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At Ivanhoe Public Golf Course 30 January 2021. Last registration time is 20:00 on Wednesday 27 January 2021 First tee time on 30 January is 06:56 (or first light).

Club Event – GrandPar Competition.

If you have not registered on the website or with the tee marshals(s), there will not be a spot. Those that miss out on a spot one week are automatically balloted in the next week provided that you register as attending. The rest of the field is drawn randomly from the rest of the positive registrations.

If you have symptoms of any sort, please do not attend but notify if you have registered to play.

Please observe all protocols put out by your club and the Course Management.

How good is a party?

Please note registration time – be there early or be square or the tree marshals will get angry as they need to do the draw for groups.

In the menus at the top of the page there is one labelled Registration.  This is to indicate your intentions about playing next Saturday – just enter your name and click on Yes or No.  The form will be available until Thursday.  Could everybody please indicate your intentions even if your name went on the sheet on Saturday and even if you are not planning to play.

Don’t forget that if you don’t play the inside comp and you want your scores to count for your Australian Handicap, you have to fill in a card with your GolfLink number and Australian Handicap to the handicapper.  In the case of non-Home members, the card will have to be handed to the handicapper at your Home Club.  Also, in stroke rounds, please calculate your stableford points and record them to facilitate data entry.

 This weeks Tree Marshall is Chris Priems/(or a volunteer). 

Link to Latest Handicap Sheet

Stone the smoking crows on 16 January 2021.

JQ wins
I’d love to get down to single figures!

There was obviously something else on in town today. Or, maybe everybody just decided that, if CJ could have a holiday, they could too. The forecast was for a cooler day with the chance of a shower but surely that was not enough to put people off. There was a bit of a storm went through last night with a ‘son et lumiere’ and that could have explained a no-show if they were still cowering under the doona. So, the upshot of all this was that we had fourteen members and MattV braving the conditions to see who could snag the points on offer. In Matt’s case, it was to fill in his third card, and so he now has a Club handicap that should soon see him on the way to gathering points of his own.

Despite the overnight storm, a short downpour on the way to the course and a couple of showers early in the round, the course was unaffected and, in fact, it was playing well. The fact that the green-keepers did not start clearing the greens of debris until 0730 also seems to have had little effect other than the distraction of a howling leaf-blower in the background. This all meant nothing to JQ, who claims to have had a bit of ‘bad’ luck with chips rimming out to millimetres, on his way to a mighty impressive 74 strokes off the beater and +5 in the points department. But he also had it a bit the other way as well with a hit on the pin on the 9th (again) and a skinny chip colliding with Matt’s ball on the 13th maybe helping just a little. Plus, he’ll never be able to say that he’s never been on single figures again.

Pepsi also had a +3 on the front nine but he fell just one short of matching JQ on the back to finish with +4. He was pretty happy with his game, and he wasn’t disappointed about not winning because he sees the wisdom of playing often and coming second in the race for Championship points. As well as the exercise that he got playing the round of golf, Peps also got in a little bit extra after the game as he chased after a raven that had nicked off with his part packet of ‘darts’. The birds were obviously desperate as one had a couple of goes at nicking Blighty’s clip-lok containing his miscellaneous bibs and bobs. And this after undoing the zip on his bag.

Not to make too much of a thing of it, but the next two players also had +3 on the front nine. A few too many short putts that didn’t quite find the hole on the back nine probably made all the difference to Harry and the Beast. Brendon managed to play right to his handicap on the back, and so, he too, joined in to grab the third spot.

Acapulco Bob played a balanced round overall for 4th place with a square card. Zimmer didn’t help his cause with a couple of ‘cover drives’ and he did agonise for quite a while about taking relief on the 13th. His second finished just off the path with the safety rope potentially interfering with his follow through. The shot was well executed but a ‘bad’ bounce left him with a lengthy putt. Undismayed, he just up and rattled it in for his par. Keith had one of his ‘uneventful’ days but was happy that he now had a battery that would last eighteen holes and, as a result, he managed to bring himself into 5th place alongside Zimmer by matching the -1 score.

The ProPin was set on the 4th and MattV, playing in the second group, pretty much put the game out of contention with his tee shot to 2.28m. It wasn’t the only green he drove either when his ball rolled comfortably onto the green at the 11th. In his own words, there was a bit of anger involved. The BallPin event was pretty much a one-man show at the end of the day when Pepsi took out all contenders to be owed balls for his shots to the 12th and the 18th. Pepsi did manage to get his birdie on the 12th but was not so skilful on the 18th. Zimmer managed consecutive birdies on the 3rd and 4th and just missed three in a row on the 5th. All in all a good day, and we managed 16 between the lot of us.

While on the topic of birdies, the Birthday Birdie will need to shake a feather this week to get out wishes to Rob (Real) and SteveK who actually share the day. Here’s hoping it will be a good one for both of them.

Blighty had one of those days. He played with a coloured ball and seemed to have difficulty in remembering whether it was yellow, or orange, or white, or…..Then he dropped a draughtie. Then his buggy chased him across the 18th green. Then the raven tried to steal his goodies. Maybe next week will turn out better. Brendon reckoned he was robbed on the 4th when his drive hit the green and could easily have been in the money, except that it took a sideways bounce and headed for the fence. Spin will do that to you.

JQ sprayed his drive from the 17th and was so concerned about the fate of the group two in front that he rushed ahead to check that he hadn’t caused any damage. This brought him into the ‘firing line’ as RodG prepared to tee off. Don’t worry, JQ’s easy to hit over was the advice from the bleachers. And, anyway, Rod might have been looking for some sort of revenge after he was narrowly missed by a rocket launched by Matt from the 14th tee that bounced on the concrete path up to the 15th and went close to finishing OOB half way to the 15th green.

Don’t forget to register your intentions for the Matchplay. The close off is not until the end of February and you can change your mind up until then just by registering that change. If you do not register, you will not be included in the seeding draw, which is limited to 32 players. If you do not wish to take part or cannot guarantee to comply with the schedule of the rounds please do not put your name forward so that we can avoid the dreaded ‘walkover’ result if at all possible.

Results for Saturday, 16 January 2021
1st John Quinlan(+5) 2nd Andrew Petricola(+4) 3rd Harry Boughen(+2) 3rd Bill Eastoe(+2) 3rd Brendon Mitchell(+2) 4th Bob McDonald(□) 5th Kazim Akdag(-1) 5th Keith Delzoppo(-1)

Seniors Results: 1st Bill Eastoe (+2) 1st Harry Boughen (+2) 2nd Bob McDonald (□) 3rd Keith Delzoppo (-1)

Nearest the Pin Results: ProPin – 4th Matthew Van Dam BallPin No 1 – 12th Andrew Petricola BallPin No 2 – 18th Andrew Petricola

A day of chasin’ Jason on 09 January 2021

Jason shoots for the moon.
Luckily, I levelled out!

There has been a hint in the forecasts that we could be in for a couple of days of summer and there were plenty of short sleeves out in support of that idea today. Things remained reasonably pleasant if you could stay in the deep shade but when needs must venture into the open sun, you could tell that the day was just a bit on the warm side. So, with light air and firm fairways, it was to be expected that there would be some good scoring to be had. We almost had only twenty players on the course after Michael’s Mum lead him astray last night but, after Blighty pulled the pin, Michael decided that he had better make the effort to make the numbers twenty one. And, then, there was Ben’s mate Atila. And no, he is not a Hun. But he is over from Adelaide which could make him sort of Hunnish.

On the basis of his round today, Jason has a new nickname – Handbrake Hopkins. He absolutely slaughtered the front nine, carding only 2 over the par, for a massive 24 points. He flirted briefly with repeating the performance on the back but then jammed on the handbrake to produce a relatively paltry sixteen points over the back nine to post the winning score for the day of forty points. “Dirty Harry” was heard to mutter “Make my day!”

“Old Reliable” continued with his (don’t say boring!) habit of whacking them down the centre of the fairway to be not far behind Jason in the scoring stakes on the front nine. Unfortunately, Craig was not able to take advantage on the back and also only managed to score sixteen points to finish still three points behind the leader at the end of the day.

Targe plays the pink
If I have to wear a pink tutu, I’m outa here!

Zimmer had to zimm off after the round so there was not much of a fix on his game generally but, with a fair scattering of three pointers, he was able to match his handicap on the day. Targe teed off with his pink ball today and managed to survive at least one and a half holes with it. He won’t have to worry about the suggestion that the pink ball will require playing in the first group in a pink tutu, at least for this week, with his third placing. Porks also had an ‘average’ round to join in on the third place points.

Brendon had his moments today, and you could have been forgiven for thinking that he was protecting his handicap with some of the uncharacteristic ‘chunky’ shots that he played at times. On the 14th, nobody could catch the flight of his tee-shot other than it went high and so a precautionary provisional was taken. As it turned out, the ball was found quite easily, about a metre from the penalty pond. The scoreline of 35 points was good enough to nab fourth place on his Pat Malone.

Michael came in slightly less hungover than he was at the start and opined that his score of 34 points would probably be good enough to snare a share of fifth place. And he was right. He ‘staggered’ to the podium alongside Gordon (heavily handicapped by a monstrous gold medal), Adam, Damo and Bob.

The first BallPin today was on the 7th hole and, luckily, the tees were placed not too far back giving more of a chance to all. Targe had ‘discarded’ the pink ball by this stage and he did not come up at all short to leave his tee shot inside a couple of metres and pin high. With an eminently gettable birdie putt for five points, the pressure was really on and, in the end, it was a four for only three points. The second BallPin was on the 18th, as usual, and there were any number of smiley faces on the chit. The one that counted, however, was that for Porks and for some reason he had a sad face. Maybe it was due to the fact that he didn’t make the birdie. The one name on the chit that did get the birdie was Ben, which bagged him four points (out of nine on the back) and a place along with nine others who also bagged birdies on the day.

Atila made a valiant effort to snare the Jackpot ProPin on the 15th but he didn’t account for Craig who, with the smell of money in his nostrils, smacked it to 1.6m to collect the big dollars. He made sure that he, too, was in the Birdie Brigade.

The trees came in for a fair amount of comment today. Ben’s group spent a fair amount of time searching for his ball after at least fourteen close encounters of the timber kind. Simon ‘promised’ to come in to fell the tree on the 4th after it ‘got in the way’ and spoiled his enjoyment of playing the hole for the last time. Harry absolutely ‘creamed’ his second shot on the first, only to have it dead-centre the only ball sized branch for miles that happened to be anywhere near the desired flight path.

Simon was careful today to avoid getting into any bunkers as he wants to save that ‘pleasure’ for his new track on Bribie Island. Damo wasn’t quite so lucky and found the sand by the green on the 6th. Not being one to hold back, Damo gave it a fair bit. Gordon, standing across the green behind the pin was sprayed with sand but swears that the ball did not come out with the sand. Despite a thorough search the ball could not be found. Damo reckons the ball must have buried itself into the face of the bunker.

JQ had hopes for an Eagle on the 9th today after his ball ‘split the pin’ just a little too hard and ricocheted off at ninety degrees to leave him with a couple of putts for his par. Trev was the only one who owned up to a draughtie today but according to all reports it could almost qualify as a ‘trick shot’. Seems the ball went straight up and virtually landed back onto the tee peg.

It is the time of year that we have to start thinking about a couple of things. The Annual General Meeting of the Club is scheduled for 6th March and all positions on the Committee will be up for grabs. So, the incumbents should be thinking about succession planning if they plan not to continue in their current role. Club members should be lobbying for support if there is a role that they would like to take on. Doesn’t matter if it is already occupied, a bit of competition never goes astray.

March also marks the start of the Matchplay Championship. There is a Registration Form on the website under the Player Registration. Could everybody please use the form to indicate whether or not they wish to be included in the seeding for the event. If you have any doubts as to whether you can comply with the playing requirements due to work, travel etc etc, please register NO so that we can minimise the use of the ‘Walkover’ result. The draw for seedings (1 to 36 and 1 plays 36, etc – not for opponents) will be done after the round on 27th February.

Results for Saturday, 09 January 2021
1st Jason Hopkins(40) 2nd Craig Cameron(37) 3rd Kazim Akdag(36) 3rd Targe Mifsud(36) 3rd Ryan Porker(36) 4th Brendon Mitchell(35) 5th Michael Gourlay(34) 5th Gordon Hill(34) 5th Adam King(34) 5th Damien Lee(34) 5th Bob McDonald(34)

Seniors Results: 1st Craig Cameron (37) 2nd Targe Mifsud (36) 3rd Bob McDonald (34) 3rd Gordon Hill (34) 3rd Michael Gourlay (34)

Nearest the Pin Results: ProPin15th Craig Cameron BallPin No 1 7th Targe Mifsud BallPin No 2 18th Ryan Porker

We were one and free on 02 January 2021

Brendon duffed it!
There was none of this today – almost!

There is an old saying – Make hay while the sun shines, make love while it rains. And the sun was shining today, so it was probably a good opportunity to make some hay because who knows what the next few weeks might bring. The pessimists view is that restrictions will be brought back into play and who knows how that might affect our ability to continue sledging one another mercilessly each and every Saturday. The BOM was forecasting some chance of rain so watch out girls in it does happen to materialise. Pepsi managed to get back into the state before the isolation requirements kicked in, and so he was able to play today. Noodles was suffering from a ‘tinder’ back (or so Brendon said) and he was a late scratching which meant that we ended up with a field of 16 for the first of the 2021 trophies, the January Monthly Medal.

Brendon was his usual methodical self today and barely put a foot wrong the whole round. There was a moment of the 9th when his second finished just off the path under the big elm by the 18th. An impeding stone was blamed for the pop shot into the garden bed. There was some frantic searching to find the ball in the clumpy grass and Craig saved the day by finding it and allowing the free drop. Still, a double bogie wasn’t too bad a result and the final result of a net 62 was more than enough to collect the top spot and the Medal.

Zimmer was asking before tee time why he wasn’t on double figures yet. The score card at the end of the round shows the reason why with no less than three birdies on the front nine. Jason was doing a pretty fine job of making a round of it, but he reckons he ‘hit the wall’ three holes from home and a double and a triple certainly did not help the cause. MattH played a fine hand on the front to plod just two over par and a slight relaxation on the back caused him to join Zimmer and Jason in second place with their score of 67.

Craig (aka “Old Reliable”) just kept smacking them straight up the middle and taking great delight in the amount of run that he was getting from the harder summer ground. He did have a modicum of luck on the 8th when he pulled off a ‘cannon off the bush’ to bring the ball closer in to the green. Porks was supposed to have had a case of the shanks today but that did not stop him from playing to his handicap and tying up with Craig in 3rd place.

Part way through the round Stan said he was going OK except for a couple of holes. The double figures on the 6th was probably one of those holes but, all in all, a result one outside your handicap is nothing to be ashamed of. Pepsi might well have been still suffering from his extended time behind the wheel, but he managed to join up with Stan in fourth place. Last in the field of point-getters with a net score of 70 was Michael who brought up the rear in more ways than one.

There was a ball up for grabs with the first BallPin on the 4th hole. The first group through succeeded in placing the marker on the green and the rest of the field could get no closer than MattH. The same pretty much applied for the BallPin on the 18th except that it was Damo who shut out the rest of the field. The ProPin was on the 15th and the pickings had been pretty slim until the fourth group when Jason managed to get it on. Unfortunately, the distance was 5.1m, so it was a case of close, but no cigar and there will be a Jackpot for next week. You could have been forgiven for thinking that the money was on the 12th after Brendon put his tee shot to a metre and a half. He rattled in the birdie with the greatest of ease and contributed to the total of 16 that we managed for the day.

That's cruel
Sometimes the golf-gods are against you!

There were a couple of highlights in Harry’s game today, like the chips in on the 8th and the 16th. Then again, there were some low-lights like a complete stymie at the base of a tree on the 11th and OOB by a centimetre on the 15th. Stef had received news that his bank account had been hacked, and he was on the phone to his bank manager. With the phone jammed between his shoulder and his ear, it was Stef’s turn to putt. Which he did, one handed, and sank the putt from three metres or more. Not once, but twice. On the other hand, he had missed a few from one metre using both hands earlier on. Damo was planning to play it safe on the 13th, after several recent dices with the penalty area on the left of the fairway, by using his 3-wood rather than his driver. Zimmer gave him a razzing for being a wuss and, rising to the bait, Damo pulled out his driver and promptly hit the hazard. He was quickly followed into the same trap by none other than Zimmer and his mate Stef. I think it is called karma.

There has been a good response to payment of subs, but there are still a few outstanding. We don’t mind if you want to put off paying for a bit, but we really would like to know what your intentions are. Just drop an email to Harry, Noodles and Gordon so that we can keep our records in order. Those members with GolfLink membership with us who did not advise before the deadline have had their membership deactivated.

Results for Saturday, 02 January 2021
1st Brendon Mitchell(62) 2nd Kazim Akdag(67) 2nd Jason Hopkins(67) 2nd Matt Hunt(67) 3rd Craig Cameron(68) 3rd Ryan Porker(68) 4th Stan Blackshaw(69) 4th Andrew Petricola(69) 5th Michael Gourlay(70)

Seniors Results: 1st Craig Cameron (68) 2nd Stan Blackshaw (69) 3rd Michael Gourlay (70)

Nearest the Pin Results: ProPin15th Jackpot BallPin No 1 4th Matt Hunt BallPin No 2 18th Damien Lee

Boxing on on Boxing Day 2020

Simon on the square
If I can play this well on Saturday, can’t wait ’til Thursday!

Santa seems to have managed to negotiate the various rules and regulations in place to cross borders and to gain access to households to deliver gaudily wrapped items into stockings and under Christmas trees. Eight members were not satisfied with what Santa had left and came out to try for more goodies in the form of Championship points and with the secondary aim of limiting Noodles ability to score too many of those same points. The weather was certainly kind to them in their endeavour although it did warm up a bit as the day went on.

Simon must have been on Santa’s goodie-two-shoes list because, not only did he deliver on Christmas day, he delivered again today with a personal best 74 strokes off the stick and a very impressive total of six points (check your handicap, Si). If it hadn’t been for three gashes, boy oh boy, what a day it would have been. Now, Si reckons that he tends to play his best golf on Thursdays so Harry, Rod and Gordo are expecting to be gob-smacked this week.

Stan took a couple of holes to get going and looked as if he was about to settle down and be right up there with Simon. A bit of a stutter just before the turn undid the good work, but he settled in his run and finished with a burst to cross the line with a plus two score-line. The field didn’t quite succeed in keeping Noodles right out of the points as his score of minus one was enough to snag him a share of third place. A flash of brilliance leading into and around the turn and a final lunge at the line really saved the day. Damo, on the other hand, set a good pace early on but could not find his stride on the way home and could only finish neck and neck with Noods.

Pepsi started a bit slowly and finished a bit slowly and never really did hit his stride throughout to finish a point further back for a share of 4th place. Keith, on the other hand, just plodded along slow and steady like the tortoise but, unlike the tortoise, he did not win the race and tied up with Pepsi in fourth.

As you do!

Michael has decided that he is going to throw everything into his game this year to make up for lost opportunities in recent years. And that seems to include the kitchen sink that he brought along strapped to the roof of his car. He has even volunteered to try to fill the very large boots of the GOATee Marshal to give CJ a hand. He was only able to grab a single point today but, the secret is to keep attending and keep the points ticking over if you want to finish in or near the top spot.

Now, the sharp eyed among you will have noticed that there are seven players in the points today which, by a process of elimination means that there was only one person not included. Discretion prevents mention of names, but it is worth pointing out if he hadn’t taken about five holes to get going, there could have been a clean sweep with points all round.

The first BallPin was set out on the 4th and Stan showed his prowess again by getting his ball closest. It mustn’t have been quite close enough as he did not make the birdie. The ProPin was set on the 12th and Simon really made a day of it by sneaking his ball inside the 5m circle to 4.3m. He didn’t make the birdie there either. Noodles won the ball on the 18th, but was obviously not close enough to make the birdie. So, the upshot was, that the NTP winners did not contribute on their respective holes to the total of five that the field brought in today.

Next Saturday will be the first round for the new year and, hopefully everybody will be over their hangovers after the NYE celebrations. There is a Monthly Medal up for grabs so get your registrations in to ensure you have a spot on the tee. There are still a few people who have GolfLink memberships with us who have not indicated their intentions about continuing. So, if they do not advise in the next day or so, they will be de-registered.

Results for Saturday, 26 December 2020
1st Simon Powell(+6) 2nd Stan Blackshaw(+2) 3rd Stephen Butterfield(-1) 3rd Damien Lee(-1) 4th Keith Delzoppo(-2) 4th Andrew Petricola(-2) 5th Michael Gourlay(-3)

Seniors Results: 1st Simon Powell (+6) 2nd Stan Blackshaw (+2) 3rd Keith Delzoppo (-2)

Nearest the Pin Results: ProPin12th Simon Powell BallPin No 1 4th Stan Blackshaw BallPin No 2 18th Stephen Butterfield