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A beautiful day for golf on 29 October 2022

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Unfortunately, it was not to be. Birrarung chose to overflow the banks again following a gutful of rain during the week, and the course was closed for the weekend. And so, one of the few days in recent times that was reasonably clement went begging and the eleven members who registered to play had to find something else to occupy their time other than playing golf.

The Club Committee, on the other hand, did find something to occupy themselves. They had an email meeting to determine what to do about the Fred Kitson Spring Cup event. In the end, it was decided that it was impossible to fairly reschedule either the final round or the whole event while also completing the balance of the calendar for this competition year. Thus, the Fred Kitson has been cancelled, and the round completed last week has been declared an ordinary round with points and handicapping for those members that competed and completed.

Only four more Saturdays to go, assuming that there are no more weather interruptions until the end of this Competition year. We still have the matchplay finals to get done, so if those involved could make the necessary arrangements/agreements, that would be good. The Club Strokeplay Championship rounds are coming up, and, come December, the slate will be wiped clean, and the new competition year will get under way with the Vin O’Meara followed closely by the CoCs and the break-up and presentations.

No rest for the Birthday Birdie this week, despite the flooding, as he will have to flutter his way around to visit Life member Rodger and Ordinary member Damo. Have a good one, guys!

Results for Saturday, 29 Oct 2022
No Competition due to flooding