Saturday 24th August 2019 – Grandpa

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This is too easy

The sun is awakening earlier, the threat of rain is dwindling and the 3rd green is finally open for play. You would have expected to see some brilliant scoring but unfortunately it was not the case. Scores of -6 -7 -8 and -11 were handed in early, but the ever reliable Dennis again battled hard for a score of +1 to take out first place.  That handicap will again take another adjustment.

There were 4x Double Pluses carded for the days play, Rob, Brendon, Peter and Ken, all who made them using the unique format to great effect. Of these guys Brendon and Peter also placed in 2nd with a square card. They were also joined by Jason who also slotted one close on the 12th to win the ball hole.

A couple of Ivanhoe veterans tied up for 3rd place with -2, none other than Bob and Gordon. The real Priems and porks trailed back in 4th place with -3. Last but not least, in 5th Dale and Matt rounded out the placings with -4.

There was a total of 9 birdies carded for the day from 18 members. The greens still have a few wounds that are on the mend which could be attributing to scoring on the lower end of the spectrum. Another factor could be the wind, which picked up and was swirling around and gusting towards the end of the round.

This did not hinder Peps on the 18th, who managed the left to right wind to find it close to the pin for the second ball prize. This however was an exception, as Peps did not have the best of days. After the round, Gordon said that SOS was shanking them everywhere, Gordon himself was missing 1ft putts but they looked like pro’s in comparison to Dave and Peps who were not in good form at all. After the round, Whitey was complaining that he thought he played ok on the back 9, but had a -6.

The pro pin was on the 15th and the tee was up the front which left about 90m to the pin with the assist of the wind. This did not seem to help at all and the no one was close enough to take the prize so a jackpot for next week it will be.  Noods received a phone call on the 11th green from one of his lady friends, and the gentleman that he is, he maintained the phone conversation going while he putted for birdie. Even though he was 2 foot away, he missed the putt and did not blame the phone that was wedged between his shoulder and chin. Maybe he was thinking about a decent pick up line rather than the golf?

Targe was there for the presentations and was wielding a brace on his wrist after some minor rectification works the other week. Hopefully it is well on the mend so he can be back on the winners list soon. Happy birthday to Peter who is celebrating a milestone this week.

Results for Saturday, 24 August 2019
1st Dennis Ward(+1) 2nd Peter Damou(□) 2nd Jason Hopkins(□) 2nd Brendon Mitchell(□) 3rd Gordon Hill(-2) 3rd Bob McDonald(-2) 4th Ryan Porker(-3) 4th Robert Priems(-3) 5th Matt Hunt(-4) 5thDale Webb(-4)

Seniors Results: 1st Dennis Ward (+1) 2nd Bob McDonald (-2) 2nd Gordon Hill (-2) 3rd Bill Eastoe (-5)

Nearest the Pin Results: ProPin15th Jackpot BallPin No 1 12th Jason Hopkins BallPin No 2 18th Andrew Petricola