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Target Time per Round (4-ball): Stroke - 4h., Other - 3h.45m.
Do play a provisional ball if your ball may be lost or OOB.

See what the experts say on the R & A website OR see our own policy and guidelines.

At Ivanhoe Public Golf Course, 23 October 2021. Last registration time is 16:00 on Thursday 21 October 2021 First tee time on 23 October is 06:56 (or first light – whichever is the later) – COVID permitting!. Playing in pairs, hit up as soon as safe, don’t dither, watch for each other’s balls!!!

Social round, front nine – Stableford competition – ProPin and BallRun – but, watch this space, still some hope for 18 holes (and, possibly, fours).

If you have not registered on the website or with the tee marshals(s), there will not be a spot.

If you have symptoms of any sort, please do not attend but notify if you have registered to play.

Please observe all protocols put out by your club and the Course Management.

How good is a party?

Please note registration time – be there early or be square or the tree marshals will get angry as they need to do the draw for groups.

In the menus at the top of the page there is one labelled Registration.  This is to indicate your intentions about playing next Saturday – just enter your name and click on Yes or No.  The form will be available until Thursday.  Could everybody please indicate your intentions even if your name went on the sheet on Saturday and even if you are not planning to play.

Don’t forget that if you don’t play the inside comp and you want your scores to count for your Australian Handicap, you have to fill in a card with your GolfLink number and Australian Handicap to the handicapper.  In the case of non-Home members, the card will have to be handed to the handicapper at your Home Club.  Also, in stroke rounds, please calculate your stableford points and record them to facilitate data entry.

 This weeks Tree Marshall is Chris Priems/(or a volunteer). 

Link to Latest Handicap Sheet

Six men went to mow… on 16 October 2021

Puddle muddle
More casual than most!

Who’d have thought that so many people would be put off by the prospect of a bit of rain? The keen beans were there bright and early, confident in the fact that there was little showing on the radar. A couple of arrivals were slightly more tentative and thought of going home when their drawn opponent was not going to show. But, the prospect of a hit and giggle, admittedly with the prospect of getting wet feet, at least, persuaded them to stay. As there were six in attendance, the thought of declaring it a full competition and awarding points did cross a mind or two, but, in the end, it was decided that even the ProPin was not worth the effort. So, a hit and giggle, it was.

As it turned out, there was absolutely no rain until just after the last group finished, when a short sharp shower sent people scurrying to their cars. As a result, tall tales but true are a bit thin on the ground. Old Reliable started off in his usual style from the first, but the greens proved to be a bit tricky for him, with the speed hard to judge, particularly when moisture seemed to be particularly ineffective in slowing the ball. Craig and his partner in crime, Keith, decided not to keep a tally and so there is no record of how good (or bad) it really was. Keith, apparently, very narrowly missed out on a draughtie when one tee shot got past the red markers by the narrowest of margins.

The handicapper is going to have to keep a very close eye on Anthony as he topped the table yet again with a very creditable tally of 19 points. It took him a couple of holes to get his eye in, but from there on he didn’t look back. ChrisJ also took a while to get his MoJo going, with a triple of triples to start the round. From then on, he pretty much matched it with Anthony to finish with 15 points.

Michael also started off rather poorly and had used pretty much twice his handicap on the first three holes. The flat stick was his particular downfall, and it looks as if another putter will be destined for the scrap-heap before too much longer. Unfortunately, he will have to be nice to the wife if this keeps up, as his supply of spare putters is dwindling fast. He did come back to a bit of form over the last three holes, but the birdies did elude him. Harry was telling Michael of some technical ‘gems’ that he has picked up over recent months. Putting one of these into practice for his second shot on the 9th, the ball was a bit to the right and bounced on the path, and the thinking was that it probably finished in the shrubbery to the right. The search was in vain and a two shot penalty was taken for lost ball. After sinking the putt for a six, as H walked off the green to the path, what should be lying just off the bitumen but his original ball pin high or better. The ‘gem’ obviously worked!

The latest word from management is that they are still hopeful that we will be back to 18 holes next week, but there is nothing definite yet. There is also something of a chance that the travel limit will be extended to 25km by then as well. As soon as we know something definite, we will advise and get back to the calendar of events. At this stage, the Fred Kitson has been rescheduled for November 13 and 20 as it would be a bit unfair to pull it on next week if we are allowed. So, November is going to be a big month to finish off the competition year.

Results for Saturday, 16 October 2021
No Competition due to COVID

Not so chipper on 09 October 2021

Win it or bin it
Win it or bin it?

There was a fair chance that some of the kinks might have been straightened out after the creaking and groaning that pervaded the course last week. The fine weather brought out a few of the fair weather golfers who don’t seem to be able to Stan the thought of getting a bit damp. The fairways were a beautiful shade of green and the greens were, well, green. Enough sun to warm the bones as the morning progressed, and, so, the eighteen members who made it to the tee could have little to complain about as far as the conditions for play went. The only thing to blame, then, was either bad luck, bad decisions or lack of talent (or maybe even all three!).

JQ obviously needed the sun to warm up as the first five holes were a bit erratic, to say the least. Although, there were signs of things to come on a couple of occasions. Then, like a frilled-neck lizard warmed by the sun, he frilled up, caught a following wind and breezed home with three pars in the last four holes to present with a respectable total of 18 points to take the top spot for the day.

Old Reliable was also a lot more reliable this week, and he was able to significantly improve on his performance to increase his score by almost 50% to end up on 17 points. If it hadn’t been for three holes, the improvement could have been an almost doubling of last week’s effort. Anthony went some way to proving that last week was no fluke by coming in at third place. While the score was down a bit from the heady heights, it was good enough to be there or thereabouts. CJ had a bit of a weight on his shoulders today. One pocket of his carry bag was filled with shrapnel from the comp fees and another was filled with tees that somebody generously ‘donated’ to the cause. He was a bit concerned that it might have become lighter during the round, and that the reason for that was that the cash had been leaking out. Despite all this CJ was able to fill 4th place with his score of 15 points.

There were a swag of players to round out the podium in the 5th spot this week. SOS was planning to drive the green on the 9th, and might have succeeded if he had made proper contact with the ball. As it was, he didn’t make it past the red markers, and so he qualified for one of the draughties of the day. Rod didn’t get off to much of a start with gashes on the first two holes. A couple of three pointers perked him up no end and a string of doubles followed to bring him to 14 points to share the spot. Porks started off with a birdie, but then seemed to talk himself into a bit of a slump, and he never really did get a flow of points going. Dale was also a bit erratic in the early stages, but he did settle down to finish on fourteen as well.

There were two other birdies today. Michael managed one on the 3rd which, if you believe the stories, must have been one of the few times that the putter worked well for him today. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so I won’t say any more. Blighty hammered one in from 150m out to within 300mm of the hole on the 6th and then tapped it in for the easiest of birdies. There were reports that he had taken as many putts on the previous hole, but there were no reports on the performance of his wedges.

ChrisJ stood up on the 4th tee and proclaimed that he had never hit that green before. Whether he was inspired when told that there was money to be had, he proceeded to put it on the green within a couple of metres past the hole. In the process, he saved us from having to pay out to JQ two weeks in a row.

Smash has himself a fancy new electric buggy, and he must be supremely confident about the range of his remote controller as the buggy was spotted trundling along some 150m ahead of the controller. The tee on the 2nd was well back on the bank today, and that obviously put the frights into Ken, who didn’t quite make as far as the reds, and thus he qualified for the second draughtie of the day. Keith must have been blinded by the bright lights of television stardom as the scoring did not really get going until he brought home almost half of his total with a three pointer on the 7th. But, don’t be surprised if he comes back with a vengeance next time.

Another nine hole social round next week. This means that the Fred Kitson will be postponed for the time being. Discussions with management suggest that there is some chance that we will be back to 18 holes the following week. As soon as we know, we will let you know. Hopefully, the 15k limit will also be relaxed sooner rather than later so that we can get back to some sort of normality and some sort of a level playing field for all.

Results for Saturday, 09 October 2021

1st John Quinlan (18) 2nd Craig Cameron (17) 3rd Anthony Browne (16) 4th Chris Priems (15) 5th Stephen O’Sullivan (14) 5th Rod Grant (14) 5th Ryan Porker (14) 5th Dale Webb (14)

Nearest the Pin Results: ProPin – 4th Chris James

The Good, the Not-so-bad and the Ugly on 02 October 2021

Good job
The No 1 must-do course improvement!

Talk about the farm gate needing a touch of grease. You could pretty much hear the creaking and groaning above the noise of the rapids in the Yarra flowing by the course. There was a certain amount of muttering about how teed off you would be if you were playing a blinder and had to finish after nine. But, at the end of the day, all twelve members who made it to the tees were happy to be out and about and able to swing a club once more. There were a few who registered and decided that they didn’t want to take on the weather gods, but their fears were unfounded, and the weather was pretty much fine, with only a bit of a mist setting in just as the last groups wended their way along the ninth.

So, just how rusty were the farm gates? You could have been forgiven for thinking that a couple of members hadn’t had a single day off. Anthony must have been soaking up all of the YouTube coaching sessions that he has been watching because he started off well, and never really faltered. Nothing under 2 points on any hole, and a four for his birdie (the only one for the day) on the 4th went a long way to putting him at the head of the pack with 20 points as the tally. The handicapper is looking closely at the system to see if something can be done about it (just joking!). Well done, Anthony.

CJ was also very consistent, although he did produce a couple of singletons on his way to a total of 17 of the best. Not sure whether it was Damo’s lessons from way back, but he managed to stay on the straight and narrow and was ‘putting like a demon’ according to one reliable source. Even CJ agreed that from 3m or less he could not miss. Keep that thought in mind for when we get back to ‘real’ golf, Chrispy.

Now we enter the realms of the not-so-bad. There were a swag of people who came in with 16 points. JQ was pretty pleased with his hand, and he was even more pleased when it was announced that he had taken out the ProPin on the 4th. Bob fronted up after the ninth pushing a cart and carrying a golf bag. Not far behind was Porks, pushing Bob’s electric machine which had appeared to give up the ghost coming up the last hill. After a certain amount of poking and prodding, the beast suddenly came to life again and the gathering scattered for fear of the consequences. Despite these vicissitudes, Bob also managed to score 16 points. Bob denies that the breakdown was a plot to wear Ryan out so that he could be beaten on the last hole, for Ryan also scored 16 points. Porks was claiming to have parred the first six holes before falling into a bit of a hole, but in actual fact, he only parred five of the first six. But let’s not let the facts get in the way of a good story!

Another group came in with 15 points to share what would have been fourth place. ChrisJ, Michael and Pepsi were the ones to share the honour. Michael seems to be quite convinced that he is destined to come in fourth in perpetuity. The last of the ‘placings’ was filled by Harry and Craig, who both had their moments (and failures) to scramble to 11 points.

Blighty was heard proclaiming that he had gotten a birdie on his first round out, but he had to wait until the 4th. Which seemed a bit odd, as he was playing the second at the time. However, he wasn’t being prescient, he had actually played a round yesterday. Today’s problems were caused by his wedge play. The 54 degree was putting the ball to the back of the green, while the 56 was catching in the grass and leaving it way short. Maybe the sand iron would have been a better choice. Whitey, on the other hand, just claimed that he could do nothing right all day as he took a drop off the path behind the 8th green.

Adam did not make it to the course today, but that might be because he was celebrating a milestone that elicited a call from the Birthday Birdie.

Unless, there is a sudden change to the Health Advice, next week will be another nine hole social round with ProPin and BallRun. Because of the uncertainties about potential ruling changes and heavy advance bookings, it is now quite unlikely that we will be able to negotiate tee times on the back nine, and so it will be front nine again. The course management hold out hopes that the rules will be relaxed sooner rather than later. With the end of the competition year looming fast, if restrictions do carry on, the Fred Kitson will be postponed, possibly until 13 and 20 November, but hopefully the dust will settle, and it can be played as scheduled on 16 and 23 October.

Results for Saturday, 02 October 2021

1st Anthony Browne (20) 2nd Chris Priems (17) 3rd John Quinlan (16) 3rd Bob McDonald (16) 3rd Ryan Porker (16) 4th Chris James (15) 4th Michael Gourlay (15) 4th Andrew Petricola (15) 5th Harry Boughen (11) 5th Craig Cameron (11)

Nearest the Pin Results: ProPin – 4th John Quinlan

To play or not to play, that is the question on 25 September 2021

Radius map
Do I, or don’t I???
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous COVID,
Or to bare arms against a sea of troubles.....

If the numbers come up, we remain ever hopeful that there will be golf to be played on Saturday. Admittedly, there will be a few caveats. Our precious time-slot is assured with the first tee-off at 0656 (or earlier if the fairway is clear). Play will be in pairs, masks have to be worn, and you must reside within the 15km radius. And, no, the blob at the left is not another coronavirus illustration, but an indication of the limits of the 15k circle based on the course (couldn’t get rid of the stupid pins). We have the tee until 0800 and management expects to get our pairs away at five minute intervals (or less). So, for goodness’ sake, watch your playing partner’s shot (as you always do, don’t you?) so that there are no hold-ups searching for losties. If you do have to search, strictly no more than the allowable three minutes, and, preferably, less. Take the hit on the scorecard, not on the back of the head. No gatherings allowed, so the ‘presentations’ will be done virtually, via the website. Obviously, there will be no inside comp, but if you want your card to be entered to GolfLink, fill out the extra card and keep your Stableford points!!!

The Birthday Birdie has a few wishes to pass around today. Although he got a mention in last week’s list, another special mention to the Beast, because today is the actual day. Others lining up to mark the continuing march of Old Father Time are Michael, Trevor and Adam. Be good, and maybe Uncle Dan will let you travel a bit further as time goes by.

Go the DeDogs!!

Results for Saturday, 25 September 2021
No Competition due to COVID