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Stan and The Man on 01 January 2022.

Happy 2022 everyone – it’s just gotta be better than 2021!

As the inveterate, and possibly inebriated, party-goers were just beginning to feel the pain of the aftermath of last night’s frivolities, two intrepid souls teed off, without being teed off, to welcome in the New Year in quite another way. With about six cars in the car-park and the club-house sealed up as tight as a drum, it was easy to imagine that you had the course to yourself. The early morning coolth was pleasant enough, but there was no doubt that it would not last forever, and, as the morning progressed, the temperature rose and rose and the shady side of the fairway was the place to be. The sprinklers had been given a run, but the tee boxes were still hard, and the fairways offered plenty of run for the lower launch-angle ball. The odd puddle by the edge of the green stood ready to halt the progress of the chip that happened to make the right (or should that be wrong?) distance.

Harry was resigning himself to a round of ‘bogie’ golf after missing par putts on the first five holes. The par on the 6th broke that little run and there followed the prospect of eight of the nine holes with a five on the scorecard, until the 9th well and truly wrecked that. Stan had his fair share of troubles with balls ‘disappearing’ in what should have been plain sight, and he reckons he set a new standard for high score on the 6th after one such episode. He did compensate with a couple of chip/putt-ins from just off the green. His tee shot on the 12th was always straight at the pin, but the run out on the green could not be discerned and was thought to be a chance. Harry followed the same line and also looked to be in NTP contention, if nothing else. Both were a bit short, but Stan easily won the closest spot. All in all, not a bad way to welcome in the New Year of Golf.

And, while on the subject of the New Year of Golf, next Saturday will be the January Monthly Medal, a good chance to qualify for some silver-ware come next Trophy Day. If nothing else, the Double Jackpot for the ProPin on the 15th should be enough to entice you along, so, get onto the website and register to reserve your spot. Also, don’t forget that memberships are now over-due, and the Treasurer would appreciate your prompt transfer of the appropriate amounts ($40 for Club, and $90 for GA (if applicable)) into the Club bank account.

See you on the tee and may you all finish behind me /;-{)}

Results for Saturday, 01 January 2022
No Competition but Harry had 37 points (net 67)