Fred Kitson Inaugral Competition – Final Results

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The inaugral Fred Kitson Par competition could not have had a better outcome today with Fred’s son-in-law Derek McDonald playing the two rounds of his life to win the competition with an aggregate par score of +14 !!. The trophy, specially prepared by Fred’s brother-in-law was an exquisite touch to what was an emotional and golf-charged day. Fred would have been very proud of Derek’s achievement and it was especially poignant for Jacinta and the rest of the family.

Kazim Akdag once again showed he’s a rising talent and although 7 behind Derek still put in a great two rounds for a joint second placing with the ever present club captain, Damien Lee.

The final placings for the competition were

1st – Derek McDonald +14
2nd – Kazim Akdag +7
2nd – Damien Lee +7
3rd – Jan Siemon +5
4th – Ken Grist +3
5th – Mehmet Akdag +2
5th – Laurie Mannix +2

It was also an eventful day as Gordon reported

‘Apparently Emilio was coming up the 16th, Chris Priems was teeing off the 14th and the twain DID meet. . . . well Chris’s ball met Emilio’s skull. He was escorted to hospital with a big gash, blood and was heard to be saying “insurance, insurance, my kingdom for some insurance!”

He is playing this week like a real trooper.’

Gordon kindly sent in the photos…thanks Gordon


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Rodger wasn’t at golf last week as he had some surgery on his foreleg. lucky for him he’s not a horse as the result would have been drastically different with him ending up at the knackery. However to redeem himself he has offered to do the cooking next Saturday. Lets just hope the meat isn’t horse.


The Stewards are asking for a swab and urine sample from one Ken Grist before he is allowed into the starting gates next week. Not only is he leading in the Fred Kitson Memorial, he also took out B grade inside along with the money hole nearest the pin. the only thing he didn’t win with our club was the ball hole which was won by the Grey Nomad (The archbishop) Just the same Ken was bemoaning the fact that he didn’t win the NTP inside. The share market is taking its toll. First Allan and now Ken.


Not only do we have to be crapped on, we also have to babysit ( or words to that effect ). We won’t publish his name here but his initials start with Damian Lee.


Golf is a game where a tiny ball rests on an extremely humungous ball. The object being to hit the tiny without hitting the huge ball.

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Fred Kitson Comp – Round 1 Results

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A good turnout for the inaugral Fred Kitson Par Competition held over this week and next. I am sure Fred would be very pleased that the scoring has been so good even though its Par and it was great to see Ken get +6 for the first round also a net 59 in the clubhouse.  Right on Ken’s heels is Derek who is fighting hard to take this trophy out. Current weather forecast for Saturday is a fine day and 26 degrees so it should be an enjoyable final round and perfect conditions for the barbecue straight after the game.

Handicapping Note.
Please note the second round is played with the SAME handicap as the first round. Once the final round is completed then both rounds will be handicapped for the following weeks play after the comp is completed.

Placings for the first round are

1st-K.Grist(+6), 2nd-D.McDonald(+5), 3rd-J.Siemon(+3)

4th-G.Hill(+2) 5th-L.Mannix,D.Lee(+1)

Good luck to you all next week!


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He’s b a a a ck!

Thanks to Allan I now have access to this,our sacred sight and unfortunately for him he’s my first target.

We all know by now how badly the markets are doing and how it’s affecting superanuation especially those among the higher percentile. Well,it wasn’t until Ken was overheard to make a certain statement that it was noticed how badly Allan had been treated. Ken was having a social game with Neil when he commented “Allan must be doing it hard,he didn’t pay his skins last week” Don’t worry Allan,we’ll pass the hat this week.


Everyone’s been lauding a certain Akdag for his recent achievements.

However investigations have revealed that despite a privileged education his maths aint that good.It would appear Kazim can’t count above five.

Another person under the microscope this week is the refugee from the old dart.It would appear Pepsi didn’t come back of his own volition,he was kicked out.That would explain his sudden departure from these shores.

I leave you with this following thought.

When primitve man waved sticks in the air and cursed at the sky,they called it witchcraft.When modern man does the same,they call it GOLF.

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