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Could it be Delta Dawn on 18 September 2021

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Could it be that we can now get on with it? Despite some confusion in the ranks, it seems most likely that golf will not be allowed this coming Saturday, so the best we can do is plan for the following week. As coincidence would have it, that will be the October Monthly Medal. After the extended lay-off, anything is likely to happen, from shockers to blinders. Not sure if there will be any requirements for proof of vaccination, however we have probably all done the right thing and rolled up our sleeves for the good of the game, if not for the community at large and for your extended families, friends and loved ones.

A couple of small parties (or picnics in the park) this week for the Beast and Dale, who will undoubtedly do their best to comply by drinking their beer through a straw. The Birthday Birdie wishes you both all the best for this and many more.

This last weekend was supposed to have been the Priems Cup that everybody has been sitting on the edge of their seats for. Well, the seat edges will just have to be kept warm until next year, when we will try again to get the event to the starting gates.

Keep dreaming of those great shots, and let’s hope that all of that dream-time practice pays dividends when we get back out onto the course.