on the 17th raised the spectre of the match finishing square with a chip-off decider but Harry’s win on the 18th gave him the match 2 up.  There are still a lot of matches to be played in the first round and only two more Saturdays left.  Get on to your opponent and arrange a match or arrange a result.  There is no extra time.  Those that know their opponent for round 2 can play any time they like from now on.

The BallPin was on the 15th and it looked as if the Beast was going to collect himself another ball.  But, it was not to be, Last Group Gordon came along and put his name on the ticket.  I guess that would have to be what you call pay-back for Bill’s effort last week.  The ProPin was on the 18th and for a while it looked as if it was going to go begging but then along came Ryan who put it close enough to get his name on the ticket and close enough to win the dosh.  He didn’t manage the birdie, however, and the whole group could only come up with 13.  There will be a few moves on the Eclectic Table after today but you won’t see them till next week.  Simon was one that managed to improve today and he puts it firmly down to the new set of artillery that is filling his new bag alongside the driver and fairway woods that he acquired a while back.  Reckons he will have to put off his retirement, though, as a result.  Must be the season or something because Chrispresident is also lining up to be fitted for new hardware.  Not as speccy as Simon’s by all accounts.

At one stage during the round, Noodles was heard to tell Harry to keep his pants on.  Now that would have be the pot calling the kettle black!  In other action on the course, Chrispresident reportedly had an airie on the 11th and after a couple more duffs he picked up less than half way down the fairway.  This seemed to set the tone for the rest of the nine with a fairly serious oil-slick following him around.  In a similar vein, Bob had a draughtie on the 7th and Harry went close to the same outcome on a couple of holes with only a metre or two in it.

Blighty managed to tee his ball up between the red markers and was only saved by the good graces of his partners pointing out the error of his ways.  That really would have rubbed salt into the wounds that resulted from several journeys out of bounds as well including one on the 15th that required a trudge back to the tee.  Rodger was feeling pretty pleased with himself to be just off the green for two on the 14th but a chip and four putts soon deflated that balloon.  Not to be out-done, JohnQ put his tee-shot on the 18th green and then managed 5 putts to register no score.  That could have been expensive had JQ been playing next week.

The rain was tapering off when Gordon got to the 9th green and he put his (open) umbrella down while the group went about their business on the green.  Just as they finished putting, a bit of a buster arrived and the umbrella took off with Gordo and Rodger (in the cart) in hot pursuit.  They finally managed to crash-tackle the escapee in the middle of the 17th.

So, despite the on again – off again showers during the first half of the round, a good time was had by all.  The relative closeness of the scores means that there will be some fierce competition next week as they strive to get their name on this prestigious trophy (and the double points of course).  There will be the usual bar-b-que after the round which will be a good opportunity to reminisce by those who knew Stuart and to admire one anothers loud/Hawaiian shirts that we always wear in remembrance of his exquisite dress sense.  Even if you didn’t play today, everybody is welcome, but try to let us know so that we can be sure that the catering is adequate.

Results for Saturday, 19 March 2016
Leaderboard Round 1 1st Mehmet Akdag(41) 2nd Ryan Porker(39) 3rd Robert Priems(37) 4th Harry Boughen(35) 4th Bill Eastoe(35) 4th Simon Powell(35) 4th John Quinlan(35) 5th Andrew Blight(34) 5th Bob McDonald(34) 5th Rodney White(34)

Seniors Leaderboard

1st Harry Boughen(35) 1st Bill Eastoe(35) 1st Simon Powell(35) 2nd Bob McDonald(34) 2nd Andrew Blight(34) 3rd Rodger Clarke(33)

Nearest the Pin Results: ProPin 18th Ryan Porker BallPin 15th Gordon Hill

Par Competition on 12 March 2016

Mal and Damo winners
Just like the Magic Pudding – cut and come again!

It was a steamy, humid day as the warm moist air continued to stream in from the North and although there was a bit of rain on Friday, the pumping restrictions from the river mean that the fairways are getting pretty patchy in places as the management try to keep the greens and tees in good playing order.  Rumour has it that the greens are coming up for coring soon so that should make things interesting for a week or two.  Regardless of the conditions and the long week-end, eighteen members managed to make it to the course to contend with another Par Competition.  It was scheduled as a Yellow Ball Teams event but it seems that an executive decision was taken to by-pass that pleasure out of deference to the members embroiled in their Matchplay Championship matches.

Damo was one of those testing his Matchplay skills but that didn’t deter him from putting together one of his better rounds in recent times to mount the podium very smartly after his return from the summer cricket break.  He was joined in top spot by Mal who put in another valiant effort to break his age with 37 off the stick on the back nine for +7 points to give himself the equal top score of +4 overall.  If he can take a few holes less to warm up, the age barrier will be busted for sure.  Mal is challenging again for the lead in the Championship Table and is still leader in the Seniors.

In second spot, and also having something of a purple patch, is Bob who was not all that far behind with a +3 total.  The seniors points puts him right up there in a good position to challenge Mal for the lead.  Ryan started out well, reeling off three plusses on the first three holes and nothing less than a square for the whole of the front nine.  A bit of a wobble at the start of the back brought him in alongside Bob.

Gordon is still suffering a bit from his defeat in his Matchplay match last week but looked to be about to make amends with a good result but the sump plug went missing after nine and he struggled to come home in positive territory.  Pepsi had his draw working today and placed a magnificent drive from the 11th to the back of the green to score one of his several birdies.  On the 14th, where he would have preferred it straight, the draw carried the ball OOB by the 15th tee.  He effectively birdied the hole with his second to finish with  a bogey.

Four people filled fourth place with the Beast, Laurie, Targe and Whitey all presenting with a -1 on their cards.  A couple of point tallying differences might have changed the listing from the after game announcements.  Mehm and Chrispresident brought up the rear but if Mehm wants to fulfill his ambition to win the Championship without winning an event, he is going to have to get some higher placings shortly.  Chrispresident could also have done better if he, too, had not lost the sump plug on the back nine.

Pepsi will be off on Friday to have the procedure that he hopes will repair his dicky knee and so he was probably pleased to be able to defray some of the expense with the proceeds of the ProPin on the 12th green.  It obviously wasn’t close enough the gather a birdie but it is probably appropriate to mention that there were a total of 12 scored today.  Whilst Brendon enjoyed a ‘nice walk spoiled’ today, he did manage to improve his Eclectic score and now has a fairly formidable three stroke lead.  Still, plenty of the year left to wear him down.  Noodles also joined Brendon for a nice walk and he is probably pretty pleased that Harry was out of town and a Matchplay match-up is still to be arranged.  The BallPin was on the 18th and, up until the very last tee shot of the day, it looked as if Gordon was going to add to his collection of Calloways.  But, it was not to be as the Beast stepped up to the mark and rolled one in closer than Gordo’s mark.

So, all the best to Pepsi for a successful outcome to the work on the knee and we hope that those rascally little stem-cells know exactly what they have to turn into or he could end up with cauliflower ears instead of a new tendon.  The Birthday Birdie also has a wish to pass on to Taner, a chap we haven’t seen for a little while but, hopefully, he will be back on the tees really soon.

There were four matches taken care of today.  Bob took on Mehmet and, for the first nine holes, it looked as if there would be a close result.  But, after the turn, Bob struck a bit of extra form and slowly eased ahead to end up taking the match at the 15th 4 & 3.  Ryan and Targe slugged it out with Ryan seeming to have the better of it at the turn.  Targe fought back to square the match at the 14th but then ran out of puff to give Ryan the match at the 17th 2 & 1.  Damo and Rod took it in turns for most of the front nine despite Rod needing two shots to reach most of Damo’s drives.  But, after the turn, Damo put his foot down and showed Rod a clean pair of heels to be dormie 5 at the 13th and finishing off with a win at 14 to go 6 & 4.  The cliff hanger of the day, however, was between Pepsi and Whitey.  The honours went first one way and then the other with neither party getting any sort of an upper hand.  So it is probably appropriate that the match finished at the 18th all square and so the match proceeded to a chip-off to decide the result.  In the end, it turned out to be a putt-off when they both chipped to within 1.5m and when Whitey sank his putt to Pepsi’s miss, the result fell in Whitey’s favour.

So, still plenty of matches to be played.  The person on top of the match is responsible for arranging the match.  Anybody unable to play or withdrawing is honour bound to do so at the earliest opportunity.  Waiting for your handicap to change is not an excuse.

In other news, as fore-shadowed last week, DennisW was the successful competitor in the Master of Medallists event run by the Course management.  So a big congratulations to Dennis for a great performance.

The next two weeks will be Stableford Competition for the Stuart Clarke Memorial Trophy.  Double points up for grabs for those skilled enough to get a placing.  And for everybody, there will be a bar-b-que feast after the game on the 26th.  And, yes, you can arrange your Matchplay match during this event.


Actually, just another mention on the topic from last week.  To put it simply, any relief taken outside a lateral water hazard (all on our course) has to be in relation to the point at which the ball ‘last’ crossed the hazard boundary.

Results for Saturday, 12 March 2016
1st Malcolm Fleming(+4) 1st Damien Lee(+4) 2nd Bob McDonald(+3) 2nd Ryan Porker(+3) 3rd Gordon Hill(+1) 3rd Andrew Petricola(+1) 4th Bill Eastoe(-1) 4th Laurie Mannix(-1) 4th Targe Mifsud(-1) 4th Rodney White(-1) 5th Mehmet Akdag(-2) 5th Chris Priems(-2)

Seniors Results: 1st Malcolm Fleming (+4) 2nd Bob McDonald (+3) 3rd Gordon Hill (+1)

Nearest the Pin Results: ProPin 12th Andrew Petricola BallPin 18th Bill Eastoe

March Monthly Medal on 05 March 2016 – Stroke Competition

Trevor looking non-chalant
Ho hum, just another medal to my collection!

Still no rain but at least the greens were sopping wet.  Casual water on the first but some pretty hard lies were to be found away from the range of the sprinklers that seem to be concentrating their efforts on and around the greens.  Still, better to have greens that you can attack than something akin to greased lightning.  The run on the fairways can be helpful, unless of course you hit sky-rockets, hey Whitey.  Not sure what the occasion was.  Obviously the Monthly Medal has an attraction for some and the AGM is one of the highlights of the year so between the two, we managed to attract twenty-three members along for the fray.  Zimmer’s mate, George, came back and put in his second card on the way to gaining his membership and, entirely from left field, long term member and long time absentee, Tony Mifsud ( for those that don’t know, he’s Targe’s brother) came along to renew acquaintances.  No suggestion that he is planning a come-back to the hallowed fields but anything is possible.  Twenty-five players and seven groups.  Something of a record perhaps.

Trevor can only manage to make it every second week or so these days and maybe he puts the off weeks to good use and bones up on his techniques.  He has been known to sport a texta inspirational mantra on the back of his hand or on his wrist which suggests that he has been working on his game in one form or another.  The move to a cart on a regular basis has surely also helped.  Whatever the reason, it sure paid off in spades today as Trevor absolutely streeted the field with a 61 nett.  Of course, he’ll have to concentrate a bit more from now on after the fall of the Handicappers Axe.  In the process, he managed to dishearten half of the field as the word of the result spread and people realised that they would have to birdie the rest of the course to have a chance of catching him.

Eddie was obviously concentrating on his game today as he came in with a nett 66 right alongside Rob who was doing battle with Gordo in a Matchplay match as well.  But more of that later.  Ed was so engrossed that he managed (again) to forget to put out the BallPin on the 15th where it was supposed to go.  Targe was all for having his guts for garters after he put his shot on the 15th within 2m of the pin which might have been in there with a chance.  With only the 18th left as a location for the BallPin it was decided that both the ProPin and the BallPin would be paid on the same shot on the 18th.  And, the lucky ducky was Gordon who made it to 4.64m which really isn’t that far inside the circle.

There was a certain amount of sledging going on in the last group as Ryan and ChrisV slugged it out as to who could drive the furthest, get closest to the pin or sink the longest putt.  Ryan managed to come in with the best score to take third place with a nett 68.  However, Chris had a victory of another sort on the 6th when he cracked a boomer of a drive and then put his second pin high a couple of metres or less out and then sank the putt for the easiest of eagles.  The poor old Eagle is an empty nester again.  And to add insult to injury, to the Eagle and possibly to Chris, the Club voted at the AGM to increase the Eagles Nest by a full ball per week instead of the current half ball.

For some reason, SOS got all excited when Targe started announcing the list of 4th place-getters.  Now, whether it was because his name was in the list, or because of the score that won the spot, the reason for the excitement is not immediately clear.  However, sixty-nine was enough for ChrisV, Pepsi,  Beast, Gordo, Noodles and last, but by no means least, our SOS to collect themselves some desperately needed points.

Bringing up the rear of the place-getters and fully nine strokes behind the winner were CraigC and Brendon who is also making a reasonable fist of handling his newish low handicap.

The Matchplay Championship Round 1 is now under way and two matches were contested today.  Gordon and Rob battled it out in a finely balanced match that could have gone right to the wire if Gordon had not rimmed out a putt on the 17th to let Rob in for a square and a 2 and 1 result.  A win instead would have resulted in a square result and a chip-off.  Careless Gordo!  In the other match, Chrispy was victorious over Blighty with a fairly significant margin of 6 and 5.  Chrispy reckons it is the first time he has beaten somebody older than him in the first round of the Matchplay since the competition began.  And the bragging has already begun.

DennisT seemed to be well placed with his drive on the 13th and should have been well placed to reach the green.  What went wrong with the shot is a little unclear but a severe shank propelled the ball at ninety degrees to the line and it hit his buggy and finished behind him.  What makes matters worse is that it was the second time that the buggy had come into play in the round.  That would almost have to be worth a round of drinks!

Pepsi was pretty pleased with himself today, not because he was up there in the points but because he had birdied the 4th for the first time since Adam was a boy.  So, that did go towards the Eclectic and there were quite a few moves on the board today but Brendon still has the running in this event at the moment.

Rob put his drive on the 1st into the gum tree on the left and his second towards the gum tree on the right.  When he asked, Did you see where that went? his partners thought he was referring to the ball but in actual fact he was asking about his club which he reckons ‘slipped’ out of his hands and he didn’t know where it had gone.

Brendon obviously put in the hard yards today and was starving hungry as a result if the meal that he ordered from the kitchen and hoed into after the game was anything to go by.

DennisW was spotted just finishing his round in the Medal of Medallists event being run by the Course management.  Dennis had a card with a nett 64 which would have to be in with something of a chance.  Hopefully the Club will be represented on the podium courtesy of Dennis.


There has been a lot of discussion about the application of rules to the water hazards on the course which are all lateral water hazards.  There is a link to a general guideline under the Rules Menu at the top of the page.  Please familiarise yourself with the rule and its implications as, although we are a social club, we do pride ourselves in playing by the rules.  In addition to that, and pertinent to today’s round, the following is reproduced from the Rules of Golf (my annotations in italics).

26.2. Ball Played Within Water Hazard

a. Ball Comes to Rest in Same or Another Water Hazard

If a ball played from within a water hazard comes to rest in the same or another water hazard after the stroke, the player may:

  1. under penalty of one stroke, play a ball as nearly as possible at the spot from which the last stroke from outside the water hazard was made (see Rule 20-5); or
  2. proceed under rule 26-1a (drop a ball and play again from the original spot in the hazard), 26-1b (drop a ball behind the hazard with no limit in line with the crossing point and the pin) or, if applicable, 26-1c (normal lateral water hazard rules with respect to the last boundary crossing point ie where the ball originally entered the hazard in the case of it being in the same hazard or entered the second hazard in the case of it being in the second hazard), incurring the penalty of one stroke under that Rule.  For the purposes of applying Rule 26-1b or 26-1c, the reference point is the point where the original ball last crossed the margin of the hazard in which it lies.

So, in this case, the player could either replay a ball dropped at the original spot in the hazard or take relief within two club lengths from where the ball first entered the hazard, no closer to the hole since the hazard on this course is a lateral water hazard.  He could also use the rule 26-1b or, in this case, return to the tee (26.2a-1)

After the round, the AGM was held.  In stepping down, out-going President Andrew thanked the Committee members for their good work and support during the year and reported on a successful year with good attendances and a good flow of new members.  The treasurer reported that the finances were in a good state and that the detailed accounts were available for inspection and analysis by anybody that was interested.  The following were elected as the Committee for the coming year.

  • President Chris Priems
  • Vice-President John Quinlan
  • Secretary Andrew Blight
  • Treasurer Stephen O’Sullivan
  • Assistant Treasurer Gordon Hill
  • Social Secretary Gordon Hill
  • Handicapper Harry Boughen
  • Assistant Handicapper Ryan Porker
  • Club Captain Targe Mifsud
  • Tee Marshall Simon Powell
  • Assistant Tee Marshall Chris Priems

The Annual Challenge weekend will be at Numurkah again this year on 19-21 August and Gordon will be calling for expressions of interest (with deposits) shortly when more details re cost etc will be made available.

Results for Saturday, 05 March 2016
1st Trevor Jackson(61) 2nd Ed Kloprogge(66) 2nd Robert Priems(66) 3rd Ryan Porker(68) 4th Stephen Butterfield(69) 4th Bill Eastoe(69) 4th Gordon Hill(69) 4th Andrew Petricola(69) 4th Stephen O’Sullivan(69) 4th Chris Vinecombe(69) 5th Craig Cameron(70) 5th Brendon Mitchell(70)

Seniors Results: 1st Trevor Jackson (61) 2nd Ed Kloprogge (66) 3rd Gordon Hill (69) 3rd Bill Eastoe (69)

Nearest the Pin Results: ProPin 18th Gordon Hill BallPin 18th Gordon Hill

Eagle’s nest Results: Eagle 6th Chris Vinecombe