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Never believe the Weatherman on 04 June 2022

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Good, I’ve got my spot in the CoC field, now I can relax!

Somebody during the week suggested that the medal might be awarded to the winner of the 50m freestyle. This, and other comments, suggested that there was more than a little faith being placed in the accuracy of the rainfall predictions from the BOM. Such pessimism might very well have contributed to the fact that a rather meagre collection of ten members turned out for their chance to score a medal for the poolroom. As it turned out, the temperature wasn’t all that bad, the wind didn’t spring up until later in the morning and the rain stayed away entirely. The course was in good condition and the greens had been cleared of dew and debris, and the management declared that preferred lies were the order of the day. With such a combination of conditions, it is no wonder that the scoring was hot – not!

The question was asked, in the aftermath of the round, had CJ been abducted by aliens and had been replaced by an avatar that was capable of hitting a golf ball straight. The evidence for this ‘accuracy’ was just a bit conspicuous by its absence on the front nine, with eleven of his twelve strokes behind him. However, the back nine was a bit more of a thing and just four over the card was the order of the day for a net result three outside his handicap (or 71 net for the mathematically challenged). Whitey was playing in the same group and actually marked CJ’s card. His round was rather more balanced, matching CJ’s tally on the front, but he left a few out there on the back to come in with the same net score. CJ’s stellar performance on the back nine meant that the count back was almost a no contest and the medal was knocked down to CJ. This caused the question to be asked whether this was one of the highest scores to win a medal. Well, to find a matching score, you only have to go back to the April medal of this year, when Porks collected that one. For the all-time record (as far back as detailed records are available) you have to go back to 2000 when Laurie Mannix took the prize with a net 76.

H played some good shots today, but he lost count of the putts from just outside gimme range that failed to hit the hole sufficiently to fall in. As a result, double bogies were rather prevalent and the best he could do was a net score of 75. This turned out to be sufficient to win second placing for the day. However, this little glory was not to be his alone, as he was joined on the podium by Gordo, who had started out a little shakily, but who settled down to put in a moderately respectable back nine. Adam was only one stroke behind for his spot on the podium for third place. A ball that could not be found within a few metres of the 9th green was probably the difference between this and second place.

True to form, Rob was on the buy once again after the round. It seems that he really smashed his drive on one hole, and it had travelled at least 150m past the red markers. There the ball found a tree and, with a dead centre contact, it came back a full 160m to finish on his side of the reds. The trees seem to have been particularly resilient today, because Brent also whacked one on the second, and not only did it come back beyond the reds, it came back and finished behind the whites as well. To rub salt into the wounds, the ball was lost and Brent plodded his first double figure score for the day. Yes, there were more! Despite this little tribulation, and a niner on the 15th due to a couple of shots OOB, Rob was able to claim fourth place with his 78. SOS was absolutely desperate to produce a par for the day. As hard as he tried, he did not manage it until the 16th. The result obviously went to his head as he followed up with a nine on the 17th. However, there were no more pars to be had as he scored a birdie on the 18th after knocking off Harry for the BallPin. This was just one of the four birdies that we scored for the day.

For some reason, the first BallPin on Medal day was nominated for the 7th hole. There were confident predictions in the Clubhouse that it would be a Jackpot. However, Brent put paid to that idea when he put his ball on, and he remained unchallenged. The ProPin was on the 12th, and quite a few people managed to get onto the green, but none were close enough to get their name on the card to give us a Jackpot for next week.

Steve struggled with his shots from the tee today, and a few other places as well. At one stage, he was heard to be threatening to give the game away. That is, until he scored a birdie on the 17th, when all of a sudden he started talking about next week. Despite all this, he just missed out on a point, taking 6th place with his 84 net. Even though he shared the top honours, Whitey was shanking them severely from the tee, which did not help the cause at all. And, while on the topic of shanks, SOS was chipping to the green on the 4th from a relatively short distance. He managed a shank that travelled at 45 degrees to the intended line, travelled about 3m and missed the green entirely. Maybe he can blame the fact that he was in hospital a week ago, getting a knee job. The Birthday Birdie was a bit remiss last week when he failed to visit Dave to help celebrate his happy occasion. He is sure that Dave smashed it though.

Results for Saturday, 04 June 2022
Winner Chris Priems (71 c/b t9) 1st Rodney White (71) 2nd Harry Boughen (75) 2nd Gordon Hill (75) 3rd Adam King (76) 4th Robert Priems (78) 5th Stephen O’Sullivan (79)

Seniors Results: 1st Chris Priems (71) 1st Rodney White (71) 2nd Gordon Hill (75) 2nd Harry Boughen (75) 3rd Steven Gervasoni (84)

Nearest the Pin Results: ProPin – 12th Jackpot BallPin No 1 – 7th Brent Rowley BallPin No 2 – 18th Stephen O’Sullivan