Rich River Results – 2nd November 2008

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Once again the Melbourne Cup weekend trip was a huge success especially for our well-deserved winner, the dark horse – Kenny Grist!! Ken was well in form in the first round with 32 points 3 clear of the field and despite Chris Priems charge with a 35 on Sunday, it was not enough to catch Ken. Ken’s second round was very steady and he managed to get points on all 18 holes which few of us could duplicate.

Rodger, who did his usual excellent job organising the whole weekend, had his xxth birthday and although not rewarded with a win had a good time and a nice speech from his presidential son.

Bobby McDonald won the Cox Plate this year with his excellent drive of minus 1 inch.

Allan and Rodger shared the CAD award which was really fitting as the A was missing in action.

Rich River was in excellent condition and we played the West course on Saturday and the East course on Sunday. All the water hazards were dry as bones but the fairways and greens were nicely looked after a green.

All in all it was a great weekend which everyone enjoyed with friends, good food, great golf and the occasional drink ūüôā

The overall results for the two round aggregate stableford were

Ken Grist – Winner – 62
Chris Priems – Runner up – 60
Malcolm Adey – 3rd – 58
Damien Lee – 4th – 57

Results for 25th October 2008

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Well today certainly was a high scoring round, Mehmet must have thought he had it in the bag with 44 stableford points but no…Mal Fleming¬†knocked him off with an excellent 45 points! In fact all the top places were 38 or better so once again the club average handicaps are dropping down just like the financial markets but the opposite degree of happiness!!
To those staying in Melbourne have a good stroke round on Saturday…for the others going to Rich River travel safely!
Results for today are

Melbourne Cup Weekend – Details

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Paddle Wheel Motel 385 High St Echuca 5482 3822
Accommodation 2 nights. BBQ Sunday. 2 rounds of golf.
Breakfast and evening meals on your account.
-Hot Meal $12 average
-Continental $10 average

Booked in at the Moama Bowling Club for Friday and Saturday nights.
Bus pick up 6pm both nights

Tee Off. 8.04am Saturday and Sunday
Rich River Golf Club Tel. 1 800 035 634



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It was an emotional and fitting win when Derek took out the initial Fred Kitson Memorial, although it was never planned to be played as a memorial competition. I think without exception we all wanted Fred to be in attendance as his first competition was played. No one could deny Derek a tear in his eye as he accepted the trophy for as he explained “Fred wasn’t just a father in law he was a mate”. And what a beautiful trophy it is crafted with love by Fred’s brother who made the presentation.

If Derek was weepy when he accepted the trophy, you should have seen the tears when Stuart slugged him for his club shirt.

There’s only one bone left to pick. Next time you go out to win a comp. Derek, show a little humility and don’t bury the rest of the field.


After travelling to the world’s hot spots Emilio came to Ivanhoe only to come under Terrorist attack. Cruely felled on the sixteenth by a well fired missile. Chris was overhead to say “That bastard deflected my ball, I’ll never reach the green from here.” Emilio was heard to say “Galbally want’s to know if your insurance is fully paid.”

A few questions for Chris:  

1  Was he educated at Xavier ?

2  Was he wearing a balaclava ?

3¬† According to Puppy, Arn’t Burners supposed to go straight ?

Lets see what happens this week.

Thanks for making life interesting.