Wild and Wintery Par Competition – 10th August 2019

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What a mess

The cold blast was well and truly sweeping through from the West. There was snow in Canberra at the AFL, Simon issued a dire warning to everyone the night before via email after he had heard a damming report on the news about the weather. Nonetheless the bravest, most dedicated and frankly, the ones who had nothing else better to do, turned up to face the elements.

8 members were there bright and early, and there was much debate as to whether the course was fit for play. The course was deemed to be well and truly soaked, with the 17th green surrounded by puddles. Course management did their bast to place the pins around the puddles and after much consideration it was decided that play would commence. With the exeption of JQ, who decided that it was not worth the potential soaking that would most definately occur.

As it turned out, it rained heavily for about 3 holes and they rest of the day was pretty good, albiet with a damp course. This did not hinder Dave and Dale who played consistent enough to hand in cards with -1 to tie in first place. Dave has had an extrordinary year, he is sitting a tight third in the championship tally and has only played 11 times for the year with an average of 5.73 points per week. Dale was reaping the rewards of a relatively quite week at work due to the weather which obvioiusly helped free up his swing.

Even though blighty was in the first group, he was still counting up his score and working out his playing card some time after when everyone was waiting for the announcments to take place. He also managed to turn Brendon’s card into a rabble that was water damaged and all torn up! All those calculations proved to be correct after all, and he ended up on -2 for the day for 2nd place overall. He was asked if he had any eagles for the day after last weeks efforts, he simply replied with, sadly no but I just had a 4 pointer! Pitty we were playing par.

The beast managed the only 2 birdies for the day, dropping a 10ft putt from off the green on the third and also making birdie on the 13th. He also won a ball on the 4th hole for the nearest the pin. Noodles was not keen to play at all, but after porks was the 6th person to agree to play in the morning to make it an official round, the potential for points was too hard to pass up. He was neck and neck with porks all day, and ened up just ahead on -3. Porks was not far behind on -4 to be in 5th place. He also won the pro pin on the 12th to put it to 4m but wasnt that impressed after winning only $7, Blightly also mentioned that one of the dollars was already his that he had put in, which made it so much better. For whatever reason, it was decided not to play the 2nd ball hole due to the low numbers. Porks was not impressed at all after hitting it close on the 18th!

Blighty hit the same tree branch twice on the 2nd hole in the exact same spot, and they both skewed off into the swamp. There were no reported draughties however there were some lost balls from tee shots after finding their way into the rough or trees.

With only 7 played members, there was much discussion as to whether anyone would miss out on points or not. Well Brendon was not even close and ended up on -10. Tough day at the office. The damaged greens were showing sign of repair with the exception of the 3rd which is looking worse after being down for months now.  Happy birthday to Brendon, Chris Vinecombe and JQ who all celebrate milestones this week.

Results for Saturday, 10 August 2019
1st David Mullenger(-1) 1st Dale Webb(-1) 2nd Andrew Blight(-2) 3rd Bill Eastoe(-3) 4th Stephen Butterfield(-4) 5th Ryan Porker(-5)

Seniors Results: 1st Andrew Blight (-2) 2nd Bill Eastoe (-3)

Nearest the Pin Results: ProPin12th Ryan Porker BallPin No 1 4th Bill Eastoe BallPin No 2 – No contest