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Six men went to mow… on 16 October 2021

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Who’d have thought that so many people would be put off by the prospect of a bit of rain? The keen beans were there bright and early, confident in the fact that there was little showing on the radar. A couple of arrivals were slightly more tentative and thought of going home when their drawn opponent was not going to show. But, the prospect of a hit and giggle, admittedly with the prospect of getting wet feet, at least, persuaded them to stay. As there were six in attendance, the thought of declaring it a full competition and awarding points did cross a mind or two, but, in the end, it was decided that even the ProPin was not worth the effort. So, a hit and giggle, it was.

As it turned out, there was absolutely no rain until just after the last group finished, when a short sharp shower sent people scurrying to their cars. As a result, tall tales but true are a bit thin on the ground. Old Reliable started off in his usual style from the first, but the greens proved to be a bit tricky for him, with the speed hard to judge, particularly when moisture seemed to be particularly ineffective in slowing the ball. Craig and his partner in crime, Keith, decided not to keep a tally and so there is no record of how good (or bad) it really was. Keith, apparently, very narrowly missed out on a draughtie when one tee shot got past the red markers by the narrowest of margins.

The handicapper is going to have to keep a very close eye on Anthony as he topped the table yet again with a very creditable tally of 19 points. It took him a couple of holes to get his eye in, but from there on he didn’t look back. ChrisJ also took a while to get his MoJo going, with a triple of triples to start the round. From then on, he pretty much matched it with Anthony to finish with 15 points.

Michael also started off rather poorly and had used pretty much twice his handicap on the first three holes. The flat stick was his particular downfall, and it looks as if another putter will be destined for the scrap-heap before too much longer. Unfortunately, he will have to be nice to the wife if this keeps up, as his supply of spare putters is dwindling fast. He did come back to a bit of form over the last three holes, but the birdies did elude him. Harry was telling Michael of some technical ‘gems’ that he has picked up over recent months. Putting one of these into practice for his second shot on the 9th, the ball was a bit to the right and bounced on the path, and the thinking was that it probably finished in the shrubbery to the right. The search was in vain and a two shot penalty was taken for lost ball. After sinking the putt for a six, as H walked off the green to the path, what should be lying just off the bitumen but his original ball pin high or better. The ‘gem’ obviously worked!

The latest word from management is that they are still hopeful that we will be back to 18 holes next week, but there is nothing definite yet. There is also something of a chance that the travel limit will be extended to 25km by then as well. As soon as we know something definite, we will advise and get back to the calendar of events. At this stage, the Fred Kitson has been rescheduled for November 13 and 20 as it would be a bit unfair to pull it on next week if we are allowed. So, November is going to be a big month to finish off the competition year.

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